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M.A.S.K. Custom Build Backpack
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    Patented M.A.S.K. technology enables removable faces, providing different looks and storage configurations
    Custom Artist-Insert choices to customize your bag
    Quick Scan access enables laptop to stay inside backpack when scanning at airport
    Super-cush decidated laptop storage for up to 17" laptops
    1680D Ballistix Nylon; puncture proof and water resistant
    Product Specifications:
    Outer Bag Dimensions 13"(w) x 18"(h) x 11"(d)
    Laptop Compartment Dimensions 12.5"(w) x 16.5"(h) x 2.5"(d)
    Main Compartment Dimensions 12"(w) x 15.5"(h) x 5"(d)
    Weight (empty) 3.35 lbs
  • Fits my MSI 17.3" and much more!

    I am using my M.A.S.K. backpack to fit my 17.3" MSI gt 70-20D laptop along with my U3 Cooling pad, my Mad Catz M.M.O. 7 mouse, my Astro a50 headphones in the SLAPPA hardbody case,and my razer vespuela mouse pad. This backpack is amazing! It holds all of my gear, is super protective and I still have room for more stuff. Thanks SLAPPA for another great product!

    Jesse C

    US Military


    Fits my ASUS G74S

    I am an IT consultant and my personal machine is an ASUS G74S lap and I could not find a bag to hold it. I had been using a Wenger bag and was very reluctant to surrender all of the pockets and organization, but the MASK backpack is quite well suited to carry my behemoth machine.

    Johnnie C.

    Baton Rouge LA


    M17x R4

    Bought the High-five face for my MASK backpack and a laptop sleeve for my M17x R4. High Five face is awesome - must be the best of the available faces by a mile!

    Mark H

    Aurora IL


    the perfect "student accessory"

    I purchased the Slappa M.A.S.K High Five backpack with a spare Jedi Mind Trix Face (for toting my skateboard around). As a college engineering student, every day I am required to have numerous books as well as my laptop, this bag suits my needs perfectly, my laptop is protected, all of my books fit, as well as all of my daily essentials . When walking, skating, or riding my bike to school, my M.A.S.K. backpack is the perfect "student accessory".




    The most versatility and durability

    I did some Google-Fu (read: online research) to find the best possible laptop bags and backpacks in the business, and Slappa came up. I purchased my Slappa Laptop Backpack because I knew that I would be getting the most versatility and durability out of my purchase, and that is an investment that I can get behind.

    Paul Y

    Anaheim CA


    consolidated 3 bags with this 1

    Got the KOPPA backpack for my fiancee's bday. He LOVES it! He used to carry around 3 bags with him and now he only carry 1 bag! It fits all the items from the 3 bag! Thank you for creating a PERFECT USEFUL backpack!


    Long Beach CA


    Love the backpack - Fits my g75 and more

    i got the high five backpack, it fits everything i need and more. my g75 laptop, books, binder, and everything else for school with ease. this backpack is awesome, i would definately buy again.

    Matt L.

    San Diego


    comfort, style and tons of storage

    I've purchased lots of backpacks and computer bags but never satisfied because there was always something missing. Never enough room for all of my gear. With my new MASK backpack, I have comfort, style, usage flexibility and plenty of pockets and room to spare.




    holds my m17x R3 and more!!

    Great backpack. I was looking for something to hold my m17x R3 and very few backpacks met my criteria. This one holds everything and looks good too. Only thing I would add to this is a pocket for tablets. Other than that I love this backpack!

    Ivan G.

    Tarzana CA


    Great backpack for m17x R3

    Great backpack. I was looking for something to hold my m17x R3 and very few backpacks met my criteria. This one holds everything and looks good too. Only thing I would add to this is a pocket for tablets. Other than that I love this backpack!

    Ivan G.

    Culver City, CA


    This backpack fits my MSI GT-780

    This backpack fits my MSI GT-780 with no problems. I was very worried about picking a backpack and my laptop not fitting in it. I use it on a regular basis and have plenty of room for clothes and other items. This really is a huge bag! I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the bag and I'm blown away by the number of compartments. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.

    Richard F.



    fits my Dell M6600

    I bought the M.A.S.K High five backpack. This is the most durable bag I could find to fit my Dell M6600. Its a good bag and recommended.

