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SLAPPA Ballistix PTAC Matrix Sleeves

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    18, 17 and 15.4 in models have D rings for attaching one of our stylish and comfortable shoulder straps
    Water and tear resistant 1680-D ballistic nylon
    Quilted inner lining with super-cush laptop padding
    Available in 10", 13", 15.4", 17" and 18" versions
    Rear compartment for papers and/or cords
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    15.4" Sleeve Dimensions 15.5"(w) x 12.25"(h)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 15.25"(w) x 12"(h)
    - Back Pocket Dimensions 15.25"(w) x 9.75"(h)
    - Weight (empty) 1.2 lbs
    17" Sleeve Dimensions 17.5"(w) x 13"(h)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 17.25"(w) x 12.75"(h)
    - Back Pocket Dimensions 17.25"(w) x 10.25"(h)
    - Weight (empty) 1.3 lbs
    18" Sleeve Dimensions 18 5/8"(w) x 13 3/8"(h)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 18.25"(w) x 13.25"(h)
    - Back Pocket Dimensions 18.25"(w) x 11.25"(h)
    - Weight (empty) 1.5 lbs
  • Perfect fit for ASUS G73JH

    I own an ASUS G73JH gaming PC and, because of its strange dimensions (17.3 inches), finding cases to protect it was quite difficult. I lucked out before with SLAPPA so I decided to look through their product line again for a case that fit. Sure enough, they came through! The Ballistix PTAC Matrix sleeve comes in many sizes, INCLUDING an 18” sleeve, just perfect for the G73JH

    Brandon T

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Not Great for larger Sager laptops

    I asked Slappa customer service for a sleeve that would fit my new Sager. They recommended the 17 inch sleeve because my Sager is taller/thicker than most laptops. There is too much space and does not protect the sides where the laptop rests when carrying this sleeve in a back pack. I then ordered a 15 inch sleeve that was too small. I understand my Sager may be larger than most, but I haven't found anything that fits it like a glove and protects well.

    Nick C



    Best sleeve for ASUS gaming laptops

    I couldn't find a sleeve for my ASUS G75. Finally came across this, and it worked like a dream. Thanks Slappa! I only wish that it came with the strap included, rather than having to buy it separately.




    great padding and protection

    The keyboard and laptop cases are nicely padded and fit perfectly. After checking multiple websites. there really was nothing of this quality available anywhere else.

    Joseph P.

    Shillington PA


    Did not fit 15.4" Laptop

    The build is really good. I was sad it did not fit my 15.4" MSI GS60 PRO. Returning 15.4" for 17" size.

    Randy Hendrickson

    San Diego, Ca


    Super Quality for my Arous X7

    I ordered to protect my 2k laptop and the quality is superb, my laptop fits just right inside the 18" version. Thank you Slappa to build top ten quality products. Keep up the good job and please make a big bagpack for the 18" laptops.

    Daniel Cabrera



    fantastic first experience.

    So after buying my sager 9390-s I needed a good solid cover/case whatever u wanna call it. This exceeded my expectations. Not one stitch was loose or broken (my case logic case that I paid5$ more for was ripped it 2 places when I got it). The quality is awesome the foam is ballistic impact resistant the same stuff we use in our rifle cases for shooting. The 18inch was the one I got it fits my sager laptop like a fully fitted tuxedo. I will defiantly be getting a backpack for my 17.3 beast laptop. Thank you for a great product


    maryland usa


    18" sleeve great for G74SX-A1

    I ordered the cover for my laptop ASUS G74SX-A1. I thought the protective cover would run on the small side (Because my laptop runs on the large side). I ordered an 18" cover for my 17" laptop. It fits snuggly, but works just fine. I assumed it would come with a strap or something, but it didn't. Other than having no strap shipped with the product (I could make my own, or attach the cover to a backpack or something) I love the product. It is obviously high quality craftsmanship and feels nice in my hands. I've had a few friends ask me where I got it... so I assume they like it. I don't normally buy much into external images, or pretentious perceived notions of success, but it seems to be a somewhat pleasant bi-product when I put this case on my laptop.

    Justin W

    Las Vegas NV


    Love my Slappa products!

    I have the Slappa Kiken laptop bag which I love. I needed sleeve for work laptop so naturally I came back to Slappa. My sleeve is so sharp looking, plus protective of laptop. I am so happy with my purchase.


    Jacksonville FL


    great for Asus n series 17.3" laptop

    I have had a difficult time trying to find a sleeve big enough to fit my Asus n series 17.3" laptop. Every manufacturer says that it will fit up