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SLAPPA KIKEN Jedi Mind Trix Checkpoint Friendly 15.4 inch and 18 inch Laptop Messenger Bags

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Status: 16" version In stock - ships in 24 business hrs; 18" version on backorder - ships end Sept. (Special Backorder Pricing)
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    Patent Pending M.A.S.K. technology enables interchangable flaps to change look/functionality at any time
    Jedi Mind Trix flap has 2 vertical straps to hold keyboard sleeve (ideal for LAN gamers)
    "In-Bag" Quick Scan access enables laptop to stay inside backpack when scanning at airport
    Super-cush dedicated laptop storage fits most 15.4", 16" 17" and 18" laptops
    1680D Ballistix Nylon; puncture proof and water resistant
    Molded alloy zipper pullers, "D" rings and strap clasps
    Buy direct from for 1-year warranty on manufacturers defects
    Product Specifications:
    15.4" Outer Bag Dimensions 6"(D) x 17.5"(L/R)x 12"(H)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 14.7"(L/R) x 12"(H) x 2"(D)
    - Center Compartment Dimensions 15.5"(L/R) x 12.25"(H) x 3.5"(D)
    - Weight (empty) 4 lbs
    Product Specifications:
    18" Outer Bag Dimensions 6"(D) x 19"(L/R)x 14.5"(H)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 18"(L/R) x 13.5"(H) x 2.5"(D)
    - Center Compartment Dimensions 18"(L/R) x 14"(H) x 3.5"(D)
    - Weight (empty) 5 lbs
  • Fantastic bag that lasts forever and holds everything!

    I bought this bag for my husband in the summer of 2012, over 4 years ago now. He still uses it every single day. It is large enough to fit his 17" laptop, accessories, files and other work related items, and still has room to spare. He uses it daily for work, takes it on business trips and personal vacations. This bag basically leaves the house almost every time my husband does and it still looks nearly new. Since I originally purchased it, I did have some issues with the flap and have replaced it twice. The flap is relatively inexpensive compared to the bag and is also covered under their warranty if you have any manufacturing defect issues, which they are fantastic about dealing with. I highly recommend this bag and I can't say enough great things about the people at SLAPPA for their personal help with any issues I've had. I can't recommend this bag or this company enough!

    Jenny R

    Las Vegas


    Unbelievable Exceeded my expectations

    Bought this bag to hold an Asus ROG laptop which is a beast of a laptop and won't fit into most other bags. This bag is quality and a fine selection to make my laptop safe when it is being transported.


    Fort Lauderdale FL


    Review of the bag, and custmer service.

    First I should say this is a longer review because it is in depth, and second that I received my bag today, a full day ahead of what the promised time was. Great, right. I ordered it with a black leather flap and an additional flap [the Jedi Mind Trix]. Unfortunately only one flap was included in box, I called Slappa and in about 2 1/2 minutes everything was resolved and the other flap is on its way. Now on to the review of the bag. Obviously I haven't had it long enough to speak of how it holds up to long term wear, I can however speak regarding the quality of the build. What you can't really see from the photos is that under the detachable flap are 3 zippered pouches. The first runs the entire length of the bag and is for the charger. I sold PCs for nearly 10 yrs and can tell you it will fit any transformer block on any PC or laptop that I ever saw. the other two pouches are above the charger pouch and are side by side. They are at least 6 inches tall and can easily fit a mouse or nearly anything else you might carry with you. Inside the bag is amazing, it has several zippers inside the front portion as well as loops for pens, pointers, etc. The entire system is well thought out and well padded. The D ring for the shoulder strap is much heavier than on the average bag, thus no worry of it failing and dropping your $1,000+ laptop to the floor. The clip on the strap is considerably better than almost anything I have ever seen, in fact on my other bag I had to buy a strap for something else to have clips like these [long story, the short version is I had a clip just open up and I barely saved my laptop from crashing onto a marble floor, thus I am very leary of the hardware on laptop bags]. I the strap is wider than most with a very good sliding pad for comfort, I can't image it ever being a source of concern. The overall construction of the bag is very heavy duty, in fact it is probably over-built. However, when I place a gaming laptop in a bag, I'd like to think it will protect it, the Slappa should live up to that expectation whereas others offer very little other than the convenience of something to carry the laptop in. Overall the bag is about the size of a small carry-on bag, but then my laptop requires something exactly that size to begin with. What I found interesting is that unlike other bags where you can carry your laptop and nothing else except a mouse and charger, etc... with this one I could carry a couple of changes of clothes as well as the laptop, charger, mouse, and any small items I might require. Thus negating the need for additional luggage on weekend business trip. I will update this after my next trip.