    Patrick B.

    Taylor MI



    I own quite a few backpacks but I needed one with the ability to haul all of my stuff. I usually only travel with my laptop but I have recently delved into the DSLR world. This is the first backpack that I can put all of my gear (I'm a beginner so I don't have a ton of photo equipment) safely. The KOA face has two perfect pockets for quick access to lenses. Barb was also great in letting me purchase the photo pod that comes with the Pro Tour Camera bag separately. It fits perfectly in the main compartment. Overall a great bac that I would recommend to anyone!


    San Diego, CA


    convenient and heavy duty

    I love the heavy duty feel of the material and overall backpack. I boughtthe MASK for transporting my xbox 360 slim. I took it through security at the airport and not having to completly remove the console from the bag is a really nice convience.

    Jay J

    Greenacres FL



    I've never been more exited about a backpack in my life! Quality is amazing, looks great, and it has enough room to accommodate all my things (computer gear, school stuff, instrument cables, etc).

    John P.

    La Habra Heights


    Well Built

    I like how the backpack is well-built and durable. The appearance is great also and I like how it has many pockets. The protection for my laptop is also good compared to other ones that I've seen at stores. I use it to carry my 17" laptop (Sager) around when I travel or go to a friend's house.

    Quinn M.



    Amazing how it fits all my gear

    After I loaded this bag up the first time, I knew it was perfect. I'm in the military and space is always limited, I used to have seperate bags for all my electronics, I've managed to fit, my G73, an older HP 15.1", my 360, 2 controllers, 4 games, 2 WD external harddrives, my beats by dre headphones, my bluetooth headset and headphones, my gaming mouse, my logitech di novo mini, and all the cords/chargers that come with it (13 to be exact) it's about to burst yet it's a awesome option for storing all of my digital life in one bag.

    Taylor V

    Suffern, NY


    I love this bag

    I got high Five bag, and choose it because I liked the larger front pocket better than the two large side pockets on the KOA. I love this bag I was able to fit 4 large college text books, 3 notebooks, my ASUS G73 with power cord and mouse, all of my other school crap, and some clothes ... it weight 50lbs and I have bruises on my shoulders but the bag could handle all of that. It has literally replaced two of my old bags. The only thing that I would change is to make the front pocket bigger it can barely fit my agenda which is the reason why I wanted a flat pocket in the front so I could easily get to my agenda. I would also make the small pocket on the side bigger so that it could fit my TI-89 calculator so I can easily grab it while I'm in class instead of fumbling through my bag. your customer service rep. was outstanding and had the order ship two days express and split the cost difference with me, even though it made the bag almost $150 it was still nice that he took the time to ensure than my bag got to me before I left, and this bag is still well worth the cost.

    Danny L



    Excellent for college use

    Im really impressed that for the first time i can bring all my school books and laptop + acessories as well as lunchbox. Despite with 10 kilos on it you could still put in more. Great product, I am even considering of maybe buying a face or 2 depending on what errands im running in the future. I chose the Slappa high five face as I find it to suit a more subtle and casual identity. It took less than 2 weeks to get it delivered which is pretty ok and it arrived safe and sound. However I ended up paying almost double amount as the shipment cost was around 99 USD. It was still worth it in my opinion since I've been looking for a new backpack since summer. Once again outstanding product

    Ronald C

    Luleå Sweden


    Great for the asus g73

    For my asus g73 I found your product by google and other asus g73 owners. It's a great product and you can expect me back.




    Even better than it looks on the website

    The Slappa M.A.S.K. works great for everything I need it for. I'm currently in college and use it to carry my G73 laptop, power brick, course books, notebooks, folders, and other misc. things with no shortage of room.

    Huey T.

    Dothan Al.



    More Asus G73 user love. Starting a new job, picked this up to transport my G73 with me every day, feels fantastic on the back and sturdy, no worries about my laptop inside.

