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SLAPPA Kampus 16" and 18" Laptop Backpacks-Green/Black

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    Ripstop parachute ribber poly material; light and strong
    Dedicated .25" super-cush padded laptop compartment (16" and 18" (add $10) sizes available)
    Cavernous 3.5 gallon "duffle style" main compartment
    Two hard-plastic underbelly strips for additional protection
    Super-cush padded shoulder straps with belly strap
  • Spacious

    I have the smaller 16" backpack and it's a good sized bag. Lots of open space for books and sweatshirt, love the built in laptop sleeve and the fact that it's so light makes it my every day bag for a year now. Wish it had a water bottle pocket on the outside but other than that it's perfect for me

    Andy L

    Dallas, Tx


    excellent gaming backpakc

    Hi Im very pleased with the product. Now i have a really good looking and safe bag for my gaming laptop. It was exactly as i exspected from what i read about it on the web site.:)

    Tom W.O.



    Great bag if your expectations are right

    Having purchased the ASUS G73SW, which is a beefy laptop, I found myself looking for a better/bigger backpack than the black Republic of Gamers one that came with the computer. Finding a backpack that even FITS this computer was a challenge in itself, let alone one that has features/styling that I like. When I saw this backpack on Slappa's site, I was immediately in love with the design and colors. Obviously not a subtle design, this will turn some heads and get you some comments. Thankfully its not a bag that screams "I'm carrying a massive laptop", although being flashy it may attract unwanted attention all the same. I have owned this bag for a year now, and have flown with it, taken it on various long trips and day-to-day trips into the office. COMFORT/WEARABILITY - I'm a big guy, so carrying around a heavy laptop along with power brick, etc. on my back doesn't faze me. This backpack is definitely comfortable. I like the strap design, and find it to be comfortable (not the BEST I've ever worn, but still good). It comes with a sternum strap, which is nice when you need it, but it definitely gets in the way when you're not using it. It also has a waist strap, which I rarely use, so it's always in the way. It would be nice if there were a way to remove the waist strap without simply cutting it off. The big cushy handprint that sits in the middle of your back - while strange feeling at first - eventually grows on you, and now I love it being there. SPACE USEFULNESS - Here is where I believe this backpack falls short for my particular needs. I was hoping for a backpack that had a bit more useful space. What you need to know is that this bag is very low-profile and doesn't extend off your back very far. It also opens only at the top, essentially making this like opening a duffel bag at one end. Once your laptop is in there, it can be easy to lose stuff at the bottom if you try to store a bunch of other things in there. There are only 6 pockets (not all of which are usable) - 2 small ones inside (about the size of a smart phone), a mesh pouch inside the lid, 2 outside pockets on either side (which aren't even accessible really when you have a computer in the bag), and one larger one on the outside at the bottom. That's it. No pen pockets or organizers if you're a student and have a bunch of small items. Also the interior space just isn't all that big with a laptop in there. The laptop compartment literally takes up almost half of the internal space of this backpack. If you're going on a day trip and want to take your laptop and charger, a change or two of clothes and a few other small items, that's about all you'll be able to fit. I can barely even fit my DSLR (Canon 60D) down in there with the lens pointing down. It's pretty deep, just not very tall. Also, while I like the way the top closes (drawstring, flap over top with 2 clips), sometimes it isn't easy to get to your laptop quickly. And with the way that the straps/buckles that secure this top flap are designed, you have to be careful to make sure you always have the top flap secured or else you might lose the male end of the buckles (they slip right off the ends of the straps). LAPTOP COMPARTMENT - The laptop compartment is great. Nice thick padding and my G73 fits great in the 18" version that I have (there's actually a bit of room to spare, so sometimes I slide my tablet in there as well). I'd like to see a bit more padding on the bottom in case of accidental drops or setting the bag down hard, but I haven't had any issues in the past 12 months. I'm glad the top has a flap, because some bags don't, so if the bag gets turned upside down, out comes your laptop. MATERALS/DURABILITY - First of all, you will be surprised by how lightweight the material in this bag is. It looks kinda like the ripstop material that they use in BDUs or heavy-duty shorts. I was concerned at first about how long the bag was going to last considering how light it was and how heavy my laptop is, and while I wouldn't say I've treated it roughly, I certainly haven't babied it the last year and have had no issues with tears or seams coming apart. Really, the bag almost looks brand new aside from a few issues. I'm not certain, but I don't believe that the material is water-proof, so I wouldn't suggest exposing it to prolonged rain. I've run through the rain before without any issues. The laptop is pretty safe underneath multiple layers of fabric anyway. I like the drawstring design for the top of the bag, but this is easily the weakest part of the design. Within a few months, the elastic in my drawstring began to pull apart. It still works, but I think it won't be too long before the string gives way completely. And, the most annoying part of the bag for me... WHY IS THERE NO PADDING ON THE TOP HANDLE?!?! I know Slappa's other bags have padding here, and frankly, there's no reason for this bag not to have a padded handle except to save money. The silly strap handle that's on there works fine when you are carrying the bag by that for 5 seconds, but any longer than that and it gets really uncomfortable. I often find myself grabbing the bag my anything but that handle. Overall, I think it's a great bag. I'd say it's really more of a 3.5 than a 4,but Amazon doesn't give that option. Your appreciation of this bag will largely depend on your expectations. If you're looking for a stylish, lightweight, comfortable bag to carry your behemoth laptop and not a whole lot else, then this bag might be perfect for you. If you need something that carries a bit more, I recommend checking out Slappa's MASK backpack, which has customizable front faces and the nice fast track feature for quicker screening of your laptop at airport security checkpoints. Also, Slappa has great customer service, so make sure you ask if you have any questions or concerns. I found them to be very helpful and courteous. And also, sign up for their newsletter so you can get a promo code before you buy.

