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SLAPPA M.A.S.K. KOA Checkpoint Friendly 17 inch Laptop Backpack - Custom Build To Your Liking

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    Patented M.A.S.K. technology enables removable faces, providing different looks and storage configurations
    Custom Artist-Insert choices to customize your bag
    Quick Scan access enables laptop to stay inside backpack when scanning at airport
    Super-cush dedicated laptop storage for up to 17" laptops
    1680D Ballistix Nylon; puncture proof and water resistant
    Product Specifications:
    Outer Bag Dimensions 13"(w) x 18"(h) x 11"(d)
    Laptop Compartment Dimensions 12.5"(w) x 16.5"(h) x 2.5"(d)
    Main Compartment Dimensions 12"(w) x 15.5"(h) x 5"(d)
    Weight (empty) 3.35 lbs
  • Had this backpack for 6 months now.

    This thing is still going strong! It fits my fairly big 17.3in msi gaming laptop, and all my accessories with it!


    Nashville, TN


    I live out of this bag.

    Because I go to the VA a lot, I have to have a solid backpack to carry all my stuff, which includes an MSI Dominator Pro G, a Razer Black Widow Chroma keyboard, and assorted stuff along with all that. This bag holds it all with room to spare, doesn't kill my shoulders, has a waist belt that accommodates a person of size and lots of pockets for small items that potentially could be annoying to find otherwise. And Slappa even swiftly replaced my MASK face when a hole developed in the lining of one of the pockets. I will be back, because now I want the wheeled bag to go with this one. This baby will go to DragonCon as well as the VA!

    The Steel Hyaena



    Finally, a backpack built to last that fits a gaming laptop

    After reading endless reviews, and trying a Swiss Gear 17" Scansmart bag (didn't fit), I found the Slappa line. The backpack just came today and appears to be built like a tank. The outer fabric is nice, and tougher than some of my high end photography cases. There is plenty of room for my Alienware 17R3 17.3" laptop. My mouse and power brick fit well in the zippered compartment with the laptop, and it is a monster power brick. I didn't have a nice set of headphones, so to check space, I put a set of my shooting range ear protection on the velcro loop. No problem fitting them in the compartment. I fit a tablet in the 2nd main compartment zippered area, an ipod, thumb drives, and other essentials, with a cavern of open room left to throw books, folders, a sweatshirt..... I really like the pockets in the outer shell, because they open up larger inside than the zippered area shows. The only downside is that the inner flap that helps hold your items in when you unzip tends to get caught in the zipper when you try to close it. My only other complaint is that when you try to open the 2nd compartment, the zippers almost don't go down far enough. There is a limited opening to get in and get to items at the bottom of the storage area or into the large zippered compartment at the bottom that I put a tablet in.


    Metro Detroit


    Might have saved my life

    WOW - we never want to hear about these types of close calls, but do appreciate that you were not hurt!! I usually don't write reviews for anything but given the severity of my experience with your K.O.A. Backpack I felt one is justified. I was getting ready to head to work as normal. I use the bag to transport an Alienware 17 inch laptop which it does quite nicely. This day, I decided I wanted to bring some water with me. So I put an entire 1 gallon jug of water in the main compartment. So now I have 1 gallon of water and a 17" Alienware, with room to spare. Though impressive, it is not the reason for this email. Like normal, I hop on my motorcycle and take off. Doing 65MPH down the highway and suddenly traffic came to a dead stop. I slammed on my brakes hard and locked the back wheel. I did what motorcyclists call a hard side. Meaning I was thrown from the bike when the wheel stopped sliding and gained traction. I landed on my backpack, slid and rolled a couple of more times but managed to compose myself and stand up. I was not wearing any safety armor. Just jeans and a sweater. Here's the reason for this email. I suffered road rash on my hands, legs and torso but none on my back. I also managed to not hit my head on the pavement. Evaluating myself after the crash I noticed that there was very little physical damage to the bag. The straps did not break or tear. Something you would expect with other cheaper equipment. Just some minor scraping on the bag. Additionally the laptop in the bag suffered no damage. The 1 gallon bottle of water didn't explode either. Perhaps a combination of the bag, the water, and the laptop I came out of the accident with very minor injuries. Most importantly I did not crack my exposed head on the concrete. I contribute this to how I landed on the bag and how most of the initial contact between myself and the concrete was absorbed by your backpack. My doctor could not believe how no damage was suffered to my back. Thank you for making an outstanding product. Obviously I doubt you put the bag through any kind of testing to simulate my experience but I felt it important to let you know that your product could have been the sole reason that I am alive today or at the very least responsible for me suffering so little damage. As soon as possible I will definitely be purchasing another Slappa M.A.S.K.

    Chris F



    Not my cup of tea

    It seems like a well built backpack and certainly is roomy, but this backpack is large and to me bulky. I guess in order to fit a 17 inch laptop it needs to be large but it was the bulk that turned me off. I might try one of the other styles to see if it's a better fit.

    Murry W.

    Jacksonville, FL


    After much research, Slappa is the choice

    I work in the IT / Securities industry, so I travel A LOT for my job. Obviously my checked baggage contains most of what I need as far as clothes and such, but my carry-on has to have the all the things to support what I do on the jobsite; my laptop, iPad, rechargeable batteries for my headlamp, Micro-A and Micro-B USB chargers for a smartphone and various instruments, etc etc etc. I'm an avid gamer, and as such I purchased an ASUS G75VW 17" gaming laptop to occupy my downtime in the hotel between jobs. The problem turned out to be that very few laptop backpacks, including those designed to hold a 17" unit, will NOT accommodate the largest and heaviest laptop on the market. My answer? SLAPPA! After researching the short list of backpacks that claimed to be able to fit my monster of a laptop, I decided on the SLAPPA M.A.S.K. custom with the KOA face. Needless to say, I have been thoroughly impressed with both the construction and carrying capacity of this pack. It has traveled from Wisconsin, where I live, to Florida, Washington DC, Virgina, Georgia, Texas, and many points in between, surviving TSA every time and coming back for more! The butterfly zipper style of the main laptop compartment is a God-send to put through the scanners and the multiple pouches are easily able to carry everything I need in the way of chargers, batteries, reading materials, file folders, all manner of charging cords, and more! (In one instance, I was even able to cram two days worth of clothes into it when TSA "misplaced" my luggage on a run!) The face alone can carry all of your personal belongings, from keys to wallet to cell phone, and being detachable, it can make fitting a heavily-loaded pack into smaller aircraft overhead bins much easier. Customer support is only a phone call away and I've never been left wondering on any question I've had. Take the word of someone who knows what it means to scramble from one end of the United States to the other; if you need a backpack to carry and protect your vital tech, SLAPPA is it!!!

