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SLAPPA 360 HardBody PRO CD- Black Wave

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    Stylish black wave & rubberized PVC exterior finish
    Patented d2 Layered Pockets for disc & cover storage
    Molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shell
    Holds 180 discs w/covers or 360 discs w/o covers
    View d2 Video
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    d2 Case Dimensions 18.5"(L) x 13"(H) x 4.75"(D)
    - Weight (empty) d2 version= 4.85 lbs
  • Review of the 360 HardBody PRO CD-Black Wave

    Terrific case. Great way to keep the CDs yet downsize the volume required for storage. Easily storable and movable. Not too big or too small. Looks great and tough. Great product. Rated a 5. Thanks.

    John H. C, Jr.

    Abilene, Texas


    Great case indeed!!

    I have made a few purchases so far.. I am just loving my new set of cases.. your company is awesome!!! I will be making more purchases in the future for sure Thank you Slappa

    Maureen F.

    East Elmhurst NY


    Protective, manageable and saves space

    When I decided to gain space and store my CDs in protected, manageable, secure cases, I asked a client of mine who's a DJ to recommend something. He immediately told me about SLAPPA and while they're a little heavy, they are perfect.

    Kate H.

    New York NY


    Perfect for saving space

    When I decided to gain space and store my CDs in protected, manageable, secure cases, I asked a client of mine who's a DJ to recommend something. He immediately told me about SLAPPA and while they're a little heavy, they are perfect.

    Kate H.

    New York NY


    Good case but..

    Purchased 360 Slappa and have another en route via shipping now. I found that I have to be very careful when inserting the inside edge top disc as it will drag the zipper and scratch the disc's play surface. The other spaces on the page are no problem. This really becomes a issue when you reach the last few pages. The perfect cover for our use here would be no zipper or complete unzip at the inside edge area. . Dave




    saves SO MUCH space

    I purchased the CD case, so you can get rid of all the plastic cases. My husband purchased his first and loved it. I purchased after him and very happy with mine as well. I got rid of a cardboard box which was filled to the brim with CD's inside their original plastic cases.




    excellent cases

    using the slappa 360 to store my cd's. much better quality than the other brands I tried. Very durable and the cd sleeves are very sturdy.

    Richard H.

    Chicago IL


    perfect protection, ease of organization

    I was looking for a way to safely pack my CD collection for a move overseas. These cases are perfect--protection, ease of organization. It's wonderful to have all my music consolidated in two easily accessible cases. Now that I've found Slappa, I'll never keep another jewel case.

    Rachel C.

    Englewood CO


    Saves lots of space

    We used the 360 disc carrier to move our whole collection of CD's from a half-dozen drawers and shelves into one convenient location that takes up minimal space and makes it easy to find items, shuffle items around, and move them from case to case, for instance for taking a small selection for traveling.

    Larry S.

    Bonita CA


    great quality

    Keeps all my cds in one safe place. I love it....great quality!

    Rod N.

    Salado TX.


    Amazing pockets

    Being able to change cd pockets around without having to remove the cd or artwork is amazing. I have also found with other cd wallets similar to yours that the zippers dont work very well or last very long and yours are flawless time after time.

    Brandon E.

    Arvada CO


    Outstanding cases!

    Now have 150 cd's at my fingertips instead of fighting the three cd holders as before. Easy to find a cd and organize. The quality of case is outstanding and compact.

    James O.

    Redding CA


    above and beyond others

    I just invested more than $200 into storing my disc collection in Slappa cases. Compared to other cases in the market, Slappa cases go above and beyond; the quality is unmatched.

    Brandon P.

    Riverside, CA


    Best Quality Out There!

    You will not find better quality, I have been with Slappa for a while and have 2 360 slot cases. They have gotten wear and tear over the years but are still protecting my discs strongly and am not worried about them. Best protection, organization, and easy selection that you will find especially for a decent price.

    Mason P.

    WI< USA


    excellent case

    I bought the d2i360 to house my collection of SACD, DVD-A and select CDs all with linear notes. It's big and sturdy! The interlocking sleeves move around very easily though placing discs on both sides can make reorganizing somewhat of a pain. Highly recommended.

