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SLAPPA HardBody PRO Laptop Case

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    Fire, water and shock resistant Duro-Shock xEVA shell
    Honeycomb frame for maximum shell stabilization
    15.4" or 17" padded laptop storage compartment
    Stylish ballistix nylon finishing and comfort shoulder strap
    Dedicated compartments for storing laptop accessories
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    17" Outer Case Dimensions 19.2"(w) x 15.5(h) x 5.51"(d)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 18.5"(w) x 13.25"(h) x 2.75"(d)
    - Main Compartment Dimensions 18.5"(w) x 13.25"(h)
    - Weight (empty) 7.7 lbs
  • Great, sturdy case!

    Lots of room. The current pictures do not show the spacious interior of the case. The main laptop section is well padded. There is an interior divider with a pocket and flap that can hold pads of paper, papers, etc. There are three other pockets on the top of the case. One extends across the top and the other two divide the length. These three pockets have plenty of room for AC adapters, cables, mice, and other assorted items. The case is a bit bigger than a normal briefcase.

    Kellam Martin



    great case but one flaw

    The SLAPPA HardBody PRO Case is great in every way, except when it comes to case literally standing on it's own it doesn't. It keeps tipping over and falling on it's side. This case is definitely WIDE enough, but you didn't put EXTRA hard-rubber diamond feet for extra protection on the entire WIDTH (not length) of the case so it can stand on it's own. Putting that little bit in the center actually now encourages the case to continue falling on it's side. Other than that, it's a good case. I wish you could find a way to ship some extra hard-rubber diamond feet to me so I can attach it myself where it needs to go so this thing can finally stand up.

    Ladislao M.

    Missouri City TX


    Great for Asus G74

    Quick review of similar products determined that this was the best one for my laptop ASUS G74S. The only drawback was that they do not include foam to fill in the extra space in the main laptop bay. I had to use the one from my previous case

    Jeff K.

    San Diego CA


    Asus 17" (18.5" body) Laptop

    The HardBody PRO Black Wave 17" Laptop Case fits my Asus 17" (18.5" body) Laptop. This is the only case I found that did fit. There is room for all the extras, Cord,Mouse,Extension Cord, with room for papers and extra battery. Well padded. Only con was that it had a small flaw on the outside of the case but that is minor. This is not a small laptop so the weight is there but this handles just like a case with the handle, and looks like a case.

    Paul H

    Carlsbad CA


    Great for Sager 9370

    The bag is great! Very tough and plenty of room for my Sager 9370, huge power brick, and all peripherals. Only thing that isn't perfect is the case is extra wide to accommodate 18" laptops so even when mine is strapped down it can slide left to right. To remedy it I tuck the power brick beside it but because it's so big it interferes with the center divider. Not a huge deal since it works, but not perfect.

    Mark M.

    West Melbourne, FLA


    Good but not great

    I like the 17" laptop case I bought because it has good room for the computer and accessories, but it has a major flaw in that it does not stand up like a traditional briefcase. When traveling, I need my laptop case to stand up on its base end like a briefcase. This is necessary when waiting in lines, waiting for baggage, and in airport restaurants and waiting areas.

    Robert R



    great for my laptop

    I bought the hard body pro black wave. I'm barely 5'5 ft tall So this case is a bit large for me, but it's great for my laptop which is what I wanted. I live in Seattle/bellevue and commute by bus so it was imperative to find a waterproof and sturdy case! I wish the shoulder padding was a bit longer tho. I also bought a sleeve for my laptop when I'm not using my case and it even fits inside the hard body just swell. I love the compartments so I can just put my folders, USB , chargers and pencils all in one case. I know this case will last me all thru college


    Bellevue WA


    Professional looking and kicks ass!

    I'm a New York Life agent and I need to carry my computer with several important papers and notebooks. The slappa hard body pro is awesome because it holds everything and looks professional. It also kicks major amounts of ass!

    Patrick M.

    Hixson TN


    Protects my investment

    After investing a good deal of money on my recent lap top purchase , I did a great deal of research and choose the Slappa Hardbody case to protect my investment.

    Ricky D.

    Balch Springs Tx.


