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SLAPPA HardBody PRO Headphone Case for fold-down headphones - Check "FIT CHART" in below "Features" tab for model fit

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    Fits Most All Fold Down Headphones (Check "FIT CHART" Below)
    Stylish black rubberized PVC exterior finish
    Molded Duro-Shock xEVAHardBody shell
    Jersey lining, removable carry strap
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    Inner Case Dimensions 6.25"(Diameter) x 3.5"(Deep)
    Outer Case Dimensions 7"(Diameter) x 4"(Deep)
    Weight (empty) 6 ounces
    Fit Chart:
    Allen & Heath Xone 53 Audio Technica ATH-m50
    Audio Technica ATHPro500MK2 Cortex CHP-2500
    Marshall Major Headphones Monster Beats Pro
    Monster Beats Wireless Pioneer HDJ - 1000
    Shure SRH-440 Sennheiser HD280
    Sony MDR-900 Sony MDR-V6
    Sony MDR -V700 Sony MDR-7506
  • Great

    This one is the best case for my BEATS PRO.100% No damage for my headphone even it's fall from 20 ft. awsomeeeee!!!!

    Thit Htoo



    Perfect for Audio Technica m50

    The headphone case is perfect for my new Audio-Technica M-50's

    Joshua N.

    Carrboro NC


    Fits my beats PRO

    I was indeed happy that my Beatspro fits perfectly into the case. Just can't find other cases for my headphone

    HH Soon



    Simple the best

    Still got my Slappa hard body case for DJ style headphones that I got from you guys over 5 years ago! Solid product, been lugged to many gigs and trips and wouldn't trust any other product for my headphones! And it fits nicely in my Slappa MASK backpack that I've had for just as long! Keep up the good work guys!

    Jeff M

    Tuscon AR







    My audio technica ath-m50

    I purchased the hard case for my headphones. The case is definitely the best on the market. It's very rugged and tough. My audio technica ath-m50 fit almost perfectly. would definitely recommend.

    Frederick J

    Brooklyn NY


    Perfect for Beats Wireless

    Neede a hard case for my daughter's Beats (Wireless) not only to replace the soft case they came with but also to provide more protection; this was perfect!

    Cassandra G.

    Bentonville AR


    Fits my Audio Technica ATHPro500MK2

    Great product for my Audio Technica ATHPro500MK2. Products protects them very well while they're in my back-pack

    Phillip T

    Alpharetta GA


    highly recommended

    The case seemed well built (only time will tell). Finish quality was excellent. It is a snug fit for my ATH-M50 headphones. I would say like it was meant for it. I like the camo color, there are some other cool looking designs too besides black. I needed a hard case that will protect my headphones when I carry it around in my bag and it does exactly that. It has a lanyard attached to a mini caribiner which I thought was a nice touch to it, so if the case is too big for my bag, I could hang it on the side of the bag. I did not buy these at but at Slappa's webiste. It took about 2 weeks of shipping and handling time. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a hard case for your studio style headphones.

    Ching T

    Olathe, KS


    great fit for beats pro

    First time customer. I love my SLAPPA headphone case! I am using them for Beats Pro. I was concerned when the description from the site said it was a tight fit. However, they fit perfect! Very glad I bought them. Thanks.




    fits my Beats Pro and Allen & Heath Xone 53

    My Slappa headphone case order came in great time and was cheaper on the company website than anywhere else. Though bigger than anticipated upon arrival, it needs to be, in order to protect great DJ Headphones like the Beats Pro, Allen & Heath Xone 53, and more. It's hard enough to protect, yet small/flexible enough to still cram into my DJ gig bag!

    Kevin B

    Glendale Heights IL


    fits Beats Pro, Allen & Heath Xone 53

    Though bigger than anticipated upon arrival, it needs to be, in order to protect great DJ Headphones like the Beats Pro, Allen & Heath Xone 53, and more. It's hard enough to protect, yet small/flexible enough to still cram into my DJ gig bag! For a cheap price, this is a great investment!

    Kevin B



    Good for Dre Beats Pro

    I'm using it to store my dr dre beats headPhones (pro) they fit good I would recommend this product to anyone who has the pro dr dre headphones ..

    Leandro Z.

    Alexandria VA


    Fits Beats Studio headphones

    This is the only headphone case I could find that fits my Beats Studio headphones - works great (need to disconnect the cable but given how bulky the phones are and how compact the case is that's not a bad compromise to make). Only room for improvement would be if they made the case in white to match the headphones.

    Walter T

    danville CA


    Perfect for Dr. Beats Pro

    This for my Dr beats pro perfectly. I recommend this product to anyone who has a pro that does not come along with a hard case




    fits dre beats pro

    I chose it because it was the only headset holder that would fit dre beat pro headphones. Product is great, just wish it came in white.

