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M.A.S.K. Jedi Mind Trix Custom Build Backpack
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    Patented M.A.S.K. technology enables removable faces, providing different looks and storage configurations
    Custom Artist-Insert choices to customize your bag
    Quick Scan access enables laptop to stay inside backpack when scanning at airport
    Super-cush dedicated laptop storage for up to 17" laptops
    1680D Ballistix Nylon; puncture proof and water resistant
    Product Specifications:
    Outer Bag Dimensions 13"(w) x 18"(h) x 11"(d)
    Laptop Compartment Dimensions 12.5"(w) x 16.5"(h) x 2.5"(d)
    Main Compartment Dimensions 12"(w) x 15.5"(h) x 5"(d)
    Weight (empty) 3.35 lbs
  • The Backpack is Awesome But...

    The backpack is absolutely awesome, but the velcros are misplaced in every single bag from inside, all of them are one part vertical and the counterpart are horizontal and this causes the bags to not close properly, and other annoying thing is the verification process method for the credit card, is not like amazon or ebay that uses other methods of payment like paypal, it took more than 5 weeks to process my payment, and that was only because I sent an email to remember them about my purchase, well, that's my point of view, but the backpack are amazing, just some minor issues to improve, and that's it.

    Jorge Garcia

    San Diego


    highly recommended

    Initially I was worried that the bag would be too bulky or that it would not fit my laptop. When I received my backpack I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only is it not bulky in any way but it easily fit my Sager NP7150 which is almost 2” tall. The build quality, padding, and even the packaging all had a great quality feel to it. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new bag.

    Lance C

    Sierra Vista AZ


    I live on the road and this is perfect for me

    Bought the Jedi Mind Trix backpack, it is awesom! Absolutely enormous, I can fit my laptop, PS3, and all the accessories. I live on the road and this is perfect for me to carry around all my electronics. Will definitely be using SLAPPA again.

    Brian K

    Henryetta OK


    highly recommended

    I ordered the M.A.S.K. Jedi Mind Trix because i needed more storage for all my all my electronic goodies that has out grew my North Face. This bag looks great and has tons of space inside. I don't regret my purchase one bit and would recommend it to my friends.

    Nickolas B

    Linden TN


    very roomy

    This product has a lot of space for my laptop books and binder. I really appreciate yet another fantastic slappa product.

    Nathaniel M

    Jacksonville FL


    Fits my enormous Asus!

    Upon receiving my Jedi Mind Trix bag by Slappa. I was disappointed to learn the outside face had some issues. The zipper had been zipped up but was not aligned correctly. This made it very difficult and tricky to move the zipper in any direction. After some careful work I was able to remove the cover and install it properly. Now everything is fine and the bag fits my ENORMOUS Asus laptop just perfectly. I am very happy with this bag and will keep Slappa in mind for future purchases.

    Nathan H.



    Excellent for G73

    Great backpack. Fits my g73 and a lot more. It's large, but that's what I needed and I love the pack. I get lots of compliments on the looks. Also, I really like that I can easily change the face and inside panel anytime. So much better than the backpacks I was looking at at Best Buy.

    Jimmy G.

    Chicago, Il


    Expectations exceeded in every way!

    After getting my NP9570 in the mail and realizing that there was no way the Sony VAIO backpack I had been using to carry around my NP8130 (and I suppose my old VAIO as well) was going to work with this massive desknote I did a lot of searching for what backpack to get and I decided to go with the Slappa M.A.S.K. series. I was skeptical of pretty much any laptop bag since the thickness of the NP9570 is over 2 inches in the back and I think slightly over 2 inches and its thinnest part, but I went with the Slappa because the pictures on Xotic PC's website and Slappa's website clearly show that the bag can fit a full sized XBOX 360 in the additional compartment along with a 17"-18" laptop. I figured if it didn't fit in the sleeve then I would at least be able to fit it into the other compartment. I was quite pleasantly surprised when it arrived today (and that surprise is caught on camera) and not only did my massive laptop fit snugly into the sleeve, but the bag was also able to fit both huge power bricks and my XBOX 360! In addition to being able to carry around my extremely large laptop, it's also got a bunch of great compartments for holding cell phones, mice, drinks, chargers, school books, gaming consoles, and pretty much anything you can think of. It's made of very durable feeling material and there is padding everywhere, even in the the material between the zippers. The custom artwork insert you get to choose that comes with every laptop is also made out of the same very durable feeling material and feels like it will be resistant to any scratching/scuffing over time with use. This is a quality product well worth the price tag. My expectations were greatly exceeded in every way. 10/10.