    Ron H.



    bad stitching :(

    I bought this bag about two years ago. It may get a lot of use daily, but I was surprised that I experienced so many stitching issues. Within one week, one of the interior bags frayed apart. I also bought the smaller lighter bag and one day the nylon parts of it broke on me as I was leaving a cafe. I magically caught the bag with my $2000 ASUS in it. Then the pad around the strap came off. Really cool looking bag. But I am thinking of buying a smaller computer and using my old bag which had no problems for the 3 years I had it other than not being able to accommodate a 17" laptop. It looks better than my $150 bag right now ... It would be really good if it was made in the U.S too!!! I am not one to complain, but all of the emails I receive from you, I just thought I would let you know. ;/




    Excellent for large laptops

    I was looking for a bag for my laptop, which sadly is a bit larger than the standard for the screen size. Every where I shopped the dimensions where just slightly off and the bag wouldn't fit the behemoth I had purchased. Not only will this bag accommodate it, it has enough storage space for accessories that I can basically travel with my full portable setup and free up much needed suitcase space. I could not be more thrilled with this bag.

    Shawn C.

    Waynesboro PA


    Like them so much I have the 18" and 16" versions

    Sturdy construction with good padding and lots of storage spaces. I bought the 18" bag for my home laptop and liked it so much I bought the smaller one for my work laptop.

    Bob J.

    Owatonna MN


    Heavy duty bag

    The case is very heavy duty, really strong fabric, well packaged item. Very satisfied. Rating 10 out of 10.

    Dustin C.

    US Army


    Excellent for my 17.3" Asus

    I think the product is excellent. I was looking for something to hold my 17.3 Asuz laptop which is quite large. I purchased another bag from Targus and returned it because it didn't have enough room. The Slappa bag holds my laptop with ease, has plenty of room for accessories, padded quite nicely and I believe it will give me the protection I want for my laptop.

    Steve C

    Goodlettsville TN


    Perfect for Asus g75

    I learned about Slappa on the Asus forums. This bag fits my asus g75 perfectly! Along with my G75 i can also fit my dell latitude, all my power adapters, Samsung tablet and a case of red bull! Very comfortable and fits everything i need.




    Fits Maingear Nomad 17"

    I needed a bag to haul my Maingear Nomad 17 around in... as well as some other personal stuff. After seeing a customer made video on the bag, I was convinced it was the bag for me.

    Patrick M.

    Kernersville NC


    It's the best I've ever seen

    I looked for a couple weeks, at literally hundreds of bags, before I discovered the Slappa stuff, and boy am I glad I was patient - this bag is absolutely incredible. It's the best I've ever seen, and I would recommend it to anybody. It looks great too!

    Wally M

    Sherman Oaks CA


    Alienware M18x R2

    I purchased a KIKEN 18" bag for my Alienware M18x R2, that I recently purchased as well. I had looked around for a bag that would fit my laptop and my Nikon D40 SLR with a lens and flash. This bag seemed to be the only thing that fit the bill. I can fit my D40, a smaller lens (35mm), and my SB-400 in the secondary compartment. Granted this isn't ideal for long trips, but is good enough for the weekend. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product, as it it very sturdy and great all around.

    Micahel S.

    Greensburg PA


    Perfect for 17" Asus

    I bought it for my son for Christmas for his Asus computer. I had a hard time finding a bag that would fit. Yours fit the bill.

    Dianna S.

    Denver CO


    Perfect for a 17.3" laptop

    The KIKEN 18" Shoulder Bag is absolutely perfect for anyone with a 17.3" laptop. It also has a massive amount of space for anything else you want to bring with you. I travel a lot and this just became my new carry-on. The customer service was amazing. I couldn't get the product I wanted in Canada and the person who helped me was able to get my bag shipped from the USA quickly

    Craig R.

    Burlington Ontario


    Great for ASUS G75VW 17.3"

    I have been looking for a computor bag or backpack but found none that can fit ASUS G75VW 17.3" model. The Jedi slappa shoulder bag. is impressive looking and an exellent fit. Like ist design and very satified with this purchase.

    Son H.

    Flower Mound Tx.


