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Pro-Tour Laptop Backpack
Fits 16 inch laptop + DSLR + Lenses

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Pro-Tour Laptop Backpack

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Price: $99.99
Color   Black Brown
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Water and tear resistant 1680-D ballistic nylon
Removable inner bag with customizable sections for camera lense, DJ gear and gamer gear storage
Fits Wii, x-Box and Play Station Gaming consoles + power bricks, headphones and joysticks
"Top Load" flap for quick and easy access
Padded laptop compartment for up to 15.4" notebooks
5 dedicated compartments for storing accessories and peripherals
Super comfort adjustable shoulder straps
Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty

When you see the name of this camera bag does it tell you what it's all about? PRO means it's built for professionals. TOUR means if you're on the move, this is the backpack for you. Simply put, this bag was designed after dozens of international trips to/from Hong Kong, and its intent was to make it the perfect "on the go" bag for those who wanted a roomy backpack in a very small footprint. The PRO-TOUR features a dedicated super-padded laptop section + a BIG MOUTH top flap that opens into a big open 1600 cubic inch main section. THEN WE WENT OVER THE TOP by building a removable inner bag that features movable inner dividers, making it perfect for photographers, DJ's and gamers (you can customize the dividers so they contour to whatever gear you are carrying). This camera bag can just as easily be a video or pro gaming backpack.

We then added 4 outer storage pockets for cords, gadgets and all that other "stuff" we all travel with and want to carry on the plane. Whoa, we almost forgot to tell you about the materials. How about ballistic 1680 denier ballistic nylon (the stuff they used to make flack jackets from), molded alloy zipper pullers, twill nylon inner lining, 5MM padding in every wall of the backpack and 2 plastic outer runners on the bottom of the bag to provide additional protection for your precious gear. If you are seriously considering this backpack we only ask you to do 2 things (1) go out and look for a better backpack at this price—we don't believe you will find one (2) once you do purchase the PRO-TOUR, make sure you are not gentle with it. While it looks docile, this puppy has teeth.

SLAPPA laptop/camera backpacks and camera bags are a comfortable and affordable way to carry and protect your laptop computer and/or your camera and video gear. Considering that a quality video equipment can often cost up to $20,000 or even more, you'll find that a quality SLAPPA laptop backpack is a great way to protect your investment and your data.

All of our products come with a 365-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

With high quality portable device protection like this, its easy to see why SLAPPA was voted the "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards. We thank our many loyal customers for their support in making SLAPPA number one!

Product Specifications:
Outer Bag Dimensions 12.5"(w) x 18"(h) x 10"(d)
Laptop Compartment Dimensions 12"(w) x 15"(h) x 2.5"(d)
Main Compartment Dimensions 12"(w) x 15.5"(h) x 5"(d)
Removable Gear Bag Dimensions 10"(w) x 15"(h) x 4.75"(d)
Weight (empty) 3.35 lbs
Removable Gear Bag Weight (empty) 1.10 lbs


Perfect for Camera!

I bought the Pro-Tour bag to carry my laptop and DSLR when I travel. Used it this past weekend and it worked out great! I like that I can take the camera bag out and put other things in there i need!

Chris T.

Orlando, FL


great for my DJ gear

I like the stylish look, all the compartments are convenient and holds all my DJ Gear safe and secure! I selected SLAPPA cause of the funky style and great reputation!

Martin G.

Henderson Nevada


Highly recommend this backpack

I ordered the Ballistix AURA PRO-TOUR 15.4" Laptop/Gear, Trekker Backpack because I was looking for a better way to haul all of my photography gear, my Xoom tablet, and a couple of gaming handhelds along with my while traveling. I needed something that better used the vertical space in my backpack and this was the best solution I could come across. I had never used a Slappa product before, so I ordered on a whim and I couldn't be more pleased. The backpack holds tons of equipment and the weight is balanced perfectly. I can bring along my DSLR camera with several lenses, a Nintendo 3DS, a PSP, a Kindle, a Motorola Xoom, and chargers/accessories/games while still having room for more stuff. I would highly recommend this to anybody that has a lot of gear to carry around and they're looking for a good backpack for traveling.

Jeff R.

Centerville UT


great backpack-very worth the money

I came to know Slappa at the SXSW show and was immediately impressed with the products and the people. I bought this backpack at the show because it seemed to be excellent quality and had lots of storage. In the 2 weeks I've had this backpack I can easily say it's the best bad I've ever had. There are so many smart storage areas in a small footprint, I've used it every day going to/from work with my laptop and gym clothes and sneakers, and this weekend I loaded the inner bag with my camera gear and the rest of the backpack with 2 days of clothes. It was perfect! I'm very happy to have found Slappa and hope to see you all at SXSW again next year. Highly recommended

Gregory H



Very high quality

Needed a large backpack for my High School Sophomore. Wanted a pack that could be used for several years, and even though the price was a bit higher than the competition, I am very satisfied with the pack and it appears from the quality it will be used for many years to come.

Brian S

Bend OR


Excellent backpack

I was on the fence as to whether or not I should buy this bag, because of 2 of the below review. I took the plunge because I knew I could return the bag if I didn't like it. Well I'm keeping it!! I really don't understand what John K is complaining about below. I'm on the road all the time and this bag is excellent for short trips. the laptop easily slips into and out of the front pocket when I'm going through the airport (really bud, it's "difficult" to pop open the clips for the flap?). As a native New Yorker I know a thing or 2 about pick pockets, and every pocket on this backpack has zippers (with what seem to be very strong metal pullers), so I don't understand why he says it's a dream for pick pockets. Anyway, this bag is excellent from the quality of the nylon material to all the padding throughout the bag. I was able to fit 3 days worth of clothes +a pair of shoes, my laptop, Blackberry, travel docs, dop kit and Bose noise cancelling headphones in this bag--and when you see it in person, it's a small backpack. I give this a solid 10 rating and think it's a great little backpack.