    Anthony S.



    great organizer

    We had boxes and boxes of CD's in their cases in the garage for YEARS. My husband was obsessed with getting them organized after receiving his Slappa gear as a gift. If I knew that's all it would have taken, I would have bought them sooner!

    Heather B

    Chula Vista CA


    superior than other case brands

    This product is built far better than the competition. Excellent case and highly recommended.

    Eric P.

    Liverpool NY


    Best CD case you can get!

    First, all of Slappa products are incredibly well built, well designed and good looking, I own a number of different cases and all of them are amazing - when I needed to make my large CD collection more manageable the HardBody PRO 360 turned out to be the perfect solution. I have over 1,000 cd's that are now in these cases. The pages are sewn not melted together like cheaper cases. the removable pages make rearranging or adding new cd's possible. you can also get the d3i pages that hold 2 CD sets. The pages hold the cd insert page and have 1 or two additional pockets behind that to hold the CD(s), this makes is very easy to flip pages and find what your looking for. Highly recommended!

    Dennis J.

    Ridgewood NJ


    hassle free and flexible

    I'm enjoying my Slappa CD case. It is funtional and unique because of its extra pockets and the sliding sidebars, which is hassle-free if need to interchange or carry only one or two CDs with me.




    better than Case Logic

    my roomate had a Slappa case and when I saw it I had to switch from Case Logic to this. The Slappa case is built so much better and I really like the way I can see my cd artwork when I flip through the case.

    Leslie G.

    Worcester MA


    great for organizing discs and saving space

    I am an organizing junkie and LOVE my new Slappa product. It saves so much space. I was so excited when the box came! I made a 2nd order a few days later.

    Carla W.

    Chesapeake VA


    excellent case

    I use the case to store my CD & DVD collection. I'm a group fitness instructor with a lot of music that I use to teach my classes. This case holds my entire current collection and will hold many more CD/DVD's for years to come.

    Jim Bell

    Austin Tx


    Better than anything I've seen in stores

    Found out about Slappa via Bought the 90/90 Hardbody Pro DVD, a 240 Hard Body CD (Jamaica) and a Hardbody 360 CD. I reorganized my DVD collection, compressed my music collection, and gave one to my brother to compress his collection. Quality materials, the double zip is nice, the felt on the inside of the covers is a nice touch as is the webbing on the front inside. Appreciate the cd/dvd felt cleaning cloth. The stitching on the d2i and d2 is stand up. Everything is great. The units are physically larger than I expected, but I shouldn't be surprised about that given how much they hold. Also, now trying to figure out what to do with all the DVD and CD cases I no longer need :) I recommend these to anyone. Better quality than any similar product I've seen in a store. They are more expensive, but I expect they'll last forever.

    Michael G

    Cincinnati OH


    Sweet Case

    I bought two and got my whole CD Collection in them. Super nice construction. Very satisfied.

    James P

    Gary, IN


    excellent products and service

    I purchased a 360 CD Hard Body case and a 10" Black Diamond sleeve for my tablet. Both are excellent and are exactly as advertised. The sleeve fits my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 perfectly. Not worried about zipper scratches like some have said with their netbooks. The 360 CD is my sixth, so it goes without saying that I'm happy with them! Customer service was excellent as I had to make a change in my order after it was placed. Received both products within a couple days of the order. Very satisfied overall




    the best there is!!

    I replaced over 300 DVDs and two huge shelves with SLAPPA cases and could not be happier. The quality of the cases is exactly what I expected after searching for the best product!

    Richard K

    U.S. Military


    SO MUCH BETTER than what is in stores!!!

    I had two full shelves of CD and DVD cases that were all empty and now I have two slappa cases and a storage box that take the place of all the individual cases and the cheap quality carrying cases. The build quality and combination of a carrier with the ability to keep all the information displayed on the case is awesome. For almost the same price as the cheap cases the big electronics stores sell you can get so much more with the slappa cases




    super sturdy!