    J B



    I can't believe I spent this much on a backpack

    More to the point I can't believe how pleased I am that I did. Recieved the High Five M.A.S.K. yesterday and immediately loaded a stack of papers, a usb pen tablet, a 15 inch laptop + power supply, a 17.4 inch laptop + power supply. portable mouse, various pens, MP3 player, headphones, external hard drive, pocket umbrella, some spiral notebooks... And its still not full. If that isn't enough, as I settle stuff into it, I know there's even more room I can take advantage of. Loaded down, the bag is comfortable to carry. I love the padded hand that fits nicely in the small of my back for added support. The appearance and quality of the bag are a delight as well. I compare it to my old "swiss" bag and the nylon is noticably heavier. The stiching is clean and tight, and after examining the zippers I have no concerns about the high five face ever coming off accidently. The only thing I can find I don't care for is the key ring. I do prefer the "press and pull" detachment of some items over the plastic clip. But its a small thing. :) I couldn't be more please and I don't forsee having any complaints.

    Brent Stineman



    My ASUS G73 fits perfectly

    I bought a M.A.S.K. Koa that I am using for my Asus G73 laptop. The laptop fits perfectly and it has lots of room left for other things. I chose it after reading recommendations for it on various forums.

    John L.

    Rock Hill, SC


    ASUS G73? Get this bag.

    I bought a Swiss Gear bag with my G73. The laptop mostly fit, after a lot of pulling, grunting, and zipper yanking. I could not fit the laptop in the padded laptop pocket and, zipped up, the edges of the laptop bulged at the zipper. The MASK, however, fits the G73 like a dream. My laptop is snuggly safe in a pocket of padded love. It is far away from the evil zipper! The amount of room in this bag is amazing! I have a zipper for an iPad, room for at least one game console, and I'm confident I could jam a few days worth of clothes in there too.

    Ethan Hamric

    Springfield, MO


    A ton to love, with one MAJOR snag.

    Allow me to qualify the title of this review with the following assertion: I absolutely LOVE this bag. What it does, it does perfectly - massive storage, with a high quality build and quite possibly the thickest padding of any laptop compartment I have ever seen in a bag. Now, the snag. While the Laptop portion of the bag has an uber-strong, dual-zipper that allows for the security of a suitcase lock to be equipped on it, for protection, the back compartment of the bag does not. I'll reiterate that point. The largest section of the backpack is easily accessible to whatever thief might happen to walk by. While the front portion of this largest compartment DOES have a lockable dual-zipper, THE BACKMOST part of this compartment DOES NOT. I am not speaking of the back zipper pouch, where one might store, say, loose change. I am speaking of the zipper where the "face" attaches to the unit. It is puzzling why the back portion of this compartment has a lockable zipper, when even an aspiring 3 year old thief could access whatever you have stored in it. Long story short, do not let the bag out of your sight if you are carrying anything of worth in the largest storage area(why wouldn't you be?). If you're toting a game system, a camera, an arcade stick, etc., it shall be easily stolen, if the situation arises.

    Matthew Ferguson

    Tempe, AZ U.S.A.


    Just as presented...I am thrilled

    It's a good bag. Exactly as advertised, but man, is it big. :)

    J Sluijter



    G73, Cameras, and Phone

    I could not be more impressed with the product quality and I am very demanding. This backpack fit my ASUS G73JW perfectly. There are pockets that fit the laptop, the wireless mouse and keyboard, the cd/dvd case, assorted extra cat 5, HDMI, and USB cables, and also my digital camera with accessories, and cell phone. If I could change one thing about the KOA M.A.S.K. Backpack, I would give it a few more internal pockets. I also purchased the hard case CD/DVD holder with the interlocking pages (an option I'm glad I selected) They put in the right amount of pages to fill the case without having to order more. Other companies might give you too few so that you would have to order more. Just an example that SLAPPA is a company that gives you as much as they can for your dollar instead of as little as they can for your dollar. It's the kind of thing that makes a company succeed in an economy like we have right now. I was also impressed with the literature that came with the order, it made me feel that I was getting a product that the employees cared about when they made it! Thank You for a product that I will not have to ever replace because there is something better!




