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SLAPPA 240 HardBody PRO CD - Graphite, ideal for 120 discs + 120 covers (could be used for 240 discs)

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Product Specifications:
Case Dimensions 13"(L) x 12.25"(H) x 5.05"(D)
- Weight (empty) 3.8 lbs.
  • just placed my second order

    this case is much nicer then any that i looked at. water and fire resistance+ the d2i pockets. i honestly think the case and pagers are very well thout out. that's why i just placed another order.

    Robert G.

    Washington, PA


    excellent space savers

    These 240 CD cases are an excellent product. Met my expectations in every way. Well made, sturdy and the space saving is wonderful. I bought 4 of them and all my CDs are now on one small shelf where they used to take 8 shelves.

    Tanja C

    Sudio City CA


    excellent quality cases and well thought out

    I ordered one previously for music CD's and it was perfect. I've now ordered a second one for audio book discs, DVD's, backed up photo discs and miscellaneous others. These excellent cases keep everything neat, tidy and easily at hand.

    Mike S.



    excellent space savers

    I purchased three 240 hardcover CD cases as I need to reduce 1,200 films and 1,000 CDs for space. Loved them and ordered 2 360 CD cases with d2i pages then 2 more with regular pages. I found the interlocking pages too unwieldy but kept them for my CDs. I like the idea of your DVD cases but too costly for me at this time. Also your service rep called me before my last order shipped to tell me of product shortage and options. This was very prompt and I commend you for it. Thanks.

    Roger M

    Cheyenne WY


    Excellent! The Best CD Case out there

    This is one super nice CD Storage case. I have seen many storage solutions, but SLAPPA always has the best! The graphite is slick too.

    Jeff Heyworth

    Amarillo, Texas


    Excellent! The Best CD Case out there

    This is one super nice CD Storage case. I have seen many storage solutions, but SLAPPA always has the best! The graphite is slick too.

    Jeff Heyworth

    Amarillo, Texas


    Excellent, durable product.

    I have owned one of these cases for approximately 5 years and use it for my CD collection. The case is nearly full (2 discs per sleeve, no booklets) and has moved with me yearly. No damage whatsoever to the contents or the case itself. I am writting this review as I am about to acquire another for my PC and game discs. Great product Slappa.


    San Diego


    Great for DJ's!

    My boyfriend is a DJ & uses Slappa cases to store his music. He loves Slappa products. This was a gift to him for Christmas.

    Dawn Grigg

    Charlotte, NC


    Perfect for DJ's

    My boyfriend is a DJ & uses Slappa cases to store his music. He loves Slappa products. This was a gift to him for Christmas.

    Dawn G.

    Charlotte, NC


    True Protection

    I chose the Hardbody Graphite PRO in 240 size with anchored pages. Really like the shell which was the primary reason I chose slappa. No-one else had a cover that actually protected the cd's.

    Jenny Williams

    Alexandria, VA


    More Than Expected

    I've owned this product for a few years now. It's always in the car. I'm just as happy with it now as i was the day i received it. This is a perfect and reliable CD case. Buy it if you're hesitant. You won't be disappointed.




    I was blown away

    I needed a product to house my CD's conveniently & safely, one that was built to last. I shopped for a case for a couple weeks. Everything I looked at was poor quality, very dissapointing. i really felt like there must be something better out there. When I found Slappa online I was impressed! My shopping was over. Upon receipt of my case (Holds 240 +) I was blown away. I try to tell everyone I can about this product. It's ridiculous to spend money on all the other garbage out there. My customer service experience, product & delivery expectations were far surpassed. Thank you Slappa!

    Steven L.

    Houston TX



    I purchased 2 of the 240 cd cases for dj gigs/travel. I like the size/footprint, the double pockets, and the durability of the product.

    Zachary H

    Redondo Beach


    I'm absolutely thrilled with my new SLAPPA gear.

    As a professional Video Disc Jockey, I was absolutely amazed of the quality of the Hardbody 240 cd case with cdi pages. It really compliments my current Hardbody 420 case as I can now keep that home when I spin small parties and customize my 240 quickly and easily with the CDi slide in inserts. Slappa gets a very high rating in my book!




    A little Dissapointed

    I like to store CDs with their labels... (I am one of a dying breed who still purchases original CDs.) If I had a say in the matter, there would be something in between the 360 capacity case and the 600 cap. suitcase-- or in my case the 180 and 300 caps. respectively. Maybe a 240 (480) cap. right in the middle. I was disappointed that I had to go back to a flimsy case logic binder because Slappa didn't have the right size case for me.



    These are the best!

    Your products are very well made. In fact, your products help CDs actually last longer with the sleeves that you have on your products. These days there are not too many products that go beyond their scope. Your product allows for me to travel with my media and makes sure that the media will last a very long time. The outside of your products are shown true to life as far as I can tell. The photos on your web site did show the detail that I received. Actually the products were better than the photos.Thank you for making a great case.



  • The HardBody Graphite PRO CD Case is built to be the best disc storage case available. Perfect for home storage, DJ's and studio use, the HardBody 240 Graphite features SLAPPA's patented d2 pocket system, which are "layered pockets" (one on top of another) allowing you to store your disc in the rear pocket and your cover art (or liner notes) in the front pocket. The HardBody 240 cases have 240 total pockets, so if you store your discs and your covers you will store 120 discs and 120 covers or 240 discs (if covers are not stored). Our patented d2 pockets enable you to store your covers and discs, save tons of space (VS. jewel cases) and easily identify your discs when flipping through the pages of the case. All our d2 pockets are stitched, not sonic sealed, which means the quality is unlike anything you've seen with most any other brand of disc storage. SLAPPA HardBody cases feature our molded Duro-Shock xEVA shell, which protects your collection (we've even had multiple customers who have had house fires and the cases protected their discs!).

    SLAPPA d2 pages use polypropylene 'windows', insuring your covers (or discs) will NOT stick to the pockets. Every pocket is stitched (not cheaply sonic sealed like most all other disc storage you find on the market). In addition, soft, non-woven waffle panels keep discs completely protected from scratches. Finally, two industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers mean your case will open and close with ease.

    Each case ships with 2 spine labels for cataloging and a disc cleaning cloth.

    - d2 pages are designed to store CD and cover - they do NOT hold plastic jewel cases

    When you purchase directly from you are 'Protected For Life' with our lifetime warranty.

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