    Best Case Ever

    I bought this to transport and protect my new Dell XPS 17 Laptop. Look at your local box store for laptop cases and price them.....really most are garbage and cost $50-$150 I paid around $100 shipped to protect a $2500 laptop!! Sounds like a great investment to me. I like this so much just bought the tablet hard case to protect my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Thanks Slappa for a great product

    Chad H

    Sunny, Beaches FL


    Good product and awesome customer service

    I bought the checkered past laptop bag but turned it out to be to big. So I called the customer support. They were able to replace the checkered past with this bag. The person I spoke with was barbara, she even measured this bag for me while on the phone so that we can decide if it would fit or not. This is my second bag from Slappa, the first was the hardbody pro DVD case which was strong, durable and got a lot of approval from friends. This laptop bag did not disappoint, slappa did live up to my expectation seeing what i saw in the first product. I am rest assured that my laptop is save in this bag. The case material is very sturdy and can definitely take a beating to protect any laptop. Thank Barb


    Duluth Minnesota


    fits Asus G74S perfectly

    The HardBody PRO "Black Wave" 17" case I ordered, fits my Asus G74SX laptop perfectly. The slip case included was a welcome suprise since it makes removing the laptop from the case much easier. I think that better zippers would make this case almost perfect. Also better feet to give the case more stability when standing with the laptop loaded would be a great improvement. The compartments inside for the power brick and accessories is more than adequate for my needs. Overall a very good case that fits the large Asus G74S series perfectly.

    Dan H

    Lafayette LA


    very tough, durable case

    I needed a laptop case I could take to construction sites and could rely on to protect my laptop. This hardtop really fits the bill.

    Frank K

    Bonner Springs KS


    Highly recommend for Asus G73S

    HardBody PRO Laptop Case 17”showed up 3 weeks ago and it has been fantastic. more than I anticipated. Look forward to purchasing more items in the future. Highly recommend the case to anyone who has a Asus G73S laptop. Thanks …

    Wayne B



    Great protection

    I bought the hardbody laptop case. My laptop is too large to fit in most cases and yours did the trick. It is also much sturdier and offers better protection than any case I have seen in other stores.

    Dylan S

    Granger IN


    Awesome product

    I got my laptop case the other day and I just wanted to say that you guys really make an awesome product. I had such a hard time finding a case that would fit my laptop that wasn’t a massive bag. I was able to put my laptop in your case and still have room for my charger next to it, and it’s not an over powering size.

    Eric B



    Great case, great service!

    I actually had to end up returning my laptop case because my computer did not fit. But what I can tell you is that when I received the case it was WAY BEYOND what I was expecting. I was extremely excited when I opened it all up. I was then immediately disappointed when the laptop did't fit. I called up and Barb told me to simply send it back and she would send out a replacement that day and not charge me a restocking fee. The new case arrived quickly, but once again, it didn't fit. However, I would highly recommend the company and products to anyone and everyone. In fact, I've already told a neighbor to check out the site.

    Ben P



    Solid case

    I skateboard to class so I'm using my hardcase to carry my laptop to class--love it!

    Travis K

    Antioch, IL


    Great service and excellent products

    I purchased a Hardbody Pro laptop case. Within 2 uses the strap broke. Even though my product was purchased from a retailer, SLAPPA customer service went out of their way to send me a replacement. They were helpful far beyond what I expected and have ensured that I will purchase and recommend SLAPPA products in the future.

    R. Joseph



    protective case for asus g73

    I needed a case for my laptop 17" Asus computer, and I couldn't find one at any store that would work. So I searched online for laptop cases that would fit, and SLAPPA came up as the most recommended for my type of laptop. It fits nicely, I like the extra strap, and I feel like it will protect my laptop. I'm going to teach English in South Korea for a year, and I need a durable laptop case, so now I feel confident that I have found the right one.

    Joshua R

    Waterford MN


    Great Case!

    The laptop case is great and I plan on using it to protect my ASUS G73 on a cross country motorcycle trip. It's so pretty I may need a protector for the case. Thanks for the quick shipping!

    Deborah G

    Cookeville Tn.


    The best cases out there

    Very well made products! I've had many laptop cases and these are best!!!

    George A

    Valencia CA


    a great insurance policy!!

