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SLAPPA Stovepipe Backpack Black/Red

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    680D Nylon + ripstop poly with 680D nylon "jacket-flap"
    Dedicated .25" super-cush padded laptop compartment - Available in 16" laptop and 18" laptop sizes
    Cavernous 3.5 gallon "duffle style" main compartment
    2 inner pockets for hand-held devices, small gadgets
    4 outer pockets for storing small devices, keys, passport, wallet, etc
    Two hard-plastic underbelly strips for additional protection
    Super-cush padded shoulder straps with motor/cycle belly strap
    Product Specifications:
    16" Backpack size 18.5”(H)x14”(W)x8.27”(D)
    18" Backpack Size 23.6”(H)x14.57”(W)x8.27”(D)
    Weight (empty) 2.5 lbs
  • Great for giant laptops

    If you have a giant laptop like mine this is the bag for you. It is simply cavernous and will gobble up any dimensionally gifted device you have. Not only that but it has two straps so that you can spread the probably considerable weight of your behemoth across both shoulders (trust me, it's a good idea) and is made from strong enough material to take the strain. Another useful element is that is has a separate, cushioned section to house your colossus, although for some wider laptops you may not be able to close the flap... not a deal breaker for me but I suppose it could be for some. Add to all this the superior water resistance and the fact that it looks sexy as hell and it all adds up to quite the package, which is rivalled by very few. Quite simply this is the bag for serious laptop gamers, which is backed up by Slappa's incredible customer service, what more could you want?

    Ross M



    Amazing backpack by my first Impression

    I just got this backpack the 18 inch and it is amazing. my first impresstion about this backpack is that when you open the box it is huge. You have for pocket in the front and two of them are in the bottom which is very smallyou might not be able to put anything inside of it at all. Also to add you have another two zipper half way up that sip from the back to the side which it a good size, but the only down fall to it is that the pocket are not deep either, but what you can fit are cables, phones charger, headphones, etc.. anything that is small it well fit. Now once you open the top part the flap and undo the strap in the middle you can at least put a portable stirring wheel in the middle just an idea for any import cars people JDM. For the inside you have two pocket which you can have your phones or mp3 or whatever you want to put inside it will do the job. now across from it you have a big pocket for a gaming laptop or any other laptop or Ipad it will do the job or if not you can use it for gaming console for ps3/4, xbox 360 or xbox one just a idea for gamers. Now for the rest inside of the bag you have tons of room for anything for school, college, books anything this back will do it. overall this bag will do the job for any of you looking for a good backpack that can really help you in your life, because everything that I listed is exactly what I'm going to use this bag for something that is a ever day use of this backpack. Also just to add with this who would look the that Amazing warranty cover 365 add to any of there product one of the best for offering a deal with that. You guys got a new customer OOOO YEA!!

    James Her

    Milwaukee, WI


    Fits Asus G75VW 17.3

    I bought this Slappa backpack because it was one of the few that was able to accommodate the Asus G75VW 17.3" laptop. I bought the 18" version and I couldn't be happier. There is so much room to this thing and even with the laptop in there, you can still fit plenty of other things.




    great bike backpack

    I love how big the duffle type bag i got is! This is great for hauling on a bike

    Brandt F

    Arden NC


    fits my ASUS g75

    The SLAPPA stovepipe bag was probably about the 80th bag in my search for a backpack to fit my ASUS g75. After spending much time on tiger direct, newegg, and amazon to no avail for a backpack with good reviews I started searching further. This bag was one of four that came up under reviews as it would hold an 18" laptop. Two of the four where SLAPPA products. After reading the reviews I decided to go with the stovepipe for school reasons. I could not be happier with my purchase. It holds the G75 like a glove with plenty of room to spare while being too excessive. I will say that it is a LARGE backpack, but in no regards is it over cumbersome or awkward to carry. With an 18" laptop you expect to have extra weight no matter what, but the stovepipes shoulder straps are wide enough and comfortable enough that it is not bothersome. I am very pleased with the overall performance and the aesthetics of this backpack and am completely won over by SLAPPA as a company.

    Keith D.

    maple valley WA


    fits my G74SX

    Couldn't find a backpack that my G74SX could fit in till I bought this backpack!




    Fits Asus G74SX (College Kid's Review!!!)

    I'm currently in college and i wanted a backpack that could carry my Monster-sized Asus G74SX and still have room for my Binder, a 5 subject spiral, and 3-4 books. This bag delivers i put my Asus in a thin sleeve then slide it into the designated pouch. the Asus is about half an inch taller so the the velcro wont stick together completely, but its not a big deal. After putting my laptop books/binders in the Stovepipe,if i want to throw some more stuff in there like say a small hoodie or the charger i can stack it right on top of the books. (or use the two small pouches inside, i currently use one to hold my flash-drive, and wireless Mouse I use the external pouches to hold pens/pencils, and my Ti-83,they all fit in one pouch so i still have 3 more available to use. overall i love this backpack there's so much space and it looks nice i would definitely recommend this to a friend. oh and the waist,and chest strap are an added bonus i ride my bike to classes and once i secure both of these straps i don't have to worry about the backpack moving around too much, it keeps it in place.

