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Our mission when designing SLAPPA products is to provide the market with solutions that are otherwise not found, and develop products that offer our customers the absolute best products for their money.

We are always working on new ideas: new product features, searching for new materials, implementing progressive manufacturing processes and building products that we would buy. We are not interested in cheap products and we are not interested in copying what other companies do. Our objective is to engineer products that offer clear quality and design benefits.

We are very aware that you have invested good money into your digital gear......that is why we invest good money to help you protect it.

d2i Flex Rails

d2i Flex Rails + our d2 Pocket system provides the most flexible disc storage solution on the market. The d2i Flex Rails enable each d2 Pocket set to slide-n-lock to other d2i pages. What this means you could now ditch your jewel case and store your disc + cover in dedicated pockets of the d2i page, then you could store your d2i pages in virtually any storage system, binders, drawers, boxes or shelves. The d2i pages include all the high quality features of the d2 pages.

Slappa Technologies
d2 Pockets

SLAPPA's patented d2 "layered" pocket system allows you to ditch your jewel cases and store you discs + covers in 2 separate, dedicated pockets. The first pocket is a soft, felt pocket designed to store and protect your discs from scratches and dust. The second pocket (located directly in front of the soft pocket) is a clear window, to store and view your disc covers. We use a special polypropylene plastic that will not stick to your discs and damage them. All d2 pockets are hand-stitched, not heat-sealed (or high-frequency welded) like most CD storage pockets. This means they will not separate with use, as many CD storage pockets will do.

Slappa Technologies
Duro-Shock xEVA

Duro-Shock xEVA is the base material used for the shells of the HardBody PRO media storage cases. SLAPPA uses a very heavy gauge of xEVA on their cases. xEVA provides your discs with excellent protection from drops, bumps, heat, and water. 3rd party product review companies have gone so far as to set the SLAPPA cases on fire and have shown xEVA to protect your discs under such extreme conditions. xEVA, while rugged, is not rigid and will not crack (like plastic) or bend (like cardboard cases). xEVA is extremely lightweight and is laminated with high-quality upper materials including rubberized PVC and SLAPPA's z-suede.

Slappa Technologies

CORE3 is SLAPPA's patented protective triple-layer that provides unparalleled protection. The outer-most layer is a molder rubber EXO-skeleton that provides protection from bumps while also keeping the structural integrity of the bag, layer #2 is the puncture-proof BuckBlast z-suede and the inner layer is Xtra thick shock padding. CORE3 protection provides ultimate protection for your digital gear.

Slappa Technologies
BuckBlast Suede

BuckBlast Suede is an extremely rugged PVC material that is rainproof and puncture-proof providing secure protection for all of your gear when you're on the road. It is very easy to care for and can be easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth.

Slappa Technologies
E.Z. Clips

E.Z. Clips are a SLAPPA's solution to making adjusting your shoulder straps easy. Instead of dealing with hard to adjust metal slide clips, the SLAPPA E.Z. Clips are simple to use while on the run, and enable you to adjust your shoulder strap to 9 different lengths.

Slappa Technologies
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