    I chose the 360 cd case. I used it to store the many DVD's I own. The design of the case is awesome. Also the case is easy to carry. The main selling point for me is how sturdy the case is. Overall, great storage case!

    E. Walker

    Lorton VA


    interlocking system is key

    I've got 4 of the 360 CD cases...The interlocking system is key to keeping things sorted. Nothing like it on the market.

    Girish P

    San Francisco


    great for entre dvd collection

    Purchased the 360 DVD hard case. Holding my entire DVD/Blu Ray collection. Wanted something that A) held a large volume and B) would keep them safe, which is why I opted for the Slappa case over a flimsier DVD wallet. Really like the modular sleeves that come in and out, make organization easier. Perplexed that my dvd case didn't come with a shoulder strap.

    Tom H.

    New York, NY


    The Best!!

    I got the D2 version case. This is the best product we've seen for CD storage after beginning to look several years ago!

    Andrea L

    Park Falls WI


    Slappa cases are the best

    I have been looking for a reliable cd case that would protect my cds and allow me to store the cd booklets also. I am very pleased with the slappa hardbody cases. They are far superior to any other case on the market




    The perfect gift!

    It was a gift for my boyfriend to store his overflowing CD collection. I bought the biggest one. Chose it for the hard case, the quality & the positive reviews. Worked like a charm.

    Collette S.

    Brooklyn, NY


    Almost Perfect

    This is the best cd case!

    David B.

    Leesburg Viginia


    Best there is and great design

    Best there is, without a doubt, especially durable because of the stitching instead of glueing! Buy it, you won't regret it!

    DJ Bo Risky



    Very impressive cases!

    I have not yet used the 3 new Slappa 360 CD cases yet, but already have several of them that I purchased a few years ago. They are great. I am SO impressed with the speed of their delivery. The items arrived the day after I placed the order. Very impressive!

    Stacey H

    Fayetteville NC



    Using it to store Choir accompaniment CD's. Especially like the way we can store the items , ease of use, security, and portability. Quality outstanding. Other products we have used are not in your league. Not very workable and much poorer design and quality. Thanks for a great design and value!

    Gerald C

    Gray TN


    Top notch DJ case

    Im using the D2I 360 case mainly for DJing. The case has excellent quality and i LOVE the CD pocket extraction. The main reason i purchased this case was because everyone that ii know said there quality was top notch and had no issues with any of there cases they bought 3 years ago. I'm very satisfied with this product SLAPPA keep up the great customer service and amazing products!


    Cibolo TX


    Its Great!!

    I love it, its amazing!!





    the product is very useful but the quality is very poor.. when i got mine, the adhesive on the outer portion was wearing off already and to think it was brand new.. the slappa logo on the outer casing was almost off the casing due to poor adhesive.. i have a case logic and it's still fine and not broken until now and to think it's already 7 years since i bought it.. i would think twice about getting another slappa product..




    All other products are inferior

    I was in need of storage for all the live music I have burned. All the discs and jewel cases were taking up a lot of space. My SLAPPA gear allows for easy storage, easy sorting of shows by artist and performance date, and allows me to remove them for taking out in my vehicle as I wish. I chose this product because of some reviews I found about the durability and ease of use. I am very happy with how many discs I can pack in and how little space it takes up. Other products just seemed inferior in quality and flexibility of use. I love the sliding sleeves!! I will be back for more when needed!

    Alain R

    Lockport IL


    great space saver

    With my new 360 binders I was able to toss all my jewel cases and save tons of space! Love the product. Thanks!

    Amanda H.

    Salt Lake City UT


    Much better then Case Logic

    I needed to consolidate my CD collection (about 450) from a wall rack to cases to save some space. I had first purchased Case Logic CD cases from a local retailer and they quickly proved to be cheaply made and shoddily constructed. I needed a case that could handle both the CDs and booklets. I googled, ''best CD cases'' and review of your products came up. I purchased two of the hard shell 360 cases. I just moved all the CDs into the cases this weekend and am very pleased with the final product!




