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SLAPPA d2i DVD Storage Box

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    Scalable solution, fits on shelves
    Label windows for cataloging collections
    Now includes Box Top to protect against dust
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    Dimensions 6.62"(w) x 9.75"(h) x 12.62"(d)
  • BLU-RAY Compatible

    Excellent storage

    Saves tons of space, love the pages. excellent quality. also when I ordered I called in to ask questions and they were very helpful. the man who helped me was super nice, told me he was the owner of the company - made me feel good to know I was talking to the person at the top.

    Nancy C.

    Brooklyn, NY


    Absolutely the right decision

    I researched a few options for DVD storage and went with this one though it was a bit pricey. I am thrilled with the result - advice: if you don't own a paper cutter, getting one will speed up the process as you will have to trim most covers. I chose to load front and back of each holder and loaded them in an A-F front to back and then G-M going back to front so that one only needs to spin the box around to continue searching. I could have used at least one more pack of holders - it is definitely worth taking the time to count your DVDs, noting which are 2 or more disc versions, and having a plan - I was a bit slapdash with it so there are some not quite sequential folders. Really a terrific solution and I really appreciate the quality of the products!! Oh! And they were shipped really quickly and well packed!!


    Austin, TX


    Saved me 5 feet of space

    I recently bought the d2i and d3i ($200 worth) and absolutely love love LOVE your products for my DVD movies! I was so happy, I went ripping through my DVDs and getting rid of more than 5 feet of DVD movie cases that I even started putting my TV series into the d3is.

    L. Fremit

    Ontario, CA


    1200+ DVD's in half the space

    I've tried a few other boxesfrom other companies and I think there are better boxes out there, but the d2i system as a whole is easily the best I have found. I've used disc sox and case logic and others - quality, ease of use when I travel with the kids - these pages are the best. This box and the d2i pages work with the 90 dvd case with d2i page - both are well made- I really like the 90 case. But again, its these pages - material and stitching make it feel like a real page vs the other stuff I've seen and tried.

    Casey P.

    Springdale, MD


    Great storage system!

    My husband and I have a lot of movies - DVD and blu-ray. We have nine of these boxes so far and need more. They hold a lot of the movie sleeves! We try to match movies (front and back) that go together well, and have several categories.


    Washington DC


    Sleek/clean space saver option

    I bought a couple of the the DVD storage boxes and both sleeve types a while back- I am completely happy with all the products and will purchase more in the near future. I didn't have much trouble inserting the dvd covers, but some were a bit 'snug' than others. Saves me a ton of space and makes my media area looks great!


    South Jersey Shore


    Gained So Much Space!

    my husband and i were recently married and he moved in with me. combining our two households in a small location, with over 2000 DVDs, we desperately needed new storage solutions. Using the storage boxes and the d2i and d3i made a HUGE difference. we gained so much more space. thank you so much!

    Nicole L

    Minneapolis MN


    Great for saving space

    I purchased the DVD box and the sleeves. It definitely saves space! I am moving and I wanted to store my favorite DVD's safely while they are in storage, then the actual move. I did have to trim my title cover to fit sleeves properly, but it wasn't a big deal...looking forward to using the product after my move!

    Teri M.

    San Clemente CA



    I purchased two DVD cases to try them out. Our family loves them. They fit the DVD and the cover very well, even the extra DVD fits well in the front pocket. We pruchased the ds pages and they are great till you get to the very back. It takes some patience to get the covers in those holders, but still a great product.

    Christy M.

    Rio Rancho, NM



    I purchased the d2i storage boxes with both the d2i and d3i pages. I was very impressed with the promptness of product delivery. My husband and I have had jacuzzi tub filled with bags of DVDs since reorganizing our closets. I gave up hope of ever taking a bath again until I found your product. I had no idea how many we actually owned and just ordered more d2i boxes and pages to complete our project. We now have neat and organized boxes on cabinet shelves with all of our DVDs and I have an empty tub :o) Thank you!

    Virginia K.



    great for saving space

    The concept and design are great, and it really meeting the objective of saving storage space. highly recommended

    Wilson C.S.



    great space saver

    The concept and design are great, and it really meets the objective of saving storage space.