    No doubt, the best backpack I ever bought

    Build quality is great and there's a lot of storage. Pretty durable too and plus, it fits my g73 perfectly. Oh, airport friendly too! Highly recommended!

    ben d



    I was looking for a backpack to accomodate an ASUS G73Jh

    M.A.S.K High Five Backpack I was looking for a backpack to accomodate an ASUS G73Jh laptop, with the "checkpoint friendly" feature. This bag meets that plus it has loads of room compared to another product I've physically examined. I think I can get everything I need for a 3 day business trip in this bag, and not need to check luggage. Only drawback I can see is no strap to secure the laptop in its sleeve. There is a velco patch on the sleeve right where such a strap would logically "land", but no strap there. A minor detail is that the sleeve isn't labelled "checkpoint friendly" like the other product - won't know if that matters until I take it through airport security. However, the design is great for all the pockets & space, even D-rings where external items might be attached to carry more at need.

    William K.

    Newtown Ohio


    Fits the Asus G73jw Great!

    The laptop fits in the sleeve very nicely and the bag zips up over the corners(unlike the Targus bag that ships with this) with ease. Plenty of room for the massive power supply and all your other needs. The bag is very cool looking and is made out of some very rugged feeling material. This thing will last a long..long..time!!!

    John H.

    Binghamton N.Y.


    Fits my Alienware m17x perfectly

    I use my SLAPPA M.A.S.K. high five backpack for my Alienware M17x. It fits it perfectly and has plenty of room for other accessories, books, and other materials. This backpack really protects my M17x from a lot of minor hits and bumps with its padded interior. I have not yet tested it in the rain but i have full confidence it will hold up, and keep out any rain that seeks to destroy my M17x. Thank you SLAPPA for a high quality backpack.

    Nick M.

    Barlett IL


    Rock Solid!

    Just purchased a Slappa notebook cover and matching backpack. Both are wonderful! Even with the cover on, the notebook still fits in the backpack, and there's still plenty of room for other items. Construction looks rock solid =).

    Brad J.

    New Oxford PA


    The best backpack on the market

    Your product is by far the best on the market for a backpack that will fit the ASUS G73JH AND other stuff. The only thing I would change is I wish the zipper 'handles' did not make noise when they hit each other while I walk.

    Benjamin C

    Austin TX


    I love this bag!

    I bought the M.A.S.K. Bag from you and I absolutely love it. It has so much room for storage, and room to fit my rather large ASUS G73jh. I use it to bring my laptop around my college campus, but at times I've also used it to carry both my PS3 and my laptop along with the controllers and accessories for both. I love this bag!

    Stephen W

    Shapleigh ME


    Great backpack with one small cavaet

    I use the M.A.S.K backpack for my laptop and gear. The great thing is the sturdy fabric and overall look. The confusing thing and a bit disappointing was the the second compartment on the backpack has two zipers through which you can access it, however only one of the zipers has a whole for a lock. So if I lock one of the zipers you can still get in through the other one, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a lock on it.

    Tatiana C

    New York, NY


    Perfect for Asus G73

    Im using the bag for my Asus G73. i searched around for the perfect bag for my laptop and found that Mask Slappa would be the perfect fit for it!

    Marco B

    Toronto Ontario


    Great for M17xR2

    Fits my M17x R2 perfect, Plus tons of room for a second laptop or a 360 and all the gear that goes along with it. Very impressed with the build quality. Will no longer be buying anything other than Slappa. You have made me a client for life. Keep up the great work.

    Jason S

    Andover, MN


    I'm absolutely thrilled with my new SLAPPA gear.

    Purchased the bag because it was recommended for the ASUS G73. The bag is large and fits the laptop and all accessories (power brick, controllers, mouse, and headphones) It will also hold my zalman cooling pad (nc9000). Excellent build quality and lots of pockets. Tight fit under airline seats, but thats not the bags fault. Very happy with purchase

    Steve N

    Ashburn VA


    it's perfect

    heard the name slappa on a laptop forum, because I was looking for a bag that would fit my new asus g73, glad I bought the bag (M.A.S.K. High Five Custom BackPack)there, it is perfect.

    Bart J



    Quite Epic

    I needed a bag just as, well, epic as my new G73, and what a bag I chose. Fits everything with room to spare, where I am buying new things just to fill it up. The red lining definitely pops, and the Reach for the Stars is just enough me to make it mine. K.O.A. Mask sticks out rather far, and I still don't know what to fit in the pouches, but, like I said, I can always buy more stuff. This bag will kill my back by the end, I'm sure of it. One recommendation for Slappa: an option for BIGGER straps, with even MORE pockets.