    Scott K

    Appleton, WI


    Fits my monster size MSI gt70 dragon edition 2

    I have an MSI gt70 dragon edition 2 which is a huge laptop. I spent several hours a few weeks ago trying to find a bag that would hold this monster. I drove all over town to every computer store I could think of and still had no luck. After reading reviews online I went ahead and ordered the koa slappa backpack and not only do I have room for the laptop but pretty much anything else I could decide to put in it. I was also extremely happy with the quality of the bag it feels like no matter what you do to it, it will take it and keep on going. It is also a very attractive bag as I have gotten several comments on it since I've had it. 100% satisfied customer.

    John B.

    Richmond VA


    Perfect backpack for my MSI GT70

    I own an MSI GT70 and it is a monster. I tried several bags and none would fit until i found this bag! It can hold my extremely large gaming laptop as well as it's massive power brick, and there is still enough room to fit a ps4/xbox, controllers and at least 4 tasty beverages. I even did an unboxing and review on my youtube channel.




    Funtional but ripped stitching

    For some reason the stitching where the shoulder straps started ripping within one semester of use. None the less, I have had this bag for about a year and a half and it does its job. I just wish their warranty lasted longer so I could have returned it for repair or exchange. SLAPPA NOTE - if you purchase your product directly from SLAPPA and have a problem, we will take care of you if you contact us.


    Fort Worth


    Worth EVERY cent!

    I bought this for my son who is a freshman in HS. Needless to say be punishes the back pack with books, laptops and everything else under the sun. It is now December and this backpack looks like the day it came out of the box. It is spacious, tough as nails, wicked cool and easily identifiable as his...Slappa Rocks!


    Winsted CT


    Excellent bag - ASUS G74

    I was searching high and low for a bag to carry my ASUS G74. Finally I found the MASK -- it's an awesome bag. The laptop compartment fits the g74 perfectly and is airport friendly. The main compartment is sizable enough for clothes if you're off for a weekend getaway too. I've had it for about a year now, and, using it daily, it doesn't show any wear. I'm very happy with the purchase


    Boston, MA


    highly recommend this backpack

    I was a bit skeptical at first as i put alot of research into buying a laptop backpack that could not only house my 17.3 inch alienware laptop, but also sufficiently carry my textbooks and binders for a full semester in university. After hearing many great reviews about Slappa, i decided to order (the customization feature was awesome) the K.O.A and i honestly don't think i have ever been more happy with an online purchase before in my life. Not only is there room for my laptop, laptop accessories, textbooks, binders, school supplies etc.. but i can also bring a set of gym clothes with my in that bag too when i want to work out. Slappa has exceeded my expectations in every way and i will definitely recommend you guys to any friends who have questions on which brand to purchase and will definitely purchase more Slappa gear in the future. Thanks A Lot Slappa!!!

    Joshua C



    Great for my MSI GT70

    I needed an extra large laptop backpack for my MSI GT70, and nothing I could find had the right amount of space needed or protection for my system. My new M.A.S.K. met all of my expectations and blew me out of the water with just how much cushion and storage space there was. On top of that it's totally TSA friendly, and I just bought a lock set for the locking zippers, and I feel a lot more at ease leaving my backpack cabled to a desk in a classroom/lab/library when I go to the bathroom. This backpack is worth every dollar that I spent. I wish I had more stuff that needs cases

    Lannon B

    Lubbock, TX


    Simply the best

    Still got my Slappa hard body case for DJ style headphones that I got from you guys over 5 years ago! Solid product, been lugged to many gigs and trips and wouldn't trust any other product for my headphones! And it fits nicely in my Slappa MASK backpack that I've had for just as long! Keep up the good work guys!

    Jeff M

    Tuscon AR


    Best Backpack money can buy!

    Hands down super great backpack I am liking it so much I am going to buy it for my Wife's laptop too. AAAA+++++

    Jeremy M.

    Dayton, OHIO


    Slappa is FANTASTIC!!

    i needed a bag for my future military career that was simple on the outside but fantastically fantastic on the inside and i found it! a lot more pockets then i imagined and the bag is a lot bigger then i thought. The quality of this bag is superb. I will be buying more from Slappa from now on. Thank you Slappa!!!

    Marriah C.



    SLAPPA KOA MASK bag is fantastic

    I'm currently taking courses in IT Administration and found that my existing bag was not able to contain my gear. The SLAPPA KOA MASK bag is fantastic. I can comfortably pack all of my Microsoft server books, my 2 CompTIA A+ books, multimeter and toolkit, cable tester, laptop, accesories and still have room for my lunch. I don't carry all of this every day but it proved that no matter what I needed this bag could handle it. The construction is solid much better that the Targus bag I almost bought.

    Michael H

    Olathe KS


    Fits my giant MSI laptop!!

    I was considering between the the shoulder bag KIKKEN and the SLAPPA KOA Bag. Let me tell you.. I constantly carry around a smaller 13" laptop for work and my giant personal 17" widescreen MSI Laptop. I never felt comfortable leaving either behind when I travel and this bag has made it so I can comfortably carry BOTH laptops and all my accessories I need for work and pleasure. Love it and glad I committed to SLAPPA!

    Jordan D.

    Mishawaka IN


    Fantastic backpack that handles everything I throw at it

    I'm currently taking courses in IT Administration and found that my existing bag was not able to contain my gear. The SLAPPA KOA MASK bag is fantastic. I can comfortably pack all of my Microsoft server books, my 2 CompTIA A+ books, multimeter and toolkit, cable tester, laptop, accesories and still have room for my lunch. I don't carry all of this every day but it proved that no matter what I needed this bag could handle it. The construction is solid much better that the Targus bag I almost bought.

    Michael H.