    Bryon Black

    Dayton, OH


    Fits my MSI GT780

    Purchased for my MSI GT780, has ample room and very good protection. The straps work as described and the pack is very well made. The pack can then hold much more in the area outside the padded compartment for anything you wish to take with you

    Ann V

    Baton Rouge LA


    fits Alienware m18x perfectly

    I highly recommend this backpack for its fit for large laptops, for the large amount of storage space and the quality. I had a hard time choosing between the many nice backpacks Slappa has on this site, and decided to go with this because it's lightweight and fits my m18x. Now that I have expereienced Slappa quality first hand I plan to soon get a few disc cases to finally get my unweildy dvd collection under control :-)

    Jeremy K.

    Toledo OH


    Great for LAN parties

    The main reason i chose the Kampus slappa bag was for the laptop size. I wanted a bag that could fit my books and my laptop, which is 17.3" The Kampus bag fits everything i could need. It will be great for LAN parties and for going home on weekend to pack clothes in. The bag has a TON of room to fit whatever I need.

    Tyler H

    Big Rapids MI


    highly recommended

    I pre-ordered this backpack and was disappointed at the 2 weeks delay. I have been using it every day going back and forth to my summer job (on my motorcycle) and have to say it was worth the wait. I love that the backpack is light but also very protective for my laptop. The outer pockets are useful for my phone, wallet and keys. Only thing I wish was on this pack was a large water bottle holder. Overall I am very happy and certainly recommend this pack.

    Charlie R.

    Raleigh NC


    great backpack

    I got this backpack for my upcoming year @ CU and love the colors. It fits my laptop and had plenty of room for my books.

    Kevin G.



  • The KAMPUS backpacks are lightweight, rugged and protective and offer a lot of storage space, The KAMPUS backpacks offer a unique blend of backpack and dufflebag, with a huge center section that you can pack with books, sneakers, cables - and a dedicated super-cush padded laptop pocket. It's ideal for many uses, including carrying books to and from class, or clothes to the gym or for gigging DJ's with lots of chords and accessories (like mics and headphones). The KAMPUS comes in 2 sizes, the smaller 16 inch version is a great bag for laptops between 14 and 16 inches and the 18 inch bag is perfect for most all 17 inch and 18 in laptops. The "flip-top" cover and drawstring cinch string makes it easy to access what you have stored in the bag, and the outside has 5 zipper pockets that are ideal for phones, change, keys and other small stuff you carry every day. On the outside bottom of the bag are two hard plastic underbelly runners to provide additional protection for your laptop.

    When you buy directly from SLAPPA you are protected for life with a lifetime warranty, where if in the first year you have any issue due to manufacturers defect we repair or replacement the item at no charge. If ANYTIME after the first year, for ANY reason you have a problem with the bag, we will replace it for only 50% of the MSRP.

    We take great pride in our products and work very hard to provide each and every customer with excellent customer services. Having won many awards, including being voted "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards. is a nice accolade, but we don't do this for the accolades - we do it because we strive to be the absolute best product and service provider.

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