    Best I've ever had

    I have the HardBody 360 CD Case. Love the design however the only minor complaint I have is that the clear plastic part of the sleeve can make it difficult to quickly remove the cd. I've had a few other cases from other companies that have a cut out on the plastic part so you can put your finger in the cd hole and easily slide the cd out. Other than that, your case has been the best I've ever had. Thanks!




    Superior to any other product I've seen. Great fast shipping. I would and have recommended to others. Space saver. Can't go wrong. A little more expensive than others but well worth it since you won't have to replace them. I LOVE IT!!!

    Donna S

    Saucier MS


    Very good cases

    Efficient way to store multiple CDs and DVDs. Sturdy and attractive cases; easy to do a quick scan of disks.


    Mobile Alabama


    The Perfect Answer

    I just bought three of the 360 cases. and will be buying several more. They are beautiful, sturdy, and everything is nicely organized. I didn't realize we had so many CDs, and now everything is neat and tidy ... and cataloged. Thanks for a great product.


    San Jose, CA



    Great email communication on shipping. Good prices.

    Jen B


    Worth every penny!!

    I bought the 360 disk hard shell cd case - I work as a part time DJ for Complete Music, and it was very much worth what I paid to be able to put all the cd's into one place - having six on a page sure beats the old 4-to-a-page format I was using (especially since the company groups all its cds in lots of 6 - makes it sooo much easier to find a cd fast!) - it's also better having them all in one sturdy (and attractive!) case, rather than the two or even three soft sided cases I used to deal with! I am also very impressed with the craftsmanship! (Even my very frugal fiance thought it was well worth the price and then some!)

    Robert C

    Saint Louis MO



    I have enjoyed my 360 case and was fun to organize all my cd's, the case is nice qualitycompared to some I have used, I know this will stand up to time. thanks

    Beverly J.B.

    Upton, MA



    I saw a slappa cd case in South Africa (where I live) and it was ridiculously expensive, on a recent trip to the USA I ordered it online and had it sent to me - I use it to store all my dvd's and cds and saved myself about $50 when compared to the cost in South Africa (the 160 cd case cost $80 in SA and I got the 360 d2i one for $88 including 2 day shipping) - great!


    South Africa


    These are Great

    love the cd cases hard body and also liked that i could keep the album art


    east meadow ny


    superior quality at its finest!

    I have 2 of these 360 case holders...they are exactly what the doctor ordered as far as quality, construction of the product, and (in the end) the price I paid. I used to see these products in store (I think at Circuit City) but for some reason they stopped carrying them and I haven't seen any other retailer carrying them at all, so I bought these off the website and was so happy to finally own GREAT/Quality products...I've had mine for over 2 years now and they are still in top-notch condition (even after moving 6 times and digging in and out of them all the time). The only small request I have is to make the slots that are in the first and last page on the onset part bigger becase when it gets filled up completely its hard to squeeze anything in those spots as well as hard to get to. For example: when your done filling your 360 case up entirely and lets say you want to grab the 2 cd's that are on the inset near the spine of the binder, it almost looks like my CD's are going to break in half and are hard to get to because of the zipper area (as well as the same problem in the back towards the inside...same with the 600 case as well

    Logan Cornyn

    Lynnwood, WA


    Great for saving space

    Slappa clearly indicated the type of materials used to protect media, as well as provided a nice solution to storing cover art with the disks. I rip my CDs to a lossless format, and will store them in Slappa sleeves to get rid of the space-hogging jewel cases.

    Mike P



    Almost Perfect

    I like the external hardcover, very attractive. I also like the flexibility the d2i version provides.

    Robert A.

    Madison, Alabama


    Excellent Case

    I'm using my cd book to store my cds and booklets. I love it because of the removable pages. If I just want a few cds on the go without the whole book, I can take em. Thanks!


    Lake Oswego Oregon


    This case is even better than presented on the website.

    I have two SLAPPA products. One I store my CDs in and another is for my 4 year old nephew to store his DVDs. I bought the DVD case for him because it seemed indestructible and so far has held up to the 4 year olds test. I love your products and you can expect me back.