    Olathe KS


    Exceptional quality product and customer service

    Order this bag! I promise you will be blown away by the quality and service! My fiancée is a network engineer and he was THRILLED with this gift!

    Karin S.

    Lakewood OH


    SLAPPA is all I trust

    SLAPPA backpacks are pretty much the only thing I'm willing to entrust the safety of my laptop to. They're designed so well, and the pockets are always exactly what you need. Every backpack I've bought from them has lasted upwards of 4 years under heavy usage, through snowstorms and rainfall.

    Christopher S.

    Middletown OH


    Great for Alienware M17x R3

    I got this because no other pack properly fit the dimensions of my Alienware, or they were poorly designed, or cheaply made. This handles my pc, power cord & brick, mouse & pad, headphones, external hdd, pens, notebook, pc security lock. The seam along one carry strap started to open, but a month before warranty I sent it back for repair and no problem they fixed it. Very happy with the quality, and especially the intelligent design. I felt like it was built by people who actually use laptops, unlike the other major brands. My opinion this is much more solid than the 'official' Alienware backpacks/cases which looked flimsy to me. It was a lot of money, and I was nervous about buying, but it was all worth it. My favorite backpack, and it fits my favorite PC.




    Fits my 17.3 inch studio laptop + midi

    I have the koa face backpack and it is amazing! I got this to my 17.3 inch studio laptop and my in/out box along with my midi controller. This thing is perfect! Everything fits and is secure. It comfy when it's fully loaded and it looks badass!

    Ben G.

    Alanta GA.


    Fits my MSI GT70

    It's a great backpack fits my MSI GT70 and it has lots of room for other stuff. Like books or clothes when i travel. This is the overall backpack. I just wish that it's also 100% waterproof.

    Russell Q

    San Jose CA.


    Great for my 17" asus

    I'm currently deploying and needed a bag for my Asus. Researched endlessly online for a military ABU laptop bag with no success; they stated they could fit a 17" but struggled with my powerhouse machine. Then I found Slappa and was amazed at the simplicity, design, and coolness of the products. Totally fits my laptop and all the guys are wondering where I got that bag. Great note: when you get it in the mail and see that the bag has its own bag for storage, you'll be totally amazed. Never saw it coming!

    Lincoln P

    Live Oak TX


    Fits my Alienware m17x laptop and LOTS more

    I needed a backpack that could hold my Alienware m17x laptop, plenty of bottled water, snacks, and all of my school books for my 14 + hour days of work then class. This bag easily holds all of this with room to spare. It's pricey but its worth every penny

    Tim B.

    Durham, NC


    fits Macbook Pro

    My boyfriend travels a lot and likes to bring his MacBook Pro along with him. It was always a hassle to have to take it out of his backpack when going through security at the airport. I got him the M.A.S.K. backpack and since it's TSA approved, he couldn't be any happier!

    Beatrice C

    East Peoria IL


    Great for Asus G73

    Great (big) bag. Well padded and large enough to hold my Asus G73 series laptop along with my DSLR and lenses for travel. Perfect for what I wanted, which is harder than might be expected to find.

    Daniel R.

    Viginia Beach


    Top notch quality and customer service

    Could not be happier with this backpack. I bought 2, one for my ASUS G73Jh-A and one for my ASUS G73Sw and they both fit nicely with plenty of room to spare. Richard from Customer Service was extremely helpful and worked through a difficult situation to ensure I received the backpacks before moving country. Would highly recommend this backpack to anyone.

    Samantha and Eric

    Abbotsford, NSW Australia


    Something to hold my monster Asus G73 laptop.

    I only just got the MASK Backpack, but so far it is just what i needed - something to hold my monster Asus G73 laptop. I had many other bags and backpacks - all of which were too small. The laptop fits into this laptop slot with no issues and can hold a LOT of other stuff. I plan on using this for quick jaunts out when i need my laptop as well as my carry on for photo trips. I plan on getting a slimmer face for when i don't need the big pockets and looking into photo inserts to carry some lenses/camera bodies. I like the customization but i would have liked a few more options on the colors/inserts, but overall a big thumbs up!

    Heidi H.

    Streamwood, IL


    works well with my bad back

    As someone who has a bad back I love how I can carry a massive amount of gear in my MASK backpack with very little strain on my back.

    Aaron B.

    Staten Island


    nicest backpack I've ever seen- fits my 2 laptops with lots of room to spare

    I bought the KOA bag because I travel with two laptops and sometimes a gaming console. The quality of the backpack is awesome. The materials used are the nicest I've ever seen on a backpack and the price is spot on. I will definitely purchase some different "faces" to put on the backpack, the fact that option exists is a differentiator for sure. Customer service was spectacular. They called me the day after my order just to let me know one of the pieces might be backordered. The fact that they called me instead of just posting a status to my order for me to find out when the bag didn't show up really impressed me. Great job all around and I'm definitely a customer for life.

    Jake M.

    Mansfield Tx


    Great for traveling with ASUS G74

    I needed a laptop bag for travel, as I hop over to different countries frequently. What made this tricky is that I have the ASUS G74 which is a monster size laptop! The MASK laptop backpack was the only one I could find that offered the capacity and quality to fit my laptop. The bag has loads of space not only for the laptop, but for any other gear you may wish to fit inside. I am even able to fit my warm coat inside along with mouse, keyboard, power brick, headphones and more....stoked!

    Stuart F.

    Cary NC


    Slappa makes great products!

    I am a DJ in The San.Francisco Area, I play many undergrounds and outdoor events where I must carry my Cds.laptop headphones ect. often and sometimes a fair distance.....I am not easy on my gear. All the slappa gear I have purchased ie. cd cases, Headphone case and M.A.S.K. backpack has been extremely tough and a pleasure to use and the envy of so many who are not so properly equipped!

    Aaron C.

    camp meeker, ca


    a great backpack

    I really enjoy the various products that I bought from Slappa. The MASK backpack is great as it can carry everything I need for all my classes including my books, 17" laptop, and various other gear, it's fantastic. And I'm rough on all my things, and this really has a sturdy build.

    Sam B.