    Cumming GA


    Plenty of room to spare

    I picked this one after reading reviews, since I bought a huge laptop that won't fit in most bags (Asus g73). I can fit everything I could possibly want in it with room to spare.

    Christian p

    Humble Tx


    Fits Asus G73 perfectly!

    I had just bought a G73 and couldn't find a bag that would fit it. Luckily through lots of forum searches I found 2 bags that would fit it, both made by slappa. The MASK and the Hardbody PRO messenger bag. I originally ordered the Hardbody pro cause it seemed like it had more protection, but due to being backordered and me needing a bag ASAP, I was able to call slappa and have my order changed to the MASK. What a great decision that was! Less than a week after changing my order I recieved my MASK bag - It fits the G73 like a glove, and the velcro in the laptop compartment fits over the laptop perfectly. It's not too tight or loose, easy to get in and out. BAG IS HUGE lots of space, great zipper and compartment placement. A must buy!

    Tim K

    Jersey Shore


    Great for Travel

    I got my MASK bag two weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. There is lots of storage and my Alienware M17X fits great in the laptop compartment. I really like the airport security feature of this bag it made going through the checkpoints very fast and convenient. I am also pleased to say that this bag fits under the seat on the CRJ and ERJ jets with a little squish and had no trouble under the seat in an MD80. I have the High Five face which is flat and helps. Overall great bag and would buy again! Thanks Slappa!

    Julie C.

    Lubbock, TX



    From what I understand, I'm the very first person who had this backpack shipped to them. I got the bag last is fantastic. I am really impressed with the bag. It was so worth the wait, Thank You. I think it will be a great addition to your products. I have been showing it off at work and I think you may get a few orders coming your way. I'll direct all the people I can to yourcompany. I know our Techy guys will love it when they get here today.

    Sean W

    Frisco Texas


  • We designed M.A.S.K. to be the best laptop backpack on the market. M.A.S.K. backpacks offer LOTS of storage space, excellent protection for your laptop and gives you the ability to customize your backpack to your needs and your sense of fashion. M.A.S.K. backpacks are sized to fit most all 17” laptops including the ASUS G74, Alienware M17x and M18xm Macbook Pro and the MSI GT683. One of the features that make M.A.S.K. backpacks truly unique is that you can change the look and features anytime down the road! At any time you can buy a new face and / or new insert, and give your M.A.S.K. backpack new functionality or a new look.

    M.A.S.K. backpacks feature: "quick-scan" laptop and peripheral section (keep your laptop inside the bag when you go through airport security); 1680D Ballistix nylon, .5" super-cush padding in every wall of the backpack, a super-cush padded laptop compartment, a large zippered pocket for large tablets; additional pockets for power bricks and cords and handheld gadgets and a headphone strap. A large 3 gallon middle section is ideal for 2 days worth of clothes, books, game consoles OR a small DJ mixer. If you choose our DSLR insert you can get a full set of DSLR lenses and bodies inside. For more details on the different SLAPPA M.A.S.K. faces check out our blog

    Easily build your M.A.S.K. to suite your needs:

    1) Choose your lining- either Red, Blue and Black. All of which are rip-stop nylon

    2) Choose one of the custom inserts. Our M.A.S.K. technology enables you to easily add/change the artwork OR add the DSLR insert any time you like

    3) Choose a face for your backpack. You can choose between a number of faces that best fit your style and functional needs. Again, with our M.A.S.K. technology, you can choose to have more then one face for your bag, and change the face to change your moods/needs.

    SLAPPA custom build laptop backpacks, laptop bags and laptop cases are a comfortable and affordable way to carry and protect your laptop computer. Considering that a quality laptop can often cost up to $2,000, you'll find that a quality custom build SLAPPA laptop backpack is the ideal way to protect your investment. SLAPPA has won 3 "Product Of The Year" awards, won "Best Laptop Bag Brand" at and been recognized by hundreds of review publications as the best bags on the market. Why? Because we are ALWAYS pushing the envelope - constantly designing products that have unique features, excellent quality and give you choices you just cannot find anywhere else.

    All of our products come with a 360-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

    SLAPPA Best Laptop Bag Brand Award Best Laptop Bag Brand

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