    Wilson C.



    saves 90% of space

    I had 3 bookshelves full of DVDs, I searched for awhile to find a product that would condense the space used but retain the artwork for the movies. That's when I found Slappa! I ordered a test group first, to see if the product stood up to the reputations that I found online. I received the order in a timely fashion and found that the sleeves saved what seemed to be 90% of the space! The following day I ordered enough sleeves and boxes for my entire collection. I'm very happy with the product. The only downside that I find is that the material that the boxes are made of do not like to let go of cat hair that gets on them!

    Tim D

    San Francisco


    Great space saver

    Wanted a better way to store my growing DVD collection without the cases that take up so much space-- these boxes and pages work great.

    Joseph B

    Wayne NJ


    Space saver

    These boxes are a great space saver. I had 500+ dvd cases that took up almost a whole wall. Using these cases freed up some much needed space. Super sturdy design. Great boxes to store just about anything.


    Fayetteville, NC


    great organization

    I like the dvd stoage boxes and d2i/d3i sleeves. The sleeves could be a little wider. U have to fold the movie jacket to get them to fit...but otherwise they work great. It provides a neat and orderly way to store a large collection.

    Chris B

    lexington sc


    Really like the slide rails

    Using the boxes and sleeves for my DVDs and CDs. Didn't really need the portability (cases) right now but I can always pull out the pockets and slide them in a portable case later. The pockets are what makes this product so flexible. Really like the slide rail knowing I have that option.

    Danny G



    Nice, neat and organized!!

    Finally got tired of all of the CDs and DVDs taking up so much space in the basement. Ordered boxes for both and the sleeves. The messy stacks (and ugly old IKEA storage racks) are GONE, replaced by nice, neat, organized boxes. My only regret is that I didn't order enough! I'll definitely be back for more and will recommend to friends.

    Kathleen M

    Baltimore MD







    good but not great

    I purchased the DVD sleeves and storage box. Everything is great about them except for two things: first, the material on the exterior of the storage box is a felt-like material that acts almost like a lint brush. In other words, it magically attracts all the cat hair in my household and loses its clean look quickly. A smooth exterior would have been preferable. Second, the sleeves end up very top-heavy in the box, particularly for the sleeves made for 2-DVD sets. This isn't a huge issue, but if there were a way to more evenly distribute the DVDs in the box it might allow for better balance, better fit, and possibly even more DVDs fitting in one box. (My first thought, whether this would work or not, would be to have sleeves where one side has the DVD slot at the top, and the other side has the slot at the bottom. Not sure how to make that work and still display the cover art, but if you can come up with a method it would be an improvement.)

    Geoffrey M

    New Canaan CT


    I really like this product

    Really like the product - ordered one box for DVDs and one 2dsi covers...loved it and ordered d more. Love the fact that storage now takes up much less space than before. Have more shelf space to use for something else.

    Kathy F.

    Greenville SC


    It works p!!erfect

    I bought the d2i DVD Pages for all of my burned copies and the d2i DVD Storage Box to keep them in. it works perfect!!

    Candice Cameron

    Arundel, ME


    It works perfect

    I bought the d2i DVD Pages for all of my burned copies and the d2i DVD Storage Box to keep them in. it works perfect!!

    Candice C

    Arundel, ME


    I needed to consolidate a ton and this fit the bill

    I am using the DVD boxes and the D2i and D3i to create a library out of 1,000 plus DVDs. I wish the d2I and D3i would hadle the DVD insert when it is folded in half. I have to fold in the 'spine' of the insert and that makes it a little thicker and a little harder to fold correctly. But that is the only issue. Every thing else is just perfect.

    Brad E

    Mineral Point, WI


    Love the Clean Look of this System!

    I had all my DVD's in books. This was a pain as the pages would come out of the book and multiple books would be laying around. The Slappa DVD storage boxes and sleeves work great as now I only have the one sleeve out at a time. I like that they added the lids, it makes for such a neat and clean look. I just would like to be able to buy the lids separately for all the boxes I bought prior to them adding the lids. Great product all around!


    Montrose, CA


    Perfect for reducing clutter

    I wanted to reduce the clutter in my house from a lot of DVDs and CDs. The Slappa products work perfectly to keep them all ordered and accessible without in a much smaller space.

    Cassandra F

    Aurora CO


    My whole collection is stored nicely now!!!