    Very well made product

    It was a great experience. My only recommendation would be to make a size smaller in the some of the bags. Us nongamers that really like the aesthetic of the bag don't need a bag that big. But I will say this...I flew out to austin TX and needed to put some extra clothes AND shoes in my bag and everything fit WITH my computer. That was pretty bad-ass. Very well made product. I am impressed overall.

    Sid R.

    Reston VA.


    Great protection

    Im not a computer techy person, I am an accountant that carries a laptop, books, and lots of paper. I wanted something professional but edgy. Loved the look and even more pleased with the product. Plan to order another cover to change the look.




    great product!

    I wanted a messenger bag that would protect my 17" mac, that didn't look like a bulky suitcase. I found EXACTLY what I wanted but better, this bag is designed for the what if's that could potentially damage your gadgets inside. A great product that I will be recommending to my friends.

    Christine H.



    Severely Quality Product

    Have had this case for a week or so and am so impressed by it that I had to write a review (something I usually can't be assed with). Build Quality - 10/10 Simply the best I have seen. Not just in a laptop bag, but pretty much any in product I have ever bought. Impossible not to be impressed. Space - 10/10 It comofrtably fits my new 17.3" Asus G75VW laptop which has the outer dimensions of an 18" machine. Heaps of other space for peripherials, books, single engine light aircraft etc. Design - 10/10 Great padding all over the bag, especially where you need it around the laptop. For a large bag, it is suprisingly comfortable. One thing that is different to the description is that it does NOT have the velcro (or any) webbing in the back, laptop section. I actually think this is OK as you really only want to store your laptop in this area anyway and the webbing would be pointless. Looks - 9/10 Just after I ordered the bag, I found out that it has a big Slappa logo shaped cushion on the outer back which you can't see in the photos. I was a bit worried about this as I wanted to use this bag for work and thought the cusion might make the bag look a little unprofessional. Seeing it in the flesh however, it doesn't look as bad as I had feared (I would still prefer it without the cushion though).

    Mark A

    Sydney, Australia


    Awesome quality bag

    I ordered a Jedi Mind Trix bag and it is just as awesome as the website says! It has plenty of pockets for various wires and things and I couldn't be happier!

    Rose M.

    Lakeview M


    very high quality

    It was nice finding a bag big enough to house my laptop/mobile desktop. The bag is high quality, and strong. I chose it over other choices based on different YouTube videos I watch of other people showing the bag.

    Kenneth S.

    Salisbury NC


    easily fits my 17" Origin PC laptop and much more

    I received my bag from you folks today and I felt it deemed feedback. I have honestly never been more impressed with a bag than I am now with this Kiken bag. Without a doubt, this is the most incredible bag I've ever seen. So much so that I found myself actually wanting to send feedback to you fine folks about it. Not only did this bag easily store my 17" Origin PC laptop - a laptop that I have been trying to find a bag for over the last 3 months and failing - but it also stores ALL of the accessories I have for it to include a cooling plate, game pad, mouse, ac adapter, and speakers. I am very impressed. I had such a hard time finding a bag for my laptop I actually emailed Origin PC and asked them what they recommend. They didn't really have anything to tell me. I found you guys through a Google search for "18 inch gaming laptop bag". I would recommend you folks contact Origin PC and let them know about your products and see if they'd be willing to put a link on their site to you for people looking for massive gaming bags. Feel free to use my story as justification. I wish I could have found you 3 months ago when I first received my PC via a link from their website. It would have saved me a lot of time and money (I purchased 2 or 3 bags trying to find one that fit to no avail). In any case, well done on the bag. It's awesome and well worth the wait.

    Jason I.

    Silvis Il.


    An honest review

    Ok, so my Kiken bag and the Ballistics PTAC sleeve arrived today. After taking a while to look things over, I am completely impressed with the quality of the bag and sleeve. They are even higher quality than the Swissgear backpack that I have been using for the past 5 years. I had been trying to decide on what kind of review I wanted to write, as the quality impressed me so much; I wanted to share with others who were unsure. The Kiken bag and the PTAC sleeve are of the highest quality I have ever seen in this field. I just cannot stress that enough, but what comes next is what most people will want to know. So I was trying to decide on what to write and my girlfriend went upstairs to look for something. I followed with my laptop in the bag as I was testing how much room I would have left (laptop is an Alienware M17x R3). I set the bag down at the top of the stairs. My cat came by and brushed up against it (as cats do) and down the stairs it plummeted. End over end, down 25 steps onto a concrete laminated floor. I was horrified as my laptop is literally a week old. When I got downstairs I immediately opened up the bag and turned on the laptop. All is fine, not even a scratch on the outside of it. I am truly amazed at how well this protects my laptop. If it can protect against that, I am convinced that all will be well for when I begin travelling next week. Thank you Slappa!




