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SLAPPA MASK- DSLR / Laptop Backpack

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    Super-cush padded laptop section, fits Laptops up to 17"
    1680D Ballistix shell is water resistant, puncture proof and tough
    Fast Access Face - Quick access pocket for Camera Body & Lens Up to 10"
    Patented M.A.S.K. Technology allows you to change backpack face and insert at any time
    Fast Scan laptop section (keep laptop in bag at airport scans)
    Product Specifications:
    Outer Bag Dimensions 13"(w) x 18"(h) x 11"(d)
    Laptop Compartment Dimensions 12.5"(w) x 16.5"(h) x 2.5"(d)
    Main Compartment Dimensions 12"(w) x 15.5"(h) x 5"(d)
    Weight (empty) 3.35 lbs
  • A long review

    It's been an experience with this bag and this company. I bought this backpack about 2 years ago and loved it. I was using it about 3-4 times a week and about 7 months in I had a zipper failure. I called in, they replaced the broken zipper and all was good. I then used it again for about 5 months and had a tear in the lining (don't know if it was their fault or because of my abuse) but again, they replaced the part that was torn. Then used the bag for about another 7-8 months and had a part of the shoulder strap separating from the body - called them yet again, they replaced the body of the bag (this time for 50% of the cost because it was nearly 2 years old). I then called in and asked to speak with the owner - amazingly he took my call. I gave him ideas for improvements for the backpack and figured he would blow me off. Amazingly, about 6 months later, they instituted 2 of the ideas. I just bought a 2nd face for this backpack - the Jedi Mind Trix - and maybe it seems like a novelty - but having multiple faces for this backpack is for me a great feature. So I will say, Slappa has stood behind their product not once, or twice, but 3 times - and the fact the owner listened to feedback from a customer really won me over. This is a unique company and I'm happy to support them because they do make an excellent product and in my experience, they work hard to keep customers happy

    Craig B.

    Seattle, WA



    This backpack is large but so roomy and very well made, and I like how much thought has gone into the design. The fact that I use this for my camera rig (which is my day job) and then I have the Jedi face, so I could use it on weekends when I ride my Ducati makes it so versatile. My only gripe is I wish the zipper pullers were larger (ok 2 gripes) and there was a water bottle holder on the outside. Otherwise this really is a great backpack

    Glen P

    Weddington, NC


    Perfect Bag. Amazing For The Price!

    I have seen DSLR bags at leading retailers that don't come close to this for twice and sometimes 3 times the price. I shoot lots of video and stills. I have 2 13" laptops and it fit both including my Nikon D7100 and 5 lenses. including my Rhode video mic, large sony headphones, ipad, LED spot light, the list goes on. A perfect buy for my needs. No it will not fit under an airline seat so make sure you put it in an overhead across from you and not over your head so you can see if anyone tries to go into your bag. Anyone can see from a mile off anyone carrying this bag has expensive stuff inside. It looks the part. Here is where it fell short. Given it's size, I don't want to carry this big thing all over town all the time. Slappa should have made the MASK Face a separate detachable sling for around town shoots and leave the bulk of the bag behind. I am simply going to sow a strap onto the interior of the MASK Face to make it a separate sling. Use the idea Slappa! 5 Stars all the way! Great price!!


    Los Angeles


    Alienware + Canon 5D

    Happily fits my Alienware M17, Canon 5D dslr with 2 or 3 lenses (heavy L series including 70-200mm). Great padding, layout and ease of access - somebody is either an outright genius or has put a great deal of thought into the design (or both). Highly recommended!

    Alex T

    Sydney Australia


    Outstanding bag in design and quality

    Awesome backpack. I've had many different brands and this is in my opinion clearly the best. First off it looks great - it has padding throughout the bag and a huge storage space for when I'm using my camera rig and I can remove the divider section when not using it (for a very large open space). The laptop section is great. And best of all is the removable front - I have this dslr front and the jedi mind trix front. Very clever product design. I'm so excited to have found this backpack

    Jim B.

    Livingston NJ


    Solid product and customer service

    I bought the DSLR insert for a MASK backpack I already owned. It works so well for me that I went ahead and ordered the full DSLR MASK Backpack and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. When I placed my first order there was an issue with the FedEx tracking and when I contacted Slappa customer service, received very speedy assistance.

    Paul H

    Eugene OR


    After 1 year, I give this 8.5 - 9 stars

    Including this backpack I have 2 camera backpacks and 1 bag - and this is the first time I bought a bag other than Lowepro and Tamrac. Each of the 3 bags has advantages and disadvantages and clearly I've had good luck with their products as I have decided to stick with them. That said, I'm not rating them against one another per se, but after 1 year of use (and this pack is my go to 'large' shoot backpack - the on I reach for before I have to go to a roller case) and it has been a very good performer. I have a few stitches that have come undone in more accessory types of areas on the bag (like on the design on the shoulder strap) but it does not take away from the quality of the bag to perform under very stressful conditions (when I load this up I'm sure there is 50-60 lbs of equipment in the bag). It's been a solid bag for me.

    Troy L.

    Green Bay


    A relatively sturdy bag, with some poor design choices.

    I am not as happy as I thought I would be. The preview images do not showcase the extra waist and chest straps on this bag. I will be cutting these straps off. It's frustrating to have so much excess dangling around, getting tangled as I move the bag around from my vehicle to the set. The top is removed by unzipping and pulling it apart. To reattach the top, you must thread a single zipper, much like trying to thread a broken zipper on a jacket that is too small for you. The bottom simply pulls apart. This is a poor design choice. I usually spend 5 - 10 minutes trying to reattach the top if I'm unlucky enough to have someone remove it that's unpacking my gear. There is a lot of room in this bag, and I'm sure I'll find a way to fill it. This bag is definitely larger than you may think from the photos and is pretty sturdy.