    E.K. Powell

    Seattle, WA


    Heavy duty and looks great

    I travel a lot and am also a drummer. This backpack so far holds up great, real heavy duty, plenty of space, and looks great to boot. Extremely happy with this purchase.

    Timothy W

    New Egypt NJ


    Great for my 17" asus

    Fits everything that I carry. The pocket on the outside of back is great for passports. Love having the extra room in the central pocket. I have not yet tried to stuff it into the overhead baggage space in a smaller commuter aircraft. That may take some doing! I will report back once I do. I have recommended your company to several other people in my company who travel the world and have the same 17" Asus laptop that I do.

    Richard R.

    Concord NH


    excellent backpack

    After meticulous research, forum postings, video reviews, product pictures - I chose this backpack. It's very well built, had superior features for organization, and utilized space better than competing products.




    Excellent Quality Bag

    I purchased the Slaappa Jedi Mind trix Bag because it was the only bag on the market that exceeded and met my needs. The bag is well made and fit's all of my stuff and then some in a way thats both functional and practical. Some people may think the bag is pricy but in my experience I saved some money off the list price, the quality and materials used are strong and durable making the purchase a no brainer when you consider this bag is designed on protecting your gear for years to come. I have many bags in my collection like the renowned Technics 12" record carrying bag still using after 35 years, my point the Slaappa bag is built 1000 times stronger so with proper handling it has the potential to last a lifetime. Love the bag Love the tri-color company logo.

    Louis R.

    Springfield MA


    I love this backpack

    This book bag is the best more comfortable and also the best for Protecting my laptop. I searched for days and days and it finnaly came down to this backpack and the astro scout book bag. I am absoulty happy I chose this one as I am in college now and it is holding up perfect. the only one very minor flaw with the design is that both the main zippers can be locked but the zipper that takes the faces off can not !!! But dont worry I promise you'll love you new backpack. I'll be back !!!




    simply the best backpack

    I've purchased lots of backpacks and computer bags but never satisfied because there was always something missing. Never enough room for all of my gear. With my new MASK backpack, I have comfort, style, usage flexibility and plenty of pockets and room to spare.




    Fits my Asus G74

    I have an Asus G74 laptop which doesn't fit in most laptop bags/backpacks. I found out about this bag in a google search and took a chance with it. It fits my laptop with room to spare and there is still room in the bag for peripherals or other things that need to travel with me. Design is solid and it is comfortable.




    Nothing like this- fits my MSI GT780

    I learned of SLAPPA at a LAN party about 3 months ago and was impressed with their Kampus backpacks I saw at the event. When I went onto the site and learned more about the Mask backpacks I was blown away with how cool they looked and the great reviews. I've now had this backpack for nearly 3 weeks, having used it every day back and forth to work + to a 2-day LAN. It's superb. I've really never seen anything like it in terms of design, storage, protection and flexibility. I get so many positive comments on this bag- it's crazy. While it might seem like "a nice backpack" it's far more than that. I'm now even considering getting 1-2 more faces for this backpack just so I get the feel of having 3 different backpacks. I highly recommend this for all gamers

    Gary C.



    Fits Alienware M17X

    GREAT product! Roomy and well made! Fits M17X just fine with room for lots of other gear!

    Ken R

    Viginia Beach VA


    Great bag for my G74 and all my stuff!

    The backpack I purchased from SLAPPA was for my 17in ASUS G74 laptop. The laptop [read: desktop replacement] is a bit of a beast, but it fits perfectly in the padded laptop compartment! I can also fit my Xoom in the pocket next to it, as well as all my power adapters and an Xbox360 comfortably. The backpack opens like a transformer, making it really easy to get to all my stuff with a minimum of fuss, and has tons of other smaller pockets for all my other gadgets. The backpack is padded really well, very solidly constructed, and is even comfortable to wear when fully loaded with all my stuff. I couldn't be happier. It's easily twice as good as the ASUS bags are, and it looks much cooler. It's also a breeze to take through airport security thanks to how it opens. 11 out of 10. PS: Barbara was really nice when I ordered on the phone and got my order taken care of really quickly. Thank you!




    great backpack for my 17.3" laptop

    I needed a backpack that could fit my laptop. I have a 17.3 inch monitor and it wouldn't fit in my current backpack so I went searching. I wanted it for school, not necessarily gaming, but I'm so glad I got this one! There's tons of room for everything I need for school and it's VERY comfortable to carry around. I wasn't expecting as much room as I got and I love it!