    Robert B

    Greensboro NC


    Fit my ATH-M50 headphones

    Using the SLAPPA case to hold my ATH-M50 headphones. It's a tight fit but I'm confident they won't get damaged when I carry them around in a laptop bag.

    Chris M.



    Have a headphone case, 13" sleeve and bottomless pit- protects all my gear!!

    My first purchase was the headphone case. Maybe a week after they arrived I purchased a MacBook Pro 13' sleeve & a iPad sleeve. Two days after that I ordered a Bottomless Pit (last one in the factory). Can't wait till the new products rolls onto the website. I like that Slappa protects all my gear. Can't beat that.

    Darnell W.



    fits A&H Xone 53 headphones perfectly

    I love the headphone case I ordered! It fits my A&H Xone 53 headphones perfectly! The only thing i wish it was is a little harder of a case but that might just be me really trying to protect my headphones.

    Clinton P

    Lombard, Il


    fits hdj2000s

    my hdj2000s fit very well and the hard case is much better and stylish then my previous udg soft bag. Thanks Slappa

    Aaron S.

    Columbus, Ohio


    great for Sony MDR-V6's

    great headphone case for my Sony MDR-V6's -- its awesome! Fits perfectly, is solid


    fox island, washington


    great price-- great product

    The SLAPPA headphone case looks and feels great. I had been looking for a semi-hard/hard case to store my new headphones and this was exactly what I was looking for. Just make sure that it'll fit your headphones. It'll likely fit almost any full-sized fold-able headphones, but for the one's that don't fold, you better check the dimensions. Again, to sum it up: great price for a great product, and definitely worth it to protect your expensive headphones.

    Ronald L.

    Alexandria VA


    very protective

    Using the headphone case for travel. It's sturdy and compact enough to protect my headphones on extended trips to Asia.

    Robin P.

    Trumansburg NY


    perfect for beat pro!

    My beats pro snuggles great on the case! It's a great case that I highly recommend anyone that has beats pro headphones


    beats city :-)


    awesome cases

    I have a lot of DJ equipment and I have headphones all over the place. The Slappa headphone case is awesome, it protects my headphones perfectly.

    Alvaro S

    San Fran


    Excellent for marshall major headphone

    I recommend this product... great protection and fit for marshall major




    fits just right

    i bought the slappa case to protect my sure 840 headphones. i like to be able to put it in my backpack with other gear. at first i thought the headphones were too big put i the case right at the zipper gives so it closes and fits tight. so far so good im pleased

    DJ Hush

    memphis, tn


    Excellent protection for headphones

    Great product. Really protects your headphones. Especially good for travel purposes. Highly recommended

    David L.



    excellent for Beats Pro Detox

    I was looking for a hard case similar to the one that came with my Dr Dre Beats Studios. I purchased the Dr Dre Beats Pro Detox and the bag it comes with was just not working for me. The Slappa Hardbody Pro case was exactly what I was looking for. It is a bit tight with the Beats Pro but it does fit just fine. Love the case and since the quality was so good and I am also looking at other products they offer as well. Was pleasantly surprised at how fast the shipping was during the holidays as the product came from North Carolina and I'm in California.

    Martyn C.

    San Diego CA


    fits the bill nicely

    I really like the product I purchased, which was the SLAPPA Pro headphone case. It fits all of my headphones quite nicely, and I feel better about having my headphones in a backpack or suitcase for travel. There are surprisingly very limited number of headphone cases on the market, so this fit the bill nicely.

    Cam-Tu Dang



    fits new Audio Technica ATH-M50 (straight cable)

    As my first Slappa purchase I bought the black HardBody Pro Headphone Case for my brand new Audio Technica ATH-M50 (straight cable), and while it fits snugly in the case, it does in fact fit as people had said. You've just gotta into a groove of how you place these headphones in, along with all the wiring. The Slappa case protectw the headphones fine.

    Adam S

    Corona CA


    Great Case for Beats Pro

    I am a fan of the Slappa Brand from owning several cases of Slappa. I knew I was going to buy the Beats Pro and didn't want my new headphones stored in the pouch/bag that comes with it. I ordered this case and it's a perfect fit for the Beats Pro. Just what I expected!

    E. Raheem

    Oklahoma City, OK


    A must have for Audio-Technica ATH M50

    Well worth the money to protect your investment. My Audio-Technica ATH M50s fit very snugly. Very light, yet durable... I can't fault these at this price!

    Sean Mc K

    Dundalk, Ireland


    Fits Audio Technica m50

    excellent headphone case, its one of the very few cases that fit my audio technica m50 headphones

    Mohammad A.

    Broken Arrow OK


    excellent quality case for Beats Pro

    just like the description says, it's very protetive. It's a little tight for the beats pro, but not a bad fit. high quality case, strong, and looks nice too


    Richmond, CA


    great case

    I use this headphone case to carry around my ATH-M50 headphones and protect them. NO ONE ELSE OFFERS ANYTHING COMPARABLE!!! THANK YOU

    Anis S.