    Great for Alienware 18x

    The Slappa Kiken Jedi Mind Trix bag is awesome! I’ve had it for about 2 months now, so I’ve had time to put it to use. I needed a good bag to hold my new alienware 18x. There weren’t many options to pick from for a laptop this size. I read some reviews about other bags (specifically the Orion messenger bag) that described poor D rings holding the shoulder strap. I didn’t want my $4k investment to hit the floor, so I was pretty weary on which to select. I saw a video review on youtube of this product which sold me on it. When it arrived I was even more impressed. The design was awesome, the outer material seemed tough, the interior well padded and all the compartments held everything I needed it to and more. Again, if you have an Alienware 18x then it will fit nicely. I am completely stoked with this bag! You won’t be disappointed if you get this!

    Weston B.

    Loma Linda, California


    Great bag and exactly what I needed

    I got this bag for my alienware laptop and I invested a lot of money into and it has held up. It looks great and it comfortable fits my laptop as well as anything else I may need. It looks great and delivery to Hawaii didn't take as long as I thought it would. When the bag arrived, I was a bit disappointed that the shoulder strap wasn't sent with it but slappa took care of everything with no extra cost. Great investment!!!


    Kahului, Hawaii


    roomy and great quality

    Puchashed this Kiken SLAPPA bag for my son's new monster gaming laptop. This awesome bag is roomy enough for his laptop and many accessories, which makes him happy. It is very well constructed, which makes me very happy!


    Ukiah CA


    great bag and excellent service

    Great bag and great service. Mark, the customer sales rep who handled my order tried calling me twice to tell me that bag I wanted did not have the cover in stock. I didn't call him back because I was crazy busy and I lost track of time. He kept following up with me, and amazingly he went back to the warehouse and searched to see if they had any more of the flap I wanted and found 1 piece. He fulfilled my order before the Februrary item backorder date. I was SUPER impressed by him going the extra mile and doing EVERYTHING he could to fulfill my order. Excellent job! Excellent product!

    Michael W.

    Port Barrington Il


    Alienware M17X R3 owners this is the bad you need.

    First and foremost buy this bag directly from Slappa, it is well worth the effort for their customer service and advice. Pro: Your R3 will fit in this bag, with room to spare … a lot of room like going from a minivan to a tractor trailer. This bag has great construction and attention to detail. You can tell that the padding on this bag will help keep everything safe. No Cons, really just things to be aware of: The laptop compartment is not centered this makes your heavy laptop push the bag off your hip, taking out small children and chairs along the way. The solution is to fill the bag until balanced can make the bag a bit hefty. There is not a plethora of smaller pockets (cell phones, wallets and such) available, inside or out, with the interchangeable covers they may be able to fix that. The Velcro sides … while innovative and may help with the TSA, I wonder if they would be better structurally if they were sewn. The bag does not stand up on it’s own. This bag is perfect for folks who want to carry a large laptop safely and a second laptop with a sleeve and frankly any/all other devices you may need on a daily basis and an old Commodore 64 if the mood strikes you.

    Jamie S

    Upstate NY


    ASUS G74? Yes!

    After much internet searching, comment and blog reading, and direct contact with Slappa, I decided to go with this bag. It does indeed hold the monstrous ASUS G74 in the actually laptop pocket. Some bags claim to hold this laptop, but fail to mention that it will not be in the pocket made for the laptop -only in some secondary holding area. Everything in the other comments on this bag hold true - it is just great. Until you have it in your hands, you cannot tell how well made it is, and how solid it is built. G74 users - this is your bag! You will not be disappointed...

    Frank T.



    dureable and good for travel

    I plan to use it for travelling overseas but the opportunity has not present itself yet. But examining the bag when I recieved it, it look well made (stiching and finishing are good) and that it look durable. Compartments are plentiful which is nice as I like to keep things neatly organize and its one of the reason why I chose Slappa.

    Alvin L



    Excellent Bag for Alienware M17X R3

    I love this Bag it fit all my wants and needs. It's monstrous and roomy and I would recommend this bag to anybody that travels (and I travel alot). My Alienware M17X R3 fits with room to spare. Thanks Slappa Team for the quality and service.