    Brendon O.



    fits ASUS G74SX

    The bag fits my ASUS G74SX fairly well, but is a bit tight in the laptop sleeve. I have yet to find a real use for the exterior zipper pouches, but I'm sure that will come in time. The shoulder straps are quite comfortable for me and the bag doesn't bounce around or come loose when I am wearing it.

    Chris H

    Nixa, MO


    good for Asus G74sx

    I have the 18" version of this bag and it fits my Asus G74sx like a glove. this is a great looking bag and Barb was excellent at answering all my many questions when I called in. I recommend this bag and this company

    Andrew S

    Boston, Ma


    Great for ASUS G74

    we all read reviews on websites and know we have to take most with a grain of salt. When I was researching backpacks for my ASUS G74 I went to a trusted site ( and that is where I learned of Slappa. When I read the reviews on this site I thought "solid, but too good to be true". I called customer service and they were very nice, spent at least 15 minutes answering all my questions. I originally had the Mask backpack in my sight, but after asking them a lot of questions I went with the Stovepipe. This is a GREAT looking backpack with lots of storage space and a very --VERY-- well padded laptop section. I'm so happy with this backpack and the service I received. I'm still very interesting in the Mask backpack and the dvd cases. My experience gives me great confidence in doing business with Slappa over and over.

    Gary S.

    Tampa Florida


    Alienware m17x fits perfectly

    I've had this backpack for a little more than 2 months and I still love it. I've been to 2 LAN parties and at each I had 5-6 people drooling over this pack. It has so much storage, looks great and is very comfortable. I love this backpack and highly recommend it

    Mark T.

    Ann Arbor Michigan


    Great for Asus G73

    After going through multiple backpacks, I eventually discovered the Slappa Stovepipe. Only a few backpacks can handle the Asus G73 and this is one of them (so is the MASK bag, by the way). I chose the Stovepipe over the MASK because I haul a Mad Catz arcade stick with my laptop and that takes up a lot of space. I also use the Stovepipe when I go to a DJ gig since it carries my laptop, cords and Torq Xponent. My only complaint about the Stovepipe are the shallow pockets on the outside, you can barely fit anything into these tight pockets but there are four of them. The two pockets on the inside are great for my Razer Imperator and other cords. If you're looking for something with a lot of space, this is the bag for you.

    Jeremy V

    Palmdale CA


    Great for my Asus G73

    I am using this backpack for my Asus G73 - 17.3", none other bags would fit it and be stylish and very sturdy at the same time. Slappa is affordable, has the same quality as Crumpler bags and not as expensive! Very cool design, lots of space and great materials!!!! Plastic buckles and straps look a bit cheap, so may be get a better material for those. Otherwise, no complaints!!! I absolutely love my bag!

    Yuliya G

    Oakland CA


    Highly recommended

    this was my first Slappa purchase and I'm hooked. I have the 18" version for my m18x and its a great fit. Lots of storage space and looks GREAT!! Since using this bag I've now picked up Slappa cases for my headphones, DSlite and my dvd's. Great products across the board!!

    Michael P.



    Blown away by the product and the service

    you guys are rock gods to me!! Seriously, it's so great to have found a company that makes great quality products and offers such fast acting, personal service. I love this bag and love the fact that when I call I talk to people who work right in the office where everything takes place. I just wish you guys made these backpacks in the USA--maybe someday. Thanks for being a great company.

    Andy R.

    Hartford CT


    great for my g73

    I bought this for my g73 because I could not find any nice looking backpacks that fit it AND were under $100. I almost bought the Alienware Orion pack but I read about it ripping easily, and I thought this pack looked better. This pack is very lightweight, it fits my g73 and has good storage space.


    rancho cucamonga


    unique and very cool

    LOVE this backpack. Looks great, well made, lots of room and very light.

    Kevin M.



    Deep Pockets....

    Just got my Stovepipe and I am so glad I decided to buy this one. I was on the fence about buying a high-dollar bag like this, but I really needed one that could hold my laptop and all my gear for day trips and overnights. This backpack is like a suitcase. It holds everything I need to travel with and more. Plus it looks really cool. High quality materials and construction. Very much satisfied with my purchase.

    Jerry Pickens



    Excellent backpack

    I bought this at the SxSW show last month and it's a great bag. I use it back and forth to work on my bike and its comfortable, packs a lot of stuff and looks great. Also the guys at the booth were good people!

    Rodney S.

    Miami, Florida


  • The STOVEPIPE is a lightweight, rugged and protective backpack that offers tons of open storage space (great for books or clothes) and a super-cush padded dedicated laptop compartment. It's great for the college student, gamers and DJs, bicycle or motorcycle riders. Able to fit a laptop + lots of books, gym clothes, cords and mixers, the STOVEPIPE backpack is versatile, roomy and damn good looking! The laptop section features .25" of super-cush padding and two hard plastic underbelly runners provide additional protection for your laptop. On the outside of the backpack are 4 large "seamless" storage pockets ideal for lots of small gadgets and accessories including phones, GPS, Serato Box, phone chargers, pens, money, keys, passport, boarding passes and bottled water.

    When you buy directly from you get an extended 365-day warranty that provides you with repair or replacement of defective products.

    With high quality portable device protection like this, its easy to see why SLAPPA was voted the "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards. We continue to work hard to bring you designs, quality and service that is better than any other company out there!

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