    Battle Creek MI


    easily the best backpack I've had

    I absolutely love it. I ordered the slappa M.A.S.K because I carry a laptop, multiple books, accessory for the laptop, kindle, and anything I might need. I had other bags but they just didn't work. If you put too much in one compartment the others were useless. However with the slappa it doesn't matter what you put in one space it does not affect the others. I use it for work, school, and when I'm out and about. I couldn't be happier. The quality is also fantastic. Thank you for creating the perfect bag for me!

    Adam D.

    Grinnell IA


    The Best Hands Down

    When I bought my Asus G73 I was faced with an overwhelming task of how to transport such a large laptop. I am an avid gamer and like to take my laptop everywhere I can. I loooked at the KAOA Mask and was blown away by the size and the veratility. When I got it I was even more amazed at the quality of workmanship and durability of this bag. I take it ever where. I am a Spappa customer for life and advocate for Slappa whenever I can

    Ben L

    Houston, Texas


    excellent quality backpack

    This product reminds me of a civilian version of a 3 day pack. I can keep an extra set of clothes, laptop, and school books and the backpack still looks presentable and not bulky.

    Ariel M.

    North Forth Myers Florida


    GREAT BAG for my Sager 7280

    Its a good product over all i use it for a sager 7280 laptop pack some clothes and other essentials when I'm off to visit people for a few days. Even walking for a hour and a half doesn't feel so bad wearing it on your shoulders. Then again this might be just me saying this because i walk mostly every where my only complaint is i wish there was a headphone jack in the book bag so i could listen to music easier then having to put it in my pocket but over all this is a GREAT bag to me it was worth purchasing

    Chuck D.

    Pittsburgh PA


    excellent for my G73

    I recieved a M.A.S.K. Laptop bag. It seemed pricey, but I needed a bag for my Asus G73. In fact, I never thought I'd pay more than $20 for a backpack. I was very pleased with my purchase. The call to verify my order was well recieved. The shipping was fast and the bag is amazing. I will definatelly buy again.

    Ian D.

    Alvarado TX


    excellent qualify and versitility

    The M.A.S.K backpack I bought is great. Exactly what I saw on the website, but it looks and feels much better in person of course. The versatility from school purposes, to gaming, to outdoors gives me a lot of options and frankly makes the purchase ALMOST completely worth it (found it a bit pricey). All in all, I'm glad I found Slappa and will be using their products with the utmost satisfaction; Thanks!

    Gabe C

    Foothill Ranch CA


    great, versatile backpack!!

    The M.A.S.K backpack I bought is great. Exactly what I saw on the website, but it looks and feels much better in person of course. The versatility from school purposes, to gaming, to outdoors gives me a lot of options and frankly makes the purchase ALMOST completely worth it (found it a bit pricey). All in all, I'm glad I found Slappa and will be using their products with the utmost satisfaction; Thanks!

    Gabe C

    Foothill Ranch CA


    excellent laptop backpack

    Excellent laptop bag. I needed an all around all purpose travel bag for my laptop and electronics and it is perfect so far. Sturdy and layout is allows easy access to all my electronics.

    Paul VT



    Fits a ton of stuff

    Between a laptop and school books I carry a lot of heavy stuff. None of my past backpacks could fit everything Slappa's MASK fits EVERYTHING!

    David N

    Belmont CA


    Overall, a great backpack

    I've posted a complete review with pics on my blog

    Josh J

    Lexington Park MD


    great backpack

    I bought a K.O.A. Mask Backpack and now i used it for work as a software engineer i use all the space for carrying my 16" laptop, mi lunch, computer equipment and more and i choose it because i saw all the great features and quality of this backpack. thanks

    Joel Z



    Awesome Backpack !!!

    Wonderful for travelling and for Geek people like me, everything fits on it, I'm fully satisfied and definitily i would buy another one, besides i had an issue with the shipping and in few minutes they solved all, excellent customer service. Thank You Slappa :)

    Joel Zuniga

    Mexico City


    Just Brilliant !!!

    Wonderful for travelling and for Geek people like me, everything fits on it, I'm fully satisfied and definitily i would buy another one, besides i had an issue with the shipping and in few minutes they solved all, excellent customer service. Thank You Slappa :)

    Joel Zuniga

    Mexico City


    Very happy with this backpack

    mask backpack which i purchased has an even better build quality then i expected. i know the back pack will last a long time. first day of school poured and backpack dried quickly as well and kept its shape. although not water proof it did last a while without getting my books destroyed but the rain prevailed(had to wait for multiple buses without umbrella) but that isnt the backpacks fault. padding and placement of pockets are top notch, makes everything easy to get to. shoulder straps could be better padded. with just my books my shoulders hurt after a bit and with the addition of my mythlogic laptop im sure it will only hurt faster. maybe i need to adjust it some more but additional padding wont hurt the product at all. the slappa logo in the middle of the backpack lands right on my spine which is nice as it is padded from the hard laptop that will eventually be there. my old nackpack, a swiss gear, had a lumbar pad that was glorious when weighted down with heavy stuff. the mask backpack could be even better with that addition as it marketed at the enthusiast market which undoubtedly carries beast laptops. how the mask front zips onto the main body of the backpack was excellently designed and i especially like how the zipper covers up the initial start point so it looks polished and complete. the inside pictures area nice flair and although i cant fully see the picture it is still nice to catch a glimpse of it while getting my books out. laptop compartment is well laid out and padded enough that i feel safe. customer service was incredible. Barb Beers was my case manager and i would buy her a drink if i met her. made me feel as though i was appreciated as a customer even after i made my purchase. that alone will make me sign slappas high praises and tell my friends about how good the brand is. i already started with my little brothers friends showing the backpack off and telling them this is how things should be made. i will gladly purchse another backpack from slappa even though i know mine will last a long time. its worth the money and investment. congratulations on making such a good product. ill do my best to help sell more

    Eddie C

    Westfield NJ


    Asus G74 proud owners- go for this capable backpack

    I basically wanted a laptop bag durable and comfortable to carry my new gaming monster- the asus G74. Initially i was in a dilemma whether the laptop would fit as the width of the G74 is 0.5 inches more than the bag. But it nicely fits my laptop, though a bit tight on both sides. All stiches, glued portions of the bag are perfect, the qulaity of the zips, handle, D-rings are extremely good. only i doubt whether the zippers and the hard KOA face would last long or not- only time would tell. I travel internationally, so the laptop compartment, opening fully, would definitely help in TSA checkout. The product could be better & would definitely beat the other rivals (beacon, targus, belkin, Orion) if few additions are made as-detachable shoulder straps, detachable waist straps and options to buy extra hard cover (MASK faces).