    Jonathan Belcher

    Anchorage, AK.


    Fits my ASUS 17.3" laptop + a second laptop!!

    I just purchased a brand new ASUS laptop and I could not locate a bag anywhere that would fit it properly. I purchased one bag from amazon that "quoted" it would fit a 17.3" laptop but in fact it didn't. I am thrilled to have a bag that will fit both of my laptops in it which is spectacular if your a web developer/animator geek like me.

    Niels N

    Coeur D Alene ID


    Awesome bag for Asus G73

    Bought this for my huge Asus g73 laptop. Fits perfectly. The laptop is a bit heavy, so the bag is a little lopsided when I first pick it up, but that's really the only problem I have. Awesome bag!

    Garrett A

    Fort Worth


    AWESOME BAG for my 17" Dell

    Hi, just received my Kiken 18" bag and it's awesome. Great quality, sturdy build. Clasps and zippers are metal which is also great. I`m a teacher and I carry a ton of stuff around all the time including a 17" Dell. The laptop actually fits in the compartment with a skin on! The strap is well padded an comfy, even with the laptop + accessories and 103 dissertations in compartment 2. Awesome product, highly recommend. (you guys had me at "Jedi mind trix") Chuck

    Charles B.



    Big and roomy-great bag

    I am using my Slappa bag for college and high school it is big but it fits my 17" notebook, looks awesome, and fits everything I need while still being comfortable enough to carry around.

    Ruben L

    Miami, FL


    Well Built and fits Toshiba Qosmio 18.4"

    Bought this laptop bag for Toshiba Qosmio 18.4" screen. Everything fits in the bag including a tablet, phone and accessories. Built very well, and great style.

    Bob K.

    Phoenixville PA


    excellent bag for Asus G73JW

    I had backpacks from other vendors that claimed to support large 18" laptops, but my Asus G73JW simply didn't fit properly. Either I couldn't use the protective sleeve, or the bag was tough to zip up properly. One was a combination of the two, and required me to put a "rain jacket" over it in wet weather. My Slappa Kiken solved that problem and more. When taking my desktop to lan parties, I'd have to schlep a huge suitcase for my gear. With my Kiken, I load everything into the front pouch (cables, power strip, controllers, games, massive wireless headphones, etc.), strap my massive keyboard to the front of the Jedi Mind Trix flap, and I'm still left with plenty of room to take my monster gaming laptop as well. My Kiken actually helped me bail out a friend who's machine died at a recent Lan since I already had my laptop with me. The messenger bag style also takes a lot of the weight off of my back, and the comfortable shoulder pad doesn't slide off of my shoulder like other laptop bags. I just wish the front pouch was a little bit deeper so that I could fit an entire day's worth of school books inside.

    Scott S

    Orangevale CA


    Excellent quality and service

    Lots of room, really good quality material. Zippers and clasps are heavy duty. Tons of zippered compartments and good padding for the laptop. Order received, processed, and shipped same business day! Trust your expensive laptop with a bag that delivers. Definitely will return to Slappa for more.




    Just got my Jedi Mind Trix...I LOVE IT!!!!

    I am a computer consultant and I have had the same "Name Brand" laptop bag for years. I was stuffing all my gear into this thing which was too small for my laptop, power supply, mouse, portfolios, notebooks, pens, ipod and other stuff that I use every day. It only had one outside pocket and one inside zip compartment. I was just being lazy and knew I needed a larger more modern bag. I finally said enough is enough and ordered the Kiken Jedi bag and this thing is huge! I have an 18" laptop and tons of gear in this thing and it still has tons of empty space. There are pockets and storage spaces all over this thing and I could easily put another laptop and more in here and still have room. This bag is built like a tank and you can feel and see the quality as soon as you put it in your hand. The D Rings, clasps and zippers are the highest quality I have seen on any laptop bag, bar none. This bag is a savage beast and if you are a professional that travels with a laptop, you will absolutely appreciate everything about this bag. Don't keep struggling with a bag that doesn't meet your needs, try a Kiken shoulder bag and I guarantee you will be happy you did.

    Mike P.



    Holy S**tsnacks! INCREDIBLE is not enough!