    I purchased a Hardbody PRO "Black Wave" Laptop case a few months ago. I wanted the hardbody feature without extra weight. I was not disappointed. The case is quite frankly, amazing. I travel a lot, internationally, and use cabs for ground transportation. They have dropped the case repeatedly (perhaps providing their own "worst case test") onto either cement, asphalt or in one case into airport traffic. The laptop was not damaged regardless of the surface or for that matter the height (it fell off the roof of a cab when I forgot it was there-18 hour jet lag, I guess). Not a chip, scratch or crack. Not even a smudge. Even the mobile drive, which was in the inside pocket (and is protected by the hard shell) was undamaged. I wish to say to your potential customers- Stop! Buy the Hardbody PRO case. Insurance against breakage never came this cheap. Kindest regards

    Martin L.

    Columbia, MD


    not what i expected...

    purchased for g73.zippers inside and out are flimsy, inside zipper broke within 2 weeks even after being very careful with it. inside pockets are not the same as picture on internet. spoke with customer service and no response back. went out and purchased different bag from a dif. company. now this one is just taking up space under my bed.

    r. afif

    buffalo ny



    UPDATE ! I bought this hard case one year ago and have used it almost everyday with my Toshiba Qosmio 18.4 laptop. NO RIPS, NO TEARS, All the seams have held up no problamoes what so ever. Same goes for the laptop sleeve I purchased at the same time.





    Bought the case for my Asus g73 since it is one of the few that will hold it. Overall build was ok, however, the fabric used inside is not quality and I managed to break the inside pocket zipper the first day of ownership. Pretty disappointed really.

    Torrey G

    Trinity FL


    Nice case-here are some suggestions

    I got the Hardbody pro computer case. The zippers get stuck in the handle sometimes and it I'd like it if it stood upright without falling over. I love the replacement strap much better then the original. I also would like a place to put my name in it since it's so nice that someone would steal it.

    Andy F.



    better than I expected!!

    better than i expected and looks great. Price was much lower than i expected or the product was much better than the price would indicate.

    Richard H.

    Palatine IL


    I'm excited to have this case!

    I have a very large laptop, the Asus G73. It was incredibly hard to find a case to fit it properly. I haven't as of yet tried to get my computer into it, but will this weekend. You were recommended by several G73 users and they highly rated your product, with the exception that the sleeve that you insert the laptop into seemed to be a bit of a squeeze to get into the case whilst on the laptop. I may not use the sleeve yet, but the case looks wonderful, I'm excited to finally find something that will handle a plane trip in an overhead compartment.

    Wendy W

    Green Bay WI


    The BEST case for your laptop

    I bought this case about 2 months ago for my Asus G73 laptop, which is is a 17'' laptop with 18'' dimensions. I refrained from reviewing the case as soon as I bought it because I wanted to try it out for a couple of weeks before giving my opinion. So, I've dropped the bag about 3 times and there are a couple of scuff marks on the outside casing. It's slammed into doors a couple of times and it's in my car everyday where I go through road works, bumpy roads and a new speed bump every now and then that basically breaks my car's suspension. Oh, and I live in the Middle East where the temperature is over 115 on a daily basis and the sun is always directly over the laptop when it's in my car. The Laptop is as good as it was when I first got it and the it's always cool as it was when I put it in the bag in the first place. All those bumps and falls haven't done anything to it one bit. I've tried about 4 other bags before including the titanium Samsonite, a Targus traveller bag, a Case logic case and the Alienware Orion. Not one of the above mentioned gives %10 of the protection this case does. This is honestly the best piece of protection you could ever buy for your laptop.


    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


    Great for my Asus G73

    I purchased the hard case pro 17" for my new ASUS g73 laptop. Your case is great and a great way to protect my investment. Beautiful design and rugged enough for travel. I am impressed.

    Gabriel G



    Excellent for Asus G73J

    I love the hardened case and it's an exact fit for my ASUS G73J! Buying anything else is akin to PC abuse. Why would you buy a top of the line laptop and drop it into a competitor's fabric sack? Doesn't make any sense to me. If you care about your laptop, Slappa some protection around it!

    Jim H

    Lawrenceville GA


    Best case I have ever owned.

    I bought this case for my Asus G73 laptop and am supremely happy with the decision. Not only does it fit perfectly in the laptop compartment, but the case also fits the brick-sized power supply, extra cables, a mouse, a notebook or two, a wallet, keys, and several other accessories with room to spare.

    Not only does the case look fantastic, but it is perfectly sized for everyday use. I expected it to be a bit large or awkward to carry around, but it is in fact amazingly comfortable and compact for the huge amount of storage and functionality it offers.