    Dipankar Bh

    Everett, WA


    Great for Asus g73

    Your bag is one of the few that fits my massive Asus gaming laptop. The padded pocket for the laptop is awesome, and there is tons of extra space for all my accessories, headphones, etc. Even when fully loaded, it sits well on the back and is quite comfortable. It could use a lap-strap to keep it settled while biking and shift the weight a bit.

    Nick V.

    Overland Park KS



    I am extremely pleased with my KOA. I am able to carry two desktop replacement laptops (only until I finish transferring files) without any discomfort and have found space for all the accessories I need to use on an average day. The only possible upgrade that I can think of at the moment would be a dedicated pocket for a laptop power supply, preferably on the side like my previous bag.

    Jared C

    US Military


    Another happy G73 user

    I ordered a SLAPPA KOA based on reviews given online and that it can fit my ASUS G73 gaming laptop. Few laptops bags, it seems, can fit it due to its unusual size. While the backpack will fit it, it is a bit snug, and I do wish there was a little bit more padding on the bottom. Overall, however, I am extremely pleased, and I hope the company will continue to keep up the good work.

    Keeping it anon



    looking like a turtle

    does this bag have the capability to adjust to a slimmer depth? I been looking at the velocity spider pro and I can't decide which to buy because I like the features of the KOA but don't like how far it sticks out even when its just a laptop and charger in the bag.

    A1C Gutierrez

    Hill AFB


    great backpack for riding

    Riding a bike to work with my Asus G73 in tow - fits like a glove.

    Robert J

    Harrisonburg VA


    superior backpack

    It was the only product that met my needs completely. The only other product with similar capabilities was the Targus XL and, correctly in hind sight before I pulled the trigger, your product was far superior.

    Robert S.

    Wellington Florida


    Really like the backpack, would like more conservative inner artwork

    I had recently purchased an asus g73sw laptop, and the MASK bag was basically the only bag to fit it. I like nearly everything about it, but i disliked all of the insert designs. I didnt buy this bag for fashion, and i think there should be an option for a plain or more "conservative" graphic insert. I could just take it out, but then it looks unfinished with the velcro exposed. Also, there was no way to tell much about the FACE portion of the bag, and again i would have picked one that looked and operated like a regular backpack if possible, but instead my only options were weird pockets that open in different directions. great job on the size and quality, as well as airport friendly

    Jonathan H

    Chandler AZ


    afer 2 months searching, this is my backpack!

    I needed something I could use everyday, work, school, travel... This backpack exceeds every expectation I have! As a student of industrial design I appreciate the attention to detail, comfort and quality materials. I spent about 2 months searching and researching bags, of everything i found; im very glad i made the choice to go with Slappa! I love it and hope on using it for a very long time! Thanks!

    Jesse J.

    Douglasville GA



    If you have a G73 and want to make sure that you have a complete bag, this is it. I am Military and use this as my civilian bag. I can fit my g73, battery, wall charger, cell phone with its charger, once complete set of clothes (including shoes) camera, keys and much more. It is durable to travel with a suite made just for you. Slappa is the only way to go!!!

    Jeremy Brown

    Hudson, NC


    extremely impressed!!

    I purchased the KOA MASK for my new Origin laptop, since they do not offer cases. I am extremely impressed with the quality and amount of available storage provided.

    Denver S.

    Osgood IN


    great for asus g73

    Got the backpack for th asus g73 laptop. Plenty of space for books and deck boxes as well-great!

    Jacob S

    Tiffin OH


    Great backpack

    I use it to carry around a laptop and class work, it has a kot of space, best backpack I could find to fit a Asus G73 and still have space for stuff.


    Waco Tx


    highly recommended

    I chose the product because I could not find another bag that would accommodate my laptop. I have the G73 and the video on the website was what tipped the scale. The face that I received was incorrect. I ordered the High Five and received the KOA instead, even though the shipping documents were accurate. After receiving and using the KOA, I admit that I am quite pleased. I was not able to correct the order due to immediate travel to Afghanistan, but the KOA face was great and after using it, I am not certain that the High Five would have been as convenient for me. The bag is very padded and rigid and has good pockets for organization. I would like to see another wall between the face an the main storage pocket. I work in Afghanistan and need a bag that has easy storage and it is very nice that the bag is TSA friendly so now I just have to unzip the laptop compartment instead of removing the entire laptop. I would certainly recommend this product to others.

    Phillip H.



    nothing out there like it

    Very well built, roomy. Like the designs and different choices to chose from. Haven't seen another backpack out there like this one. Now I'll have to make a second purchase because my son wants one.

    Marcus M

    Fayetteville SC


    Exactly what I needed

    I just got my new backpack and I couldn't be happier with it. I've finally found a backpack big enough to hold my G73JH with all my accessories and still have room for clothes. My only issue (although very minor) is that my massively oversized headphones make the bag hard to close when hanging them on the velcro hook in the back compartment. It closes just fine, but just a little to tight a fit for my tastes. This is my own fault and not really a complaint/issue about the backpack itself. I've just put them in one many other pockets to solve this minor issue.

    Rafael R.

    Lexington, KY



    I hunted for a week for a bag that could fit the ASUS G73 Notebook's unique shape/size, with very little luck. A laptop sleeve exists, but the AC Adapter can't fit inside - and the G73 has terrible battery life, so it's almost a requirement. A SLAPPA employee posted in a thread on a notebook forum where people were trying to hunt down a bag that fit the G73, and he/she stated that the next generation of M.A.S.K bags would fit the G73 perfectly. He/She wasn't lying. This bag is amazing! It easily fits my G73, as well as an XBOX 360, power adapters, headset, mouse, mouse-pad, and a bunch of other random crap. I find it hard to even fill the damn thing up. The craftsmanship and build quality is superb, and it's very comfortable. Well done folks!

    Sean I.

    Germantown MD


    Good quality

    Good quality, lots of space. Could use more organization or maybe a removable bag. My backpack wont stand on its own with the laptop in it it falls foward.