    Purchased the DVD storage 90 and filler sleeves. Fabulous that it holds so many and with the cover art. Also, the DVD storage box and filler sleeves. CD 40disc + CD Storage boxes and filler sleeves. I just love all the products! Will be back for more. They are so far above anything out there in the way of superior details and construction. They hold so many DVD/CDs. I like that you can change out sleeves from them too. Better products than others I have purchased in the past. My whole collection is stored nicely now. Thanks!

    Carolyn S

    Cave Creek AZ


    Great Idea - Almost there

    Finding space for 400 DVDs has always been a problem for me, and the Slappa case and pages solves that problem to a tee. The main problem I have is that the box and pages are about a half inch too narrow. You cannot fit the DVD into it easily, in fact it is near impossible. Another 1/4" on each side would do the job. Now I am copying all my inserts at 94%. Using Lots a Ink. This also does not address the cardboard case the WB discs use. That one is a must to copy, but that is only aboujt 1/4 of my collection. It would also be nice to have an extra little insert on the clear front for a numbering system on the Pages. I would also suggest pages with one disc insert on one side and 2 disc inserts on the other side. And Frankly I do not see the point of the interlocking page system? May someone can explain how this is used? All in all (despite my complaints) this is a good system. So far I have found nothing better.

    Bill Mann

    Los Angeles, CA



    I use these for my hard to find DVD's but also store my important papers, checks, stamps, passport. Not only does it all look clean and organized, it also is safe. Love these produts.


    New York Ciry


    almost perfect

    I purchased the 2di sleeves and 3 di sleeves and boxes and a case. I like the idea of the case - that's where i put all my daughters games. That way she can take them to her friend's house. I like the boxes because it makes my shelf look neater. The only thing I don't like about the boxes is the felt - collects dust easily

    Janice B



    System is excellent; Description of size

    Positives first: the sysytem is excellent and solved our problem almost immediately! Our DVDs are protected and well-organized into a system we controlled with the dividers and labels that WE named - very unique idea!We had almost 400 DVDs in their original sleeves and collection-boxes. When we purchased a new, black glass TV stand and glass shelving for other items in the living room, it looked more like a DVD rental store than a living room. I knew about SLAPPA CD cases from my younger nieces and nephews and had seen and touched them while traveling in their vehicles, so I had no qualms regarding ordering the black boxes to store the DVDs. I ordered 6, and also several pkgs. of 50 inserts, and 1 box of 100 (I should have ordered more 100's, but it is working out, as you really can get 2 discs into each of those roomy pouches if you protect the back of the first one with tissue!)The order arrived in 5 days including the weekend! That's fantastic!My shelves are 9- 11/16ths high. Your description says the boxes are 9.44 in. high (less than 9-8/16). HOWEVER, now that you include the box-TOPS, you have not changed your description of the HEIGHT of the boxes, which are now - guess what? 9-11/16th inches high! Now I have had to literally jam the boxes onto the shelves, wedging them into the space between the fixed shelves! I can hardly get them back out!! You really need to adjust your measurements in the description. (And, it is great to have the lids!)Your CD cases are hard and/or rubbery/leathery. These black boxes are very soft and HAIRY! They pick up dust and bits of paper like magnets! We have three CATS, and I am already vaccuming the fronts of the boxes for cat hair daily! THAT is what's diasppointing - that they are not the same material as your other wonderful items! Still, they have contained our collection into a very neat row of (hairy!) black boxes under our entertainment center, and it looks like a vision from IKEA! Thanks so much for this vertical system - just let me know when you change BACK to the hard cover, and I will order more!

    Dorothy Gessman

    Warwick, New York


    the best dvd storage solution

    The D2i DVD boxes are some of the best DVD storage solutions I have used to date. Not oly are they sturdy and well manufatured they also look awesome. The D3i sleeves are just perfect when dealing with large box sets and allow for a maximum of 140 DVDs per box which is great for people like me that have close to 1000 DVD and bluray disc. The hardbody DVD 90 cases also look the part and give me the flexibilty to travel with al large portion of my collection through the addition of the D2i locking system within the folders. Im so happy with my purchase I have already placed a second order for more Storage boxes and sleeves for my collection to come.

    Richard B

    Prahran Vic, Australia


    almost perfect product

    I ordered 4 of the DVD storage boxes and 2 of the 50 DVD Pages and 1 of the 100 DVD Pages. The products worked out great and the dvds fit beautifully in the sleeves. However, I think you should make where you put the DVD cover just a bit wider so that it is much easier to slip in. Other than that, it was a near perfect product. It worked out so well, my sister even put in an order for some of your products and she is a hard sell, so my hat is off to you.