    As an unexpected bonus, I found that it came with a protective cover for those who don't want to worry about roughing up their fancy new case.

    Needless to say, this bag exceeded all of my expectations and is well worth every cent. I will definitely come to Slappa in the future next time I need a superior quality case.

    James A. Greene

    Cookeville, TN


    A work of art

    The Slappa Hardbody pro case is an absolute work of art. Not to mention quite durable and sturdy. I feel quite comfortable storing my oversized laptop in it. I thank SLAPPA for such a wonderful design.

    Tucker T

    Windermere Florida


    Good for Asus G73

    I have the 17" version and my Asus g73 fits perfectly with the huge power brick with room for other attachements. Seems rugged and protects the computer well.

    Shawn M

    Rochester MN


    excellent case

    I purchased the Hardbody case for an ASUS-G73 17.3" laptop. Until I bought this, I was either using a laptop backpack (which doesn't fit well with a suit) or an aluminum case for the laptop and a messenger bag for everything else. The Hardbody case has more than enough room for my laptop plus accessories, lab notebook, and a few folders. The case is also protective enough that I can stow it in an airplane without worrying about someone crushing it.

    Michael H

    Naperville IL


    This case exceeds expectations

    Your laptop case not only lives up to your website advertising, it exceeds expectations. I can't think of any way it could be improved upon... Of course, a lower price would be even better! (lol)

    Ralph G

    Valley View Ohio


    perfect for ASUS G73

    I recently bought the ASUS G73 laptop & needed a laptop case/bag that would be big enough for it. After searching, I found a blog where other people with same laptop had bought the SLAPPA Hardbody & it fit perfectly!!! The Hardbody is awesome & I also got the 18" sleeve which fits the computer as well. I am very satisfied with both items & would shop with SLAPPA again!!

    Neva C

    Kingston MA


    Finally a case that fits!

    After days of searching online for a case to carry my G73, I found the perfect case. Not only does the Hardbody Pro fit this beast of an Asus laptop but the long, accessory pocket fits the enormous power brick... Althought there are several mfg'rs that make cases for 17.3" laptops, this Slappa case is by far the best value for quality.


    Los Angeles


    Perfect Fit

    I have been looking for a laptop bag for my ASUS G73 for weeks until I stumbled upon a review of this bag on another site.

    I have to say that I am thoroughly pleased with the hard body specs, aesthetics and craftsmanship. Excellent bag for my 18.4" laptop; the fit is perfect and I have enough extra space for my peripherals! My G73 was not cheap and I feel confident that this hard body case is going to protect my investment very well. The only reason that this bag did not get a rating of 100% is because the peripheral storage compartment in the upper lid is generic looking and does not have innovative compartment styling that I have found throughout the rest of the bag.

    The 17" case has additional room on the inside, upper lid of the case to include more pouches for holding additional gear; you can never have too many compartments!

    Much appreciation to the SLAPPA team for designing such a good case at a reasonable price! SLAPPA, I came back to write a review and I was hoping that you had phone cases because now my new HTC Incredible needs a equally pleasing case!


    Miami, FL


    Very well built

    My HardBody PRO laptop case is a very well build, well designed case. The only problem I noticed were some slight marks on the case probably created during the manufacturing process. They're small enough that they're acceptable, but noticeable.

    Jay H

    Spanaway WA


    Could Not Be More Happy

    I only wanted a sleeve for my toshiba 18.4 qosmio was 39 dollars but you wanted too much for ground shipping so i upped my order over 89 dollars so i could get free shipping.i got the hard case even though it said it was a 17 inch. to my surprise i can put my 18.4 inch laptop into the 18 inch sleeve AND all of that fits perfectly into my 17 inch hard case. I COULD NOT be more happy with my SLAPPA product. It came down to getting a pelican hard case or a SLAPPA. im so glad i went with your product.

    Jimmy Paul F

    eufaula AL


    Very Pleased

    I ordered the Slappa Laptop Hard Case, (the larger one) and I'm very pleased so far! I haven't actually been able to use it yet (still waiting for my new laptop) but I'm impressed with what I see. I chose this case because I've ordered a $4,600 laptop for field use and I figured it was worth the extra cost to provide as much protection as possible without going to an extreme like a pelican case. (Can't quite afford one of those!)