    Kevin P

    Winter Park Fl.


    Slappa Doesn't Hold Back!...

    I am recently the proud owner of an Asus G73 gaming laptop. After I purchased my G73 I found only the Slappa and one other Targus backpack would be able to lug this high performance machine around. I ordered the M.A.S.K. Koa Slappa Backpack and it houses my G73 nicely with extra room to spare for all of those college books. I am EXTREMELY impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of my new Slappa product. I can lug anything without compromising comfortability at the same time. A job well done Slappa! Keep up the great work!

    David Webb

    Clarksville, TN


    Best Backpack

    I'm constantly carrying around my laptop and mouse and all my cables to class with me along with books and it makes walking around campus so much easier. There is so much room and I don't have to ever worry about something not fitting like I did with other bags. Also instead of having to carry my laptop in my hand I know its being carried safely in my backpack. The design of the bag is awesome and I'm constantly getting compliments on it. I KNOW Ive finally found the best backpack out there.

    Matt F.

    Edison NJ


    Bingo! the perfect backpack

    I am using my M.A.S.K. KOA backpack with my Sager NP7280, one of the largest laptops out there right now, and it fits like a glove! Couldn't be any more thrilled with my purchase! Well worth the money for this quality product!


    Shelbyville, IN


    I could not be more impressed with the product quality and I am very demanding

    I could not be more impressed with the product quality and I am very demanding. This backpack fit my ASUS G73JW perfectly in size and quality. There are pockets that fit the laptop, the wireless mouse and keyboard, the cd/dvd case, assorted extra cat 5, HDMI, and USB cables, and also my digital camera with accessories, and cell phone. If I could change one thing about the M.A.S.K. Backpack, I would give it a few more internal pockets. I also purchased the hard case CD/DVD holder with the interlocking pages (an option I'm glad I selected) They put in the right amount of pages to fill the case without having to order more. Other companies might give you too few so that you would have to order more. Just an example that SLAPPA is a company that gives you as much as they can for your dollar instead of as little as they can for your dollar. It's the kind of thing that makes a company succeed in an economy like we have right now. I was also impressed at the literature that came with the order, it made me feel that I was getting a product that the employees cared about when they made it! Thank You for a product that I will not have to ever replace because there is something better!

    Steven Smelden

    Stirling City, CA


    I love it!!

    it fit my asus g73 nicely.


    Berlin, Germany


    Thanks for a great product!!

    My new slappa backpack allows me to carry my 17.3" HP laptop and every accessory I have; serato dj box, DSLR, Headphones, MP3 recorder, cables and whatever else I may need. I have no problems toting all thus gear comfortably while navigating San Francisco on my mountain bike

    Keyvan Hajiani

    San Francisco, CA


    Best Bang for the Buck!

    The Slappa Mask is a very sturdy backpack. In my attempts to "accidentally" drop the backpack, nothing is damaged, and the customization is also good. Secures laptops and game consoles, and even small desktops. Best bang for the buck.


    New York, NY


    Unique Bag Design

    I purchased the MASK KOA for my G73JH after reading Si3's review on notebookforums and I am not disappointed. The bag is not over sized and yet it feels like it has a ton of room. The material seems very durable too and not to mention the unique bag design.

    Allen DIlliplane

    Coal Township, PA



    I recently purchased the MASK KOA and the optional face for it. I'm going from a smaller, three compartment pack to this one, as my laptop is too big to fit in the older pack. I would suggest another alternate face, which could add a third, smaller compartment. It would add a different sort of flexibility which while cutting down on the large compartment's space, would provide another auxiliary compartment for storage.

    Jerold Manoram

    St. Augustine, FL


    So Good

    Using the backpack with an Alienware x17 R2. No real hard use, yet. However, the backpack is just as advertised.

    Robert Clark

    Trophy Club TX


    Wow! This bag is perfect.

    First off, this bag has a TON of space. The build quality is excellent. And the price isnt really much higher than some swissgear bags ive seen at target. This bag is better plus you can customize it. Shipping was real fast. I had a question after I ordered and figured id send an email and wait 2 days for someone to get back to me. But to my surprise 10-15 minutes later, I got a reply from the president of the company! Dominick truly gets it when it comes to customer service. I highly recommend this bag and this company.


    Boston MA



    My Asus G73 didn't fit so well inside my Swissgear Pegasus. So i need something bigger. It was awesome to find a bag that funtionality built into the design!!! I thought the Pegasus was great, I just didn't know what i was missing! I could literally carry my laptop, my Xbox360, camcorder, sh*t and everything else with room left for a ton more! And on top of that the bag doesnt even seem that big! I'll never settle for anything less again!

    Tim M.

    Sayre, Pennsylvania


    Perfect for ASUS G73

    Ordered KOA 17" backpack and 18" Matrix laptop sleeve; using both for an ASUS G73 laptop. Chose products because many G73 users suggested Slappa products based on their good fit with such a large notebook. I am satisfied with the fit, and with the quality

    James Sherwood

    NAPA, CA


    Slappa high five Backpack

    I the slappa high 5 backpack. I plan to use it to go back and forth to work. I will hold my laptop, lunch, and anything els in it that I need. I will be riding my bike, so it was important that I have a backpack that is durible, and big; i have a 17 inch laptop.

    Corbin Mattila

    Spring Lake, MN


    I'm absolutely thrilled with my new SLAPPA gear.

    im planning to use my Mask Backpack once i gotten myself a new Laptop which its gonna be huge 17inc above, i loved how you're able to customize the Backpack the way you like it like no others on the market and begin different from the crowd really makes you stands out.

    Patrick A.



    Even better then it looks on the site

    Placed an order on the US site, but it was out of stock. I recieved an email from Customer Service, suggesting that I use the canadaian site, and that it would also save me money on shipping and customs. Great Backpack and service.

    Robert L.

    Harrow ON


    very cool backpack

    My slappa (koa face) has been travelling with me across Europe. As of now it holds a 15inch Macbook pro (plus cables), A dell inspiron 15 (plus cables) a Logitech laptop cooler, a Lacie rugged, an access virus Snow (plus cables), a korg nano keyboard, a steel series siberia headset, my ipod and 2 cans of beer. And It still has plenty of room inside it. Its survived various cramped spaces, heavy rainfall and freezing temperature. Pretty cool.