    Springfield VA


    perfect fit for Shure SRH-440

    I'm using it to hold my Shure SRH-440 headphones. They do fit perfect and protect my headphones nicely.

    Jose F.

    Trujillo Alto PR


    great for Beat PRO headphones

    Hard body Pro headphone case was just what I needed for my new Beats Pro headphones!

    Tim A

    Lincoln NE


    great headphone case for Audiotechnica ATH-M50's

    great headphone case! it could be slightly larger but the snug fit keeps my Audiotechnica ATH-M50's very secure. a pouch on the inside of the case for the cord would have been handy and the case could have been slightly harder and more stiff but over all a great buy! im glad i spent the extra money for it especially since the headphones have been dropped from about 7 ft while in the case a few times now with NO damage at all!

    Kellan R

    Rancho Cucamonga CA


    perfect fi for HDJ-2000s

    Years and years of dealing with headphones breaking due to them sitting in my bag in awkward positions, I finally purchased one of these right after I bought my HDJ-2000s. The fit is perfect, and I know my cans will be much safer.


    Chicago, Il


    Best thing for Sennheiser HD280 headphones

    I originally ordered this to house a pair of Sennheiser HD280 headphones, taking a chance not knowing if they would fit because the are not round like he Sony cans, they are oval. When I got the Senns in the mail, they fit! a tight fit, but not too tight that I thought was harming the phones. Well I wound up returning the Senns for a few reasons and got me a pair of Ultrasones PRO-550, which come with their own hardcase, which stores the extra set of cables, extra ear pads, and even has a lil net pouch, but its almost like a lunch box. So even after coming with their own case, I still kept the Slappa case, which fit the headphones perfect, especially bcause they are round and I think they may be a bit bigger than the SONYs! Plus the fact that they have a detachable cord, makes packing even easier! I love this case, a friend wanted to buy it after I got the other case, but had to tell him NO! I LIKE THIS ONE TOO MUCH! Its simple and really nice looking, I got the all black one. I think a lil inside pocket to store extra headphone adaptors would be a nice upgrade. Other than that if you really value your phones, and like to keep your thing in top shape, GET THIS!!!! ITS A MUST!!!!


    El Paso, TX


    Great Fit for Sony MDRV700

    Great headphone case that fits great with my Sony MDRV700 headphones. Great protection. Keep up the good work.


    Bayonne, NJ


    good protection

    use this case daily... i dj 4-5 times a week so it gets a lot of wear and tear. glad i made the purchase. i like the hard outer shell over a soft case, offers better protection.

    DJ Heat



    Way rad!

    Just got this case. Well worth the loot, for sure. My headphones are still thanking me!


    South Bend, IN



    I'm using my product to keep my Pioneer headphone safe. I'm also using several maps of Slappa to organize my CD collection. They're very usefull products for on the road use. Great!

    Thushara V



    great for HDJ -2000

    works great with HDJ -2000.. recomended..

    no name..



    Great Case

    I got the cool headphone case and I love it. It's exactally what I was looking for at an unbeatable price

    DJ Swing

    Miami FL


    great fit for Cortex CHP-2500

    Really haven't seen any other product for this purpose. I'm holding my Cortex CHP-2500 headphones, great fit.

    Angel C

    Killeen TX


    I am satisfied

    I use the slappa headphone case as storage between my DJ events and they work great. I still need to compare it with the slappa head phone case that was destroyed by Johnathan the DJ tudor soon but so far so good.

    Lee M



    Rock solid for Sony MDR900

    I've got my Sony MDR900 headphones in this case and it protects them well, and this case easily clips onto my Slappa backpack.


    San Francisco


    great...really great

    Head Phone case , I feel that I wont go through so many pairs of head phones in a year.....

    Chris B

    highland NY


    Great- Exactly as Expected

    As a DJ based in a ski town who does shows outside in the snow/rain/whatever weather Colorado throws at me, I appreciate the protection that SLAPPA gear offers my precious equipment.

    Ben Hustis

    Winter Park, CO


  • The HardBody PRO Headphone case provides ULTIMATE PROTECTION for full sized headphones that fold down (Check the "FIT CHART" Under the "FEATURES" tab to see some popular models that fit in this case). This is the perfect case for DJ's and gamers on the go. With its Molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shell, molded alloy zipper puller and a carry strap, you headphones are safe from rain, fire, and the banging that comes with porting. This case easily clips onto any SLAPPA backpack to provide easy portability. This headphone case is easily our best seller. Simple. Black. Awesome.

    All SLAPPA products come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective parts or products. If you buy direct from the warranty is extended to 1 year from date of purchase.

    With high quality portable device protection like the HardBody PRO Fold-Down headphone case, it's easy to see why SLAPPA was voted the "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the Readers Choice Awards. We thank our many loyal customers for their support in making SLAPPA number one!

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