    David T

    Oxford MI


    The Search is over...

    I have been searching for a bag for an ASUS G71 Laptop for 6 months now. I purchased it at a major Big Box Store and they did not even carry a case that would fit this laptop. The 17.1 inch screen made it difficult to find a case that would fit in. The Slappa HardBody PRO (17 inch) case could fit The ASUS no problem and even has extra room, even enough for much larger laptops. One thing that I discovered is the extra cushioning and attention to detail that this case has. You'll be surprised on how well made and how complete this product is.

    It has plenty of storage compartments, a outer case that is only paralleled by metal or hard plastic cases, although those cases do not have the extra features on the inside that cradles your laptop like a baby.

    Being a product designer myself, its refreshing to find a case that is stylish, yet not over the top and still is distinguishable over the thousands of boring generic cases black laptop cases.

    I went in to buy the Slappa HardBody PRO (17 inch) case and saw the rest of the product line. I then fell in love with the Slappa Ballistix P-Tac PRO. The only hard decision is which one to buy. So to make my decision easier I purchased both.

    The team at Slappa in Charlotte is awesome. They are a pleasure to do business with. I will be a repeat customer. What a great organization, what a great product line.


    Charlotte, NC


    Nice Bag

    After my recent purchase of an alienware M17x I wanted a bag that 1. fit it and 2. protected it properly. The bag does it perfectly. It has ample room for the laptop in the dedicated zip up laptop compartment. The bag is well made, cant fault it anywhere and I am very picky when spending $100 on a bag. The only 2 small faults i can pic are that there isnt enough storage for other bits. The charging block of the M17x is quite large along with my portable hdd and mouse it is a bit of a squeeze. Also I dont see the need for the keyring attachment as the bag has to laid flat to open it enough for you to get to the attachment not making it very practical to use. But they are just my thoughts. I would definitely recommend the bag and the Slappa brand to other people.


    Leeds. England


    As good as cases costing 5X the price

    Looks much better in real life, Offers good protection, Looked at bags costing 5 times as much, So glad I chose this one, Kudos for an excellent product

    Collin H.



    I really like this case

    The Slappa hardshell laptop case I purchased looks more professional than other cases. It is very sturdy with room for the power supply, mouse and file folders.

    Lawerence P.

    madisonville KY


    Built like a tank

    Only other case I would have instead of this is the zero haliburton (if I could afford it). Otherwise, this is the case for takes a beating and protects the

    Ed F



    excellent product

    I travel back and forth working offshore in La. This case has gives as good as it gets.

    phillip cockerham



    Great protection

    The size of the case was perfect for the 18.4 inch wide computer and the durability and protection for the computer was key to my purchsing of this case. Thanks Slappa



    Does it get any better?

    I would give this case an 11 if I could. I cannot expect to have a better case--especially for the price. Protective, slick looking and after seeing that video where this case withstands fire, I'm simply blown away. you guys rock!



  • The HardBody PRO laptop case with shoulder strap is one tough case. Rugged and lightweight, it features the same highly protective molded Duro-Shock xEVA shell as our award-winning HardBody CD and DVD cases. In addition, a honeycomb frame adds maximum shell stabilization. Between the shell, frame and ballistic nylon, this design offers maximum protection for your notebook computer (more than any soft-case). With 4 internal compartments for laptop, papers, gadgets, cords, and portable devices (like tablets), the HardBody offers plenty of storage space for accessories.

    Additional features include industrial strength zippers, molded alloy zipper pullers and a retractable hide-away carry handle. The shoulder strap is adjustable with alloy clips featuring mirror plating.

    Just like our backpacks and bags, we are known for making high-quality, functional and fashionable portable device cases and sleeves for both men and women. SLAPPA portable cases are designed to be stylish and made to be rugged and reliable under even the roughest conditions. Why take chances with your investment. Guard your portable device, data and your music with a SLAPPA case or sleeve. Slappa is a world leader in innovative portable device storage solutions. Our Patented portable cases, Sleeves and Device Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best Portable Device Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering.

    All SLAPPA products come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

    With high quality portable device protection like this, its easy to see why SLAPPA was voted the "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards. We thank our many loyal customers for their support in making SLAPPA number one!

  • HardBody 160 CD Case (Black Wave)
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