    Florence P

    Stamford CT


    very well constructed

    I purchased the DVD storage boxes. They store a lot of DVDs in a very small space. The boxes were well constructed and the perfect size to fit on my entertainment center shelves. The inserts are also well made.

    Lauren B.

    College Station, Texas



    I purchased the DVD and CD boxes with lids. The product is not described as being a fuzzy material. In the pictures it looks like a matte finish to the box. This material will collect pet hair and dust and I would not have purchased it knowing this is how the box was constructed.

    Carrie Hunter

    Chicago IL


    great organizer

    Got the DVD boxes and sleeves to cut down on living room clutter. Works great!

    Mark Y.

    Raleigh NC


    Excellent Quality

    I have started the process of getting rid of as many of my DVD jewel cases in my ever growing library. Your products are of excellent quality and value. Just two problem areas that I've run into so far. One is that the storage boxes are too long for my shelves so I will have to place the boxes ''long-ways'' on them. Could an additional label pocket be added to the boxes (on the side) or possibly have a ''movable'' one used instead of the ''fixed'' one on the end. Either one could be accomplished easily since ''Velcro'' will stick to the box fabric. Secondly, I bought the sleeves that will hold 4 DVD's. Could an additional pocket be added (front & back) to accommodate another title page?

    Jeff B

    Winston-Salem NC



    Slappa DVD storage sleeves and boxes perfect replacement for mass collection of DVD cases, etc.

    Kenard P.

    San Francisco, CA


    Very clever system

    Best system for condensing the space used up by my over 500 DVD collection. It meshes well with the Collectorz program I use to keep track of my movies. Love the 2 or one pocket double sided system. Very clever. I like being able to keep the DVD covers and iniside materials with the DVD.

    Audrey F

    Minden NV


    Saves lots of space

    Easy for my kids to use and saves much space

    Noah A.

    Dallas, Tx


    Space savers!!

    I purchased the d2i DVD storage box and I couldn't be happier. The only con with this product is the lack of a lid. However, I was able to clear my shelves of sloppy looking DVD cases and put them all in one place. You guys are the best!

    Kevin H



    Excellent solution

    You have solved my problem in storaging 400 DVD's and over 500 CD's in a most elegant way in an orderly manner. Thank you.


    Boca Raton


    I'll be ordering again, excellent products

    I use the Slappa Computer bag everywhere! It is one of the few that take into account the accessories that are needed use a laptop on the road. Having the dedicated pouch for the power brick is a HUGE PLUS.


    Waterford, Ct



    I like the DVD case because it holds a large number of DVD's but takes up very little space. I like the look and feel of the case and I find the appearance matches basically any decor. The only thing I wished it had was a cover to keep out dust, but it's not a big enough deal to make me dislike the product. It does exactly what it was designed to do: keep DVD's safe while taking up as little space as possible. I will definitely be back to purchase more.

    Michelle M.

    Katy, Tx


    need to make lids for these boxes

    These boxes are great but need lids. Dust is a big problem for most folks and is the deciding factor for NOT purchasing this system. I hope lids will become available before I purchase another box system.


    Reno, Nevada


  • Our d2i DVD Storage Boxes fit conveniently on shelves and in entertainment cabinets. Each box holds at least 35 d2i or d2i pages. As your DVD collection grows, this storage system can grow with it. In addition, the same d2i and d3i pages can be swapped in and out of any d2i DVD Wallet.

    - Please note that the d2i boxes do NOT ship with pages. You can purchase d2i and d3i pages separately.
    - Each box DOES ship with a lid (helps protect your collection from dust). Boxes are delivered pre-assembled so all you need to do is set them up, move your discs into d2i or d3i pages and then place the discs in your storage boxes. You'll be amazed at how much space you save with these boxes.
    - Holds at least 35 d2i/d3i DVD pages

    This Case is perfect for anyone looking for portable storage for their DVD collection.

    Slappa is a world leader in innovative DVD storage solutions. Our Patented DVD cases, DVD Sleeves and DVD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best DVD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. All of our DVD Cases, Sleeves and and DVD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

  • 25 d3i DVD Pages
    $28.79 | 
    d2i DVD Storage Box Divider Set
    $6.39 | 
    90/90 HardBody DVD and Video Game Case (Black Wave)
    $51.99 |