    Sean F.

    Oklahoma City, OK


    One of the best backpacks you can buy

    I bought the MASK DSLR backpack face to hold my new Canon T4i, and I've been loving it. As an engineering student it lets me have my camera within reach at all times without taking up precious notebook and textbook space in the backpack's main compartment. Thanks again Slappa, for making one of the best backpacks you can buy!

    David L.

    Sudbury MA


    VERY Roomy

    The photos of the MASK DSLR don't do it justice. The bag is MUCH roomier than I expected! When I ordered the bag, I assumed the flap for the DSLR accessed the DSLR insert. Now that I've had a chance to handle the bag, I realized the DSLR flap is in ADDITION to the DSLR insert. This is a HUGE benefit and I would strongly recommend that SLAPPA show this additional storage in the photos of this bag!!

    Mike S.

    Las Cruces NM


    High Quality Fit and Finish

    This is our third Slappa product and I must say the quality is first class. The backpack is very roomy with more compartments that I need for my camera equipment. I especially like the added compartment that houses my Macbook Pro. The highlight of the backpack is the very front compartment where I can drop in or pop out my DSLR camera. Super handy! Overall, this is a high quality backpack for the photographer needing extra room for a laptop as well.

    James Bowman

    Midlothian, VA


    Almost Perfect

    I use the back pack to transport my laptop and camera. I bought it over other choices because it had the features I wanted (laptop sleeve, compartments for my camera and lenses, pockets for accessories.) The pack is light and has a lot of compartments and plenty of room. The only thing I would say is that a few of the outer pockets are a little small to be useful for much more than keys or SD cards. Other than that it seems like a great pack.

    Arron W.

    Sherrard IL


    So Far So Good

    Just got the bag today. Its huge. I'm able to fit the following: -Nikon D7000 with Kit Lens and also a 50MM lens -Asus G75VX laptop -Windows Surface Pro (fits great inside the main laptop compartment) -Two computer science textbooks -All chargers and adapters for each product -Additional battery pack I don't have anything else I take to school other than what's listed.. So it works great. The real test will be when I move out to seattle and need to carry all of my expensive small electronics. I'm going to try to fit the Wii U and controllers, along with my other Android tablets. I feel like it will fit though, but I will update. Note: There is one thing I don't like... In the quick access SLR pocket, I feel a velco strap thing at the bottom... It feels like it could come off - I do not like this.

    Alex Kelly

    Clemson SC


    Complete Bagpack

    This is all rounder bagpack, when I use it for travel, it carries my DSLR,15 inch laptop plus clothes, by adjusting DSLR insert also I attach my Tripod on the outer hooks on the bag. complete value for money, awesome quality product.




    Easy choice over other camera bags

    I purchased the DSLR SLAPPA BAG for my camera gear, and I love it. It is extremely durable. The quality Of this bag is great. This bag is huge so it will hold more than enough gear. I love the quick access slot on the front face of the bag. That being said I wish they would offer this in a smaller bag, perhaps the 15" bag, I would buy the DLSR Camera bag over the other $100+ bags from camera shops any day . Thank you SLAPPA

    Manuel R.

    Azusa CA


    well designed for Apple laptop and an expensive camera

    The Slappa product was purchased for my 32 y old son's business trip to South Korea and to China for his Apple laptop and an expensive camera. The backpack is well designed and perfect for the stated need.

    John E

    Washington MO


    fits my 17" Alienware

    The backpack I bought was great. It has room for both my 17" Alienware and DSLR and the associated goodies.

    Bradley P.

    Shreveport LA


    Fits my M17xR4!

    Those of you with a huge laptop will rejoice as i did upon finally finding a bag with room to spare. My laptop fits perfectly with room for my powerbrick and other peripherals. To top it all off, i can tote my camera gear with more than enough room to expand. Beware, this bag is big, but that is exactly why i got it. I do wish that the bag came with compression straps, but only because I'm having a hard time finding a set. Other than that, this a solid product worth every penny. (oh and yes, it does include the camera insert that is also sold seperately) This is my first time ordering from slappa and i have to say i have enjoyed my experience: I technically preordered the bag as it was set to ship on the 15th. So i placed my order on the 11th and was notified on the 12th that it had shipped, and was thankful to having it waiting on my doorstep on the 13th. I am thoroughly impressed with Slappa's customer service, and will definitely be ordering another bag from here shortly. Seriously, no complaints, let your review reading end here and purchase a slappa bag, especially those of you with massive laptops.


    Shaw AFB, SC


  • Our Patented M.A.S.K. backpack has been heralded as the most flexible backpack in the world, and now it's ready for professional photographers. The new DSLR M.A.S.K. features a super-cush padded divider insert, which allows you to store multiple lenses and bodies while configuring the compartments to your liking. The DSLR face has a fast access pocket that fits your DSLR body and up to a 10” lens; giving you immediate access to your camera if and when you need to catch a shot that caught you by surprise. For more details on the different SLAPPA M.A.S.K. faces check out our blog

    Other important features include the "quick-scan" laptop section that enables you to keep your laptop inside the bag when you go through airport security; a super-cush padded laptop section that can store most 17” laptops including the ASUS G74, Alienware M17x and M18x and the MSI GT683, 1680D Ballistic nylon, .5" super-cush padding in every wall of the backpack, a large zippered pocket for power bricks and cords, 3 pockets for handheld devices and a headphone strap.

    When you buy directly from SLAPPA you get a 360-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

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