    Porter Tx.


    Using this backpack for my Sager NP7182

    I've been looking for a bag that could fit my behemoth laptop and when I saw my friends Mask backpack I immediately came to the site to get one. If you have a large laptop that you want to carry around (and more importantly protect) than this is certainly your bag. Actually, when I came to the site I had a tough time deciding because you guys have so many nice bags for large laptops. I decided on the Mask because of the ability to change the faces. I just ordered a Koop face to change things up every once in a while

    Jordan B.

    Seattle, Washington


    Really awesome for Asus G73

    This is the third bag I have purchased looking for a good solution for my Asus G73. The rest got returned. I just got my MASK Transit bag and I am impressed. My monster Asus slipped right in. This bag has that SOLID feel of a well constructed item. The material feels sturdy and all the zippers and tabs are well engineered. I have more pockets than I know what to do with...yet. Really impresive. Kudos!

    Jerry N

    Las Vegas NV


    Great for my 15" laptop

    Loving my M.A.S.K. Transit! I use it to take a 15" MacBook Pro to work every day. I know the backpack is designed for a 17" laptop, so mine practically disappears into it. The only improvement I might suggest is that the pen-and-pencil pocket on the right side be replaced with either another water bottle holder, or somehow add an umbrella holder to the pack. That would make it just about perfect!

    Paul H



    great backpack

    The M.A.S.K. backpack has room for almost everything I can stuff inside it. My huge Asus G73 laptop fits nicely at the same time with my PlayStation 3, controller, big headphones, and all associated power bricks, cables, and accessories. And it breezes through airport security! Great product.

    Josh K



    great product

    Using the MASK backpack for business to carry a large laptop. The backpack has more than enough room for all my gear and accessories. Great prouct!

    David S

    Salt Lake City


    I love the bag but a little disappointed

    I ordered a M.A.S.K. Transit backpack cause i needed a bag to hold my Asus G-73 (Its a monster sized laptop) for an upcoming vacation trip and after seaching many different forums, came to the conclusion that lots of people were getting Slappa bags for theirs. So after a quick veiw of Slappas example videos I was sold on the idea that this was going to be a great bag. I quickly ordered mine and it was shipped promptly and arrived 3 days later. The backpack is excellent. There is plenty of room for anything you want to put in it. Then I started to examine all the seams and was dissapointed to find a long tear on one of the inside seams. It wasnt structurally important to the strength of the bag, but im pretty disapointed that my 150 dollar bag wasnt inspected a little closer before they sent it. I was going to send it back for a new one (they said over the phone they would be happy to switch it out for me) but i decided instead to just glue it with some e-6000 and that fixed it. Over all, I love the bag, and I"d recomend it to anyone with large 17'' laptops who want some real space.

    Ryan W.

    Shreveport LA


    excellent construction

    Chose the M.A.S.K backpack to accomdate my m17x Alienware laptop. Other backpacks are too small. I previously owned SLAPPA CD cases and I was familiar with the quality construction of the product. The MASK bag looks and feels very nice, excellent construction, tons of pockets. Only complaint is that it would be nice if the backpack had chest and/or waist straps.

    Kevin K



    This backpack is a awesome!!!

    Holy cow this thing has sooooo much space. I wasn't expecting it to be able to hold all my gear and still have plenty of room. My last backpack was stuffed when I put all my gear in it. Fully loaded with everything I carry on a daily basis, this thing still has tons of room left. I am a contract computer consultant and I carry a lot of stuff with me everyday and this monster packs it all with room for plenty more. This is the best backpack I have ever owned, without a doubt. The materials are of surprisingly high quality and its really well thought out in its design and function. Looks great and packs everything. I am completely satisfied. I highly recommend this backpack to anyone who travels with digital gear. You will love it! I know I do.