    My secong purchase and yeah, THE BEST EVER, period, no questions. Pay the slight premium for a bag that SHOWS every inch of SLAPPA's customer appreciation and QUALITY! I own a PC repair biz and am a hardcore Gamer and will ONLY buy SLAPPA for my mobile rigs EVER. The KIKEN Special deal was incredible, your bag arrives in protective plastic, boxed WITH it's own protective secondary case! LOL Receipt, letter of appreciation from SLAPPA, Full color expensive-quality company catalog and more.... I cannot say enough good about this company, arrived 2 DAYS after ordering! BUY IT AND LOVE IT. Thank you SLAPPA, love you guys :)

    D. Gibson

    North Carolina by way of Hawaii!


    pure awesomeness!

    i have an asus g73 laptop, its a monster and my laptop cooler is just as beefy(cooler master). they both fit like a dream even with the weight of all the gaming gear, ac adapter, cooler and notebook the bag is nowhere near full and still very comfortable to wear. im amazed at the pure awesomeness of your products design and quality. i had reservations as it is a little pricier but so worth it.





    bought the Kiken laptop messenger... really like all the features. really nice size fits my laptop and all is great.

    Carol W.

    Pearland Tx.


    perfect fit for g73

    It seems that Slappa is the only company making quality bags and backpacks for the large 17" Asus g73. I looked at a few other companies but in the end was torn between the Kiken and the Mask. I went Kiken, but still have my eye on the Mask. This is a great bag for the Asus and I really like that I can change the outer flaps.

    Gary S

    Pittsburgh PA


    Pretty much perfect product and excellent service

    Kiken 18" shoulder bag - very pleased with the product. I needed a bag to hold my monstrously oversized laptop, and they're hard to find both reasonably priced and, well, not ugly. The Kiken bag is just about perfect - looks good, has a lot of well-designed storage space, and great for airport scanners. Customer service was excellent - I was informed the product was pre-ordered in Canada, and would take longer to ship, then given the option to order from the US site to expedite delivery (cost was about the same). Very pleased with being given the option - the customer service representative handled everything, and I got the bag well in advance of my trip.




  • The KIKEN Jedi Checkpoint Friendly Business / Travel laptop bags are highly protective, richly styled and provide lots of storage space.

    The 15.4" version can fit most all laptops up to and including 16" models, and the 18" version will fit all 17" and most all 18" laptops.

    The KIKEN bags use 1680D coated ballistic nylon, which is virtually puncture proof and water resistant.

    Our patented KIKEN "zip-flap" allows you to easily change the front flap anytime you like, allowing you to change the look and/or the function of the bag to best suit your needs.

    As for storage, the 15.4" version gives you an additional 2 gallons of storage in the large center section (perfect for other large electronics, clothes or documents) and under the flap are 3 large pockets for accessories, power bricks and all the miscellaneous stuff you carry throughout the day. On the outer flap there are 2 "lock down" straps that allow you to attach our keyboard sleeve (sold separately) or a jacket. The 18" version features all these pockets, and the large center area is 2.5 gallons.

    Every zipper puller, clasp and "D" ring is molded alloy. and the shoulder strap is industrial strength, tested to 80lbs. of pull pressure.

    The KIKEN series of bags is built to fit the popular Asus G73, Alienware m17X, Sager, and Origin laptops). And, humbly, we do believe this bag is a giant killer and ask you to compare this to every other laptop bag on the market.

    SLAPPA custom build laptop backpacks, laptop bags and laptop duffels are a comfortable and affordable way to carry and protect your laptop computer. Considering that a quality laptop can often cost up to $2,000, you'll find that a quality custom build SLAPPA laptop backpack is a great way to protect your investment and your data. SLAPPA laptop backpacks have padded compartments, along with organizer and accessory pockets to allow you to carry tons of additional gadgets and gear, and are the backpacks of choice as travel backpacks, gamer backpacks, DJ backpacks and photography backpacks the world over. Our backpacks are great gifts for college students and professionals who live and die by their laptop. Don't let your data and important documents go unprotected. Get a SLAPPA custom build laptop backpack or bag and get ultimate protection.

    When you purchase directly from SLAPPA you are protected for life with a lifetime warranty. In the first year you have the product, any manufacturers defect is protected by a free "repair or fix" - where we either fix the product or replace it at no cost. Anytime after 1 year, FOR ANY REASON, if you have a problem with the product, we will replace it at 50% off MSRP (but please note you must have purchased directly from SLAPPA and it must be a replacement of a product).

    During the 14 years we've been in business we have won countless awards and accolades, including Best Laptop Bag Brand Award Best Laptop Bag Brand, but what really matters most to us is that we provide you with the best products and experience possible. If we can ever help or if you ever have feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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