    Gaurav M

    Jaipur Rajasthan India


    Great backpack!!!

    The backpack is great!!! Sturdy and holds a lot. A great purchase!!!

    Andrew P

    Loveland CO


    Pure quality and craftsmanship!

    I am currently (with extreme joy) using my SLAPPA backpack for carrying around my ASUS G73 laptop along with a bunch of college textbooks. My M.A.S.K bag can quickly fit whatever I need to carry in a snap. Tons of nice spacious pockets! The bags SLAPPA offers aren't the cheapest but they are honestly worth every penny. Pure quality and craftsmanship are worth the money. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.

    Ryan R.

    Centreville VA


    Better then other backpacks I looked at

    Carries my monster Asus G73 plus college textbooks with ease. Plenty of room and great quality. Strong but lighter material than other bags i could find.

    Dustin A

    East Alton IL


    Ultra-functional design!

    Very sturdy craftsmanship and ultra-functional design. This is the largest laptop backpack I've found and it will fit an Asus G73 laptop. Since they're going with the "Custom Build" concept I would have liked to see a lot more options for artist (or self-made) inserts as well as more face options. The inserts are unique and thoughtful but not quite my taste. The two faces available are useful designs but I'd just like to see more. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. I found it hard to believe a backpack could be worth more than $100 but I'm not regretting the purchase.




    Just what I was looking for!

    This is the laptop bag of all laptop bags. I needed a bag big enough to fit my Asus G73 in and I got what I asked for. Now I can carry my laptop, 2 3ring binders, 2 notebooks, and a 500+ page book in a single bag! And there's still room! Great for college students.

    Rebecca W

    Sandy UT



    My G73 fits perfectly. It's safe and secure. Nice touch with the zippers and the ability to put a lock through them. Like the ability to completely open it up. And loaded, it makes a great impromto workout. This bag will outlast the laptop and probable me. Awesome product.

    Charlie H

    Centennial CO


    Even better then I expected

    I needed a bag to hold my laptop securely and safely but also fit all my other stuff, since I travel and that is my only bag. The slappa bag I purchased is large enough to pack clothes for my international trip as well as keep my laptop safe and secure but easy to get to.

    Jennilyn B

    Flushing NY


    Totally Fantabulous

    I needed to find a bag that fit my G73... xbox 360.... misc hard drives and head phones this is it. I use this thing constantly and dont leave home without it.


    USS Abraham Lincoln


    Nice snug fit for my Alienware m17x

    Fits my M17X snug. Lots of room for all of my equipment, books, software. Strong, durable design. Would like to see padded pockets, maybe even an antistatic lined pocket.

    aaron p.



    Ideal for Gamers

    M.A.S.K. BAG: Large backpack capable of storing tons of equipment. Ideal for gamers with larger laptops and multiple accessories.

    Michael B.

    Toms River NJ


    highly recommended for asus G73

    I own an asus G73 and it was impossible to find a bag that it would fit in. Then i came across a chat forum and discovered Slappa. I am a college student so i need a comfortable bag that would notbe too heavy and wouldfit all of my equipment. Slappa was definitely the best choice for me and I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone.

    Paul D

    Medford MA


    exellent backpack

    I own an Alienware M17x-R2 and I wanted a good, sturdy backpack to keep it safe, that also looked good ;) Thank you for your product since there aren't many options outthere that fit this monster of a laptop while keeping it casual.

    Robert G

    Caguas PR


    Very Good Quality

    I chose it because my huge laptop fits in the padded compartment. I work in the Gulf of Mexico. Every two weeks my laptop is carried up stairs to a heliport on a platform over water. If the stap on my bag breaks when I'm headed to or from the heliport, my bag and everything in it is history. I don't worry near as much about this with your product. It looks to be made of very good quality.

    Michael S

    Villa Platte LA



    I am using it to carry my new Asus G73 laptop and it works perfectly!

    Edward D

    Jacksonville FL


    Great for the ASUS G73


    Andrew M

    Hollywood FL


    True to their word!

    This is a serious backpack. The build quality is second to none. It looks and feels like you're carrying a serious peice of gear. It holds my 17" MBP, Serato, Uberstand, hardrive, all cables, powercords, mixer (TTM56) with ease, and I still got room for lunch! Props to Slappa for doing it up properly!

    Markus S

    Toronto, CAN


    Asus G73

    This is the best Backpack for this laptop tons and tons of room for everything, built strong like bull! lol you can't find a better backpack then this for the asus g73 !!!! A++++

    Andrew M.

    Hollywood FL


    great for Asus G73

    I ordered the custom backpack. While searching for a backpack that would hold my Asus G73 laptop I came upon a review by a person who had ordered your bag for the same laptop I have. I was so impressed by the review that I went to your site and ordered it. I am very pleased so far.

    Jennifer H

    Marion IA


    Great Bag

    Use this bag to carry around my Alienware m17x and works great. Quality is top notch and plenty of padding all around the bottom and back panel. The numerous pockets allow storage for all of your accessories but at the same time I forget which pocket my items are in. One note: If you're flying, try not to pack too much in the large secondary pocket or it makes it harder to pull out your laptop in-flight.

    Steve C.



    Great quality

    Bigger and sturdier than I expected. High quality that keeps my items safe and still light enough and comfortable to wear. Just don't forget where you stash your stuff, because the amount of pockets, zippers, nooks and crannies can fluster you when you're in a hurry.

    Dom C.

    Los Angeles


    quite impressive backpack

    I was unable to find a backpack with the capacity for my ASUS G73 until a forum referred me to Slappa. I just got my MASK and have to say that I am impressed. A little tight in the laptop pocket but the G73 is a beast. Very roomy, well made and room for a couple of text books in addition to the computer. Can only recommend this to other people on the prowl for a G73 backpack.

    Dennis W

    Warren MI


    Seems like a great backpack

    I purchased the M.A.S.K. backpack. I am in the military and always on the move. I can carry an Alienware M17x with a controller and power brick, a XBOX 360 with 4 controllers and power brick. My Skullcandy Hesh's fit very well in the front pockets. I almost bought a Boa, however, I didn't see varying functionality in it . I had a Swiss gear but I went through it in a year we'll have to see how this stands up to it.