    Sick Backpack!!

    This backpack is one seriously badass product. I've had it for 3 weeks now, using it every day on campus and it easily accomodates my macbook, text books and my running shoes. I called my order in and Barbara was so nice and helpful. I'm a new Slappa fan and can highly recommend the backpack and based on my experience, think their service is excellent.

    Greg S

    Dallas Texas


    Great product

    This is a great product, especially for Alienware owners, which I think you should capitalize on. There aren't too many laptop backpacks that can carry the m17x, and owners don't like buying the official Alienware backpack because it screams "I have a $3000+ laptop in this backpack". Either partner up with Alienware to get the word out or offer a discount for Alienware m17x owners. I've already mentioned this backpack on laptop forum websites and tons of guys are asking about it now. Couple things though that would make the pack more perfect. Find a way to secure the handle at the top of the backpack, like velcro or make the handle retractable; the handle is HARD, which is fine and durable, though when I bend over or turn fast, the handle hits the back of my head...and it hurts. Also add in chest-straps or make it an additional accessory that people can add to the shoulder straps. On that note, I noticed there are small straps on the shoulder straps; I think there should be more products offered that can make the backpack more customizable, like attachable cell-phone holder or even the chest-strap like I mentioned. Other than that, thanks for designing a great product.

    Iztak L.

    Salt Lake City


    Best out there.

    I've fought with multiple "high end" brands of backpacks looking for the right fit for my needs, and this is the first one that met them all. It's comfortable without being heavy regardless of the load I'm carrying, and the lumbar support provided from the pad in the back is superb. I had issues finding a backpack that would fit all of my University books and my 17inch widescreen gaming laptop, and this one fit like a glove. There's so much room in it, tons of pockets, and the padding is unmatched. As long as this company continues to produce these, I will *never* own a backpack from another brand - ever.

    Mike G.

    Charlotte, NC


  • We designed M.A.S.K. to be the best laptop backpack on the market. M.A.S.K. backpacks offer LOTS of storage space, excellent protection for your laptop and gives you the ability to customize your backpack to your needs and your sense of fashion. M.A.S.K. backpacks are sized to fit most all 17” laptops including the ASUS G74, Alienware M17x and M18xm Macbook Pro and the MSI GT683. One of the features that make M.A.S.K. backpacks truly unique is that you can change the look and features anytime down the road! At any time you can buy a new face and / or new insert, and give your M.A.S.K. backpack new functionality or a new look.

    M.A.S.K. backpacks feature: "quick-scan" laptop and peripheral section (keep your laptop inside the bag when you go through airport security); 1680D Ballistix nylon, .5" super-cush padding in every wall of the backpack, a super-cush padded laptop compartment, a large zippered pocket for large tablets; additional pockets for power bricks and cords and handheld gadgets and a headphone strap. A large 3 gallon middle section is ideal for 2 days worth of clothes, books, game consoles OR a small DJ mixer. If you choose our DSLR insert you can get a full set of DSLR lenses and bodies inside. For more details on the different SLAPPA M.A.S.K. faces check out our blog

    Easily build your M.A.S.K. to suite your needs:

    1) Choose your lining- either Red, Blue and Black. All of which are rip-stop nylon

    2) Choose one of the custom inserts. Our M.A.S.K. technology enables you to easily add/change the artwork OR add the DSLR insert any time you like

    3) Choose a face for your backpack. You can choose between a number of faces that best fit your style and functional needs. Again, with our M.A.S.K. technology, you can choose to have more then one face for your bag, and change the face to change your moods/needs.

    SLAPPA custom build laptop backpacks, laptop bags and laptop cases are a comfortable and affordable way to carry and protect your laptop computer. Considering that a quality laptop can often cost up to $2,000, you'll find that a quality custom build SLAPPA laptop backpack is the ideal way to protect your investment. SLAPPA has won 3 "Product Of The Year" awards, won "Best Laptop Bag Brand" at and been recognized by hundreds of review publications as the best bags on the market. Why? Because we are ALWAYS pushing the envelope - constantly designing products that have unique features, excellent quality and give you choices you just cannot find anywhere else.

    All of our products come with a 360-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

    SLAPPA Best Laptop Bag Brand Award Best Laptop Bag Brand

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