    Newport PA


    Best Case On The Market

    The Slappa 360 CD Case is the best on the market. There is no other case that compares. The quality is the price is exceptional. I have been able to house all my CD's in one location and eliminate those annoying jewel cases. Currently looking to purchase the Slappa 90 DVD Case.


    Sarasota, FL


    excellent case

    The bag is sturdy and compact. Easy to view discs and zips up for security.




    I use this for my DVD case, is exactly what I wanted, compact, but holds tons of DVD's.



    Nothing on the market compares

    to be honest, I've yet to find a competitor with comparable quality. All I could find in stores was ''CaseLogic'' brand, overall very low quality, then I found SLAPPA. SLAPPA provides high quality manufacturing, and extremely versatile products.




    i would like to see them pull every other CD/DVD case off the market for being $#!^. until they can clean up there act and be more like slappa they don't need to be sold to people i feel like i have protected my investment and trust me there is a lot there to watch over and i feel like slappa holds my disks like a mother feeding a newborn child. i have made many phone calls to your company asking questins picking peoples brains i really wanted to know your proudct before i spent money with you and i can say everyone was helphul no matter how silly the question. thank you



    get in more stores!!

    I have the d2i version with d3i pages and love it. Would really like to start seeing your stuff in stores. Really wanted to see stuff in person but was ultimately very happy.



    the best service

    My shipment came quickly and in excellent condition. I had a question before I submitted my order that was answered very quickly and completely by email--and it was not a ''canned answer.'' So thus far, service has been excellent!



    The perfect CD case for DJ's

    You guys rock. I will continue to tell every DJ I know how much I love your product. Thank you.



    Really great cases

    I would say that I am more then satisfied with the looks of my 360 Pro, seeing it in person it does look even better then on the website. I was expecting high quality from what I read on your site, and from a review by Audioholics. The overall quality of the piece definitely lived up to my expectations, top notch work. The website is very intuitive, quite simply to navigate, and I do like the setup. I felt great about the customer service, there was an issue that delayed the shipment a few weeks, but it was explained fully and I was compensated. I believe it was Dom, the president who emailed me, explained everything and apologized, very tastefully, definitely appreciated that. In the end I am more then satisfied with my purchase, in fact I tend to show off my new case to people who come over, they love it!



    Good but some issues

    A couple if disk slots did not fit correctly. The 3 or 4 slots were too small for the discs; fortunately I purchased much more storage capacity than I needed so it was not a problem. I understand that everything can't be 100%



    The best disc cases on the market

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your products. First of all, I would like to thank you and your company for providing the best disc storage units I've ever used or even seen. I have fullconfidence that the 360s that I have will last for years. Many of myfriends are envious and I'm sure you will be receiving some ordersfrom them.

    Dewayne C.


    bought 5 and coming back for more

    I was a little hesitant to buy without really holding a case in my hands first, but the description and the pictures told me this was exactly what I wanted. I emailed a question in for customer service and had a response the next morning.It almost seemed too good to be true, but when I received the case I was impressed. I will be buying several more.



  • The HardBody Black Wave PRO CD case is ideal for 180 discs and 180 covers or 360 discs (if covers are not stored). With its molded Duro-Shock xEVA shell, the case safely stores away your CDs from damage. Combined with a velvet lined interior and featuring d2 Layered Pockets for both disc and cover, the HardBody Black Wave PRO case provides the ultimate combination of technology and style.

    The HardBody Black Wave PRO's polypropylene windows on d2 pockets will not stick to or damage discs and all pockets are stitched (not cheaply sealed). In addition, soft, non-woven waffle panels keep discs completely protected from scratches. Finally, two industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers mean your case will open and close with ease. A favorite of Djs and audiophiles alike.

    Each case ships with 2 spine labels for cataloging and a disc cleaning cloth.

    - Designed to store CD and cover, will not hold plastic jewel cases

    This Case is perfect for a DJ or anyone looking for portable storage for their CD collection.

    Slappa is a world leader in innovative CD storage solutions. Our Patented CD cases, CD Sleeves and CD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best CD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. Our CD Cases, CD Sleeves and and CD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

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