    Daniel V

    Lacey WA



    I just opened the box and filled my new M.A.S.K. Everything fit perfectly; my Alienware M17x beast w/ power brick, my Xbox 360 w/ 4 controllers and power brick, a 48 cd case and a random small tools box. Perfect for ANYTHING!!!


    Washington State


    Asus G73 Owners, Look No Further

    Anyone with the Asus G73 knows how difficult it is to find something to lug around your beast in, but this bag does the trick without breaking a sweat. I am currently using this bag to carry my G73, its power cord, a headset, extra mouse, two 500+ page books, some random CDs, and there is still plenty of room left in the bag for anything else I might need to carry. On top of holding everything (and then some), it is a very well built backpack. As soon as you get your hands on it you can feel that it is going to last for a very long time! I am very satisfied with my new backpack and definitely recommend it to anyone with more than just a laptop to carry around!

    Jason A

    Erie, Colorado



    M.A.S.K. KOA Backpack is awesome. Finally found a backpack big enough to hold my Asus g73 with room for extras. Bag looks very durable and well made. I love it.

    Ian F

    Lacey WA


    very well built

    Im using this backpack for my ASUS G73 and so far its a great fit except for the velcro holder on the laptop compartment that does no close all the way with that beast inside it, other than that this pack is very nice and well built... will buy again

    Elton L

    rowlett TX



    Wow, Just got my MASK today and I cant say enough about this bag. I was able to fit -- An Asus G73JH 17 inch Notebook, an Ipad, Power Brick for Asus, Panasonic Camera, Archos 5, 4 Chargers, a PSP and its car and wall charger, A Golf GPS, A Letherman, A Knife, A large screw Driver, A small set of laptop screwdrivers, A Box Cutter, A flash memory usb Reader, A sony DVD Burner, 2 Power Supply Testers, 2 Windows 7 CD's in slim cases, and an Astro Audio System with AS40 Headphones and the Mix Amp and all its cables. Way To Go Slappa!!

    Kevin B

    New Hampshire


    exceptional quality!!

    I was looking for a bag that could handle all the needs I had for holding my computer and also the extra stuff I need when I travel. The M.A.S.K. is exceptional in both quality and size. It works great for my needs and will easily work for others too.

    Aaron B.

    San Antonio



    This bag is totally pro. Top quality construction, great design, and tons of legit compartments for all your gear. I recommend this bag to all.

    Nate B.

    Brooklyn New York


    Killer looks and great construction

    I needed a larger backpack for my new oversized laptop. There were only about 4 packs on the market that would fit my laptop including the Slappa M.A.S.K. My big issue was I needed something that was not only stylish but did a great job protecting my hardware and had tons of space for other items. The M.A.S.K. not only delivered on all of the above but does so with killer looks and great construction and materials. This is my first SLAPPA product but definetly won't be my last.

    Brian M.

    Northampton PA


    Absolutely awesome

    I'm carrying a laptop, Serato box, 10-12 records, a Stanton Uberstand, a small MIDI controller, headphones, needles, 20 CD's, some assorted small bits, a pocket recorder and a flying squirrel in the bag. Absolutely awesome for a resident (3-4 show a week) DJ.

    Mike S.

    Potomac MD



    From what I understand, I'm the very first person who had this backpack shipped to them. I got the bag last is fantastic. I am really impressed with the bag. It was so worth the wait, Thank You. I think it will be a great addition to your products. I have been showing it off at work and I think you may get a few orders coming your way. I'll direct all the people I can to yourcompany. I know our Techy guys will love it when they get here today.

    Sean W

    Frisco Texas


  • The M.A.S.K. KOA Checkpoint Friendly 17 inch laptop backpack offers quality and features you will not find in any other backpack on the market. Starting with our patented M.A.S.K. technology, you can customize this backpack at the time of purchase and anytime down the road, with your choice from an array of outer faces and internal artwork linings. The M.A.S.K. KOA Backpack uses 1680D Ballistix nylon (puncture proof and water resistant) to ensure your gear is protected against the elements. The dedicated laptop pocket is sized to fit most all 17 inch laptops, is checkpoint friendly (meaning you can leave your laptop in the bag when you go through airport scanners) and has .25" of padding in every wall of the compartment (ultimate protection). And if that wasn't enough, we added 2 molded outer underbelly runners to provide even more protection if you should happen to drop the backpack. This KOA M.A.S.K. backpacks offer a lot of storage space and pockets - giving you the ability to easily store your laptop, a tablet, books, headphones a gaming console, and lots of small peripherals (phone, wallet, keys, passport, portable charger, etc). Additionally, the KOA face gives you a lot of additional storage in the 2 large outer front pockets, giving you the ability to store up to 6 cans of 12 oz drinks.

    The High Five M.A.S.K. is tested to fit the ASUS G74, Alienware M17x and M18xm Macbook Pro and the MSI GT683 (just to name a few).

    The most unique features of this backpack is that you can change the outer face anytime (change the look and functionality) or change the internal artwork lining. M.A.S.K. outer faces and internal artwork linings are available to be purchased separately.

    It's easy to build your M.A.S.K. backpack to suite your needs:

    1) Choose your lining- either Red, Blue and Black. All of which are rip-stop nylon

    2) Choose one of the custom inserts.

    3) Choose a face for your backpack. You can choose between a number of faces that best fit your style and functional needs. Again, with our M.A.S.K. technology, you can choose to have more then one face for your bag, and change the face to change your moods/needs.

    When you purchase directly from SLAPPA you are protected for life with a lifetime warranty. In the first year you have the product, any manufacturers defect is protected by a free "repair or fix" - where we either fix the product or replace it at no cost. Anytime after 1 year, FOR ANY REASON, if you have a problem with the product, we will replace it at 50% off MSRP (but please note you must have purchased directly from SLAPPA and it must be a replacement of a product).

    During the 14 years we've been in business we have won countless awards and accolades, including Best Laptop Bag Brand Award Best Laptop Bag Brand, but what really matters most to us is that we provide you with the best products and experience possible. If we can ever help or if you ever have feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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