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SLAPPA 240 HardBody PRO CD- Camel

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Product Specifications:
d2 Case Dimensions 13"(L) x 12.25"(H) x 5.05"(D)
d2i Case Dimensions 13.39"(L) x 13.39"(H) x 4.5"(D)
- Weight (empty) d2 version= 3.8 lbs; d2i version=4.65 lbs.
  • fantastic cases that save tons of space

    easily the nicest cd cases out there. i just heard of you guys when i got one of your backpacks as a christmas present. i then came to your site and saw all the cd cases and tool the plunge, ordering 6 of these camel cases so i can finally move all my discs into a smaller footprint. these cases have helped me open up space in my room (was able to ditch the large shelf I used to have all the discs on). they look outstanding and are very well made. i'm now a big slappa fan and will be jumping on dvd cases next.

    Paul T

    Anaheim CA


    this is a Case logic killer

    The product works and looks great. It's about time someone stuck their foot in Case-Logic's arse.

    Joel H.

    San Francisco CA


    well built

    I am using the d2i version of this product to carry over 100+ cd's used for church. the case is well built, great stitching and color. I would suggest you number the on corner of sleeve (top and Bottom) to help when you are turning over the sleeves from page to page. ( i hope that made since)

    Richard S.

    Metairie LA


    very satisfied with this beautiful case

    Saw some reviews on other cases and someone wrote how great SLAPPA was. So I checked it out. Very satisfied and the CD case is beautiful. I've been showing my friends too. Will not hesitate to order from you again.

    Mary Elle W.

    Youngsville PA


    Great quality - Great Looking!

    It is rare that you find a consumer product that is so well thought out and executed that you would call it "elegant" but that's what the Slappa products I ordered are. Great quality, great looking, blows away anything I found that would pretend to compete, and, did exactly what I wanted, namely take a giant bookshelf worth of DVDs and CDs down in space by perhaps 10x smaller. Thanks!

    William Adamec

    Los Gatos, CA


    Very good case

    I purchased 240 CD case with d2i pages. I think the product is great, well built, stylish, and innovative. I liked the microfiber cloth that came with it as well. My intention was to purchase a solid, reliable, durable case with some style and this was it. My only recommendation is to increase the variety of designs available.

    Louis O



    Has been a great product . but handle just tore loose

    I have the CD case which holds up to 240 discs. Have had it 3 years . .seldom leaves my home . . with 209 discs now within the handle tore loose from one side last week when I picked it up. Half of the opposite side ripped as well. I have loved this product, but don't believe it lives up to specs that state it can hold thyat many CDs.

    Timothy Robinson



    How are these other case companies in business??

    I use Slappa for my entire collection and just don't understand why I don't see your products in stores. Your products are so far superior to Case Logic and the no name brands and just about the same price. I just ordered a laptop bag and cannot wait for it to arrive. I can't wait to see you guys become the thousand pound gorilla because you certainly deserve it

    David J.



    great product

    I purchased a 240 disk case to consolidate all of the loose software disks I have accumulated and are piled up in individual packaging which is often difficult to store neatly. This case is durable, attractively designed and stores everything I currently have with room to grow!



    Great Case

    I have the large 240 case cd holder and portable 40 case cd holder, both in brown. Love the look and the leather accent looks of high quality and a great color, i love it. The interior pockets are well designed and i love being able to snap them in and out. makes moving things around simple. I am using this to store my DVD's since i just throw away everything else. so the only improvement i would like to see is some way to have 2 dvd's back to back and be able to know what dvd is behind the front dvd. right now i am keeping the back slot empty unless it's a 2 disc set. after a while this will be a waste of space and will need to be used. otherwise, i love the product. other products i have had problems with my cd/dvd's sticking to the plastic. the outer shell was cheap and looked cheap. the interior binder clip was tough to move the plastic sheets through and would always get caught. it was really annoying. this product is expensive, but worth it due to its high quality and functionality. you won't need another case ever unless you simply need more storage. good job slappa!!



    Slappa rocks!!

    Slappa products are much nicer in person then they seem on the site. Dominick Rocks as he helped me get cases that were perfect for my needs. I can't wait to see you more in stores



    Excellent case

    The texture of the case didn't come across on the web site, but I was impressed with it even more once I held it.The site worked smoothly, good product photos



    A much different class of case

    Excellent cases. I don't understand why they cannot be found in more stores. These cases are in a completely different league then Case Logic and the other cheap brands and they are only a couple of dollars more then the el-cheapo garbage. Great job guys, you rock!!

    Ken S.


  • The HardBody Camel PRO is ideal for 120 discs and 120 covers or 240 discs (if covers are not stored). With its molded Duro-Shock xEVA shell, the case safely stores away your CDs from damage. Combined with a velvet lined interior and optional d2i Interlocking Pages featuring d2 Layered Pockets for both disc and cover, the HardBody Camel PRO provides the ultimate combination of technology and style.

    The HardBody Camel PRO's polypropylene windows on d2 pockets will not stick to or damage discs and all pockets are stitched (not cheaply sealed). In addition, soft, non-woven waffle panels keep discs completely protected from scratches. Finally, two industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers mean your case will open and close with ease.

    Each case ships with 2 spine labels for cataloging and a disc cleaning cloth.

    - Both d2 & d2i versions come loaded with pages, no additional purchase necessary
    - The d3i & tab accessories are only compatible with d2i Slide-n-lock version
    - Designed to store CD and cover, will not hold plastic jewel cases

    This Case is perfect for a DJ or anyone looking for portable storage for their CD collection.

    Slappa is a world leader in innovative CD storage solutions. Our Patented CD cases, CD Sleeves and CD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best CD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. Our CD Cases, CD Sleeves and and CD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

  • 25 d3i CD Pages
    $19.99 | 
    d2i Tab Set
    $3.99 | 
    d2i CD Storage Box
    $12.79 |