Barry L.

New York NY


I'm Bringing it!!!

So Slappa, you think you can hang with the big boys.. My last backpack lasted me for 5 years and over 30 trips to Asia.. At first look, The Aura PRo Tour looks good. The things I liked about it were that I can put all of my electronics and charges, cables, and crap in different pockets. Which is great news. The 2nd thing I liked was that if fit my laptop with the protective sleeve I also purchased from you. Here are the cons: The reflective tape, lose it.. I do not wish to stick out in the night sky. Wish the laptop pocket was accessible without having to unsnap the front flap. This is hard to deal with in the TSA security lines.. Especially in different countries. It would be nice to have a separate zippered pocket just for the passport and plane tickets. Also a need for the zippered areas to have some security built in to them. I will be traveling soon , so I will continue with another update upon my return. :-)

Tony Mitchell

Colfax, CA


lots of features

The Slappa backpack I purchased has more features than expected. Reviews which claim the balance of the bag were completely accurate - it is extremely comfortable to wear. Both the laptop pocket and the storage pocket are padded and protect well. The backpack seems to be big without feeling big. When I purchase a backpack, I aim for something that looks unique. I like design that is conservative enough for business but loud enough for social time. This backpack fits both completely.
I like the logo and unique designs on your backpacks and laptop cases. They have a hip/trendy look but are still nice enough for business use. This is something almost nobody else does...I spent a lot of time looking.

Charles C

Carrollton Texas


Great backpack

The Aura Pro-Tour backpack I got is great. What I actually like the most about it is the way it distributes the weight when fully packed. Plenty of compartments for my gear as well. The one thing I had trouble with at first though was fitting my camera body in the case with the battery pack on. Had to adjust the partitions a bit.

Neil H.

New York



I wrote a review of the Ballistix AURA PRO-TOUR on the Slappa website but it was ignored and not posted. Probably because I was not satisfied. I spent over $100 for a bag I cannot use. I travel internationally several times a year and I need a bag that I can lock. This bag is a pickpocket's dream with easy access to everything. I cannot trust my valuable electronics in this bag when I have to go to the restroom on a plane or go through busy airports or train stations, especially in third world countries. I own and have loved the VELOCITY SPYDER, even though it has its own quite obvious design flaws. It needs compression straps because it blows out when loaded. It needs a nylon interior with the soft material only on the inside of pockets. Velcro snags on everything inside the bag. And the most serious problem of all that led me to try a new bag is that the stitching where the straps meet the top of the bag tear out and fray. I've seen this same complaint online from other users so I know its a problem that needs to be addressed. The shoulder straps are great, but the top of the bag needs serious reinforcement. The straps on the Ballistix AURA PRO-TOUR are absolutely terrible and with the plastic reflective piping are very uncomfortable. Slappa makes some fine products, but I really have to wonder about the design engineers. It's impossible to design one bag with features that will satisfy everyone, but I think it would be obvious to avoid points of poor construction, ill fitting straps, and lack of understanding about how the bag will behave when loaded. I raved about the Velocity bag for years and prompted others to buy it. Now I feel let down with my wasted purchase of the Ballistix AURA PRO-TOUR. I still need a new bag. I have considered buying a new Velocity bag, even with its problems, but after losing so much money on my last purchase I'm looking at other manufacturers. Perhaps a credit or replacement of my damaged Velocity Spyder would change my feelings. At some point I will take the time to write some reviews on websites that will actually publish my comments, such as SLAPPA comment: (a) we post all reviews (b) the design flaws on the Velocity bag were fixed in early 2009 (c) We use on every pocket of the Pro-Tour bag, zippers to open/close the pocket and not velcro flaps, and did this specifically for security.

John K

Tucson Arizona


Wonderful Product!

First of all, I am extremely happy with the Pro-Tour Backpack. I have owed multiple laptops and many different cases and bags to transport them. So far, this is quite possibly the most versatile of the lot.I am a traveling electronic musician who typically carries a large amount of gear when I travel around the US and other countries. This bag has allowed me to consolidate a large amount of my equipment and use it as a carry-on in airplane travel. The padding inside of the bag is very high quality and the support when carrying is far less uncomfortable than the single shoulder satchel-style bag that I have been using for the past 5 years.Currently, the items that I have been able to contain in the Pro-Tour Backpack are as follows:ASUS G50v-X2 Notebook -

Christian T

Nashville, TN


Almost Perfect

I bought the Ballistix AURA PRO-TOUR. The pack is great. I thought it would be more cumbersome. It's actually easy to use and carries very well when the chest strap is used. I chose it over other products because it seemed that more attention to detail was paid in designing this pack than much of the competition except those at a much higher price. All in all, I got it because I thought it was the best deal without spending a fortune on a backpack. A couple of things that would be nice, but not necessary would be the addition on some stiffening material (like an internal frame of sorts) in the main compartment. The reason being is that if you remove the 'inner bag', and have the main compartment empty (or mostly empty), the pack can sag just a bit, folding slightly (horizontally) at the middle of the vertical. Also, a padded, load-baring waist strap would be nice when the pack is full of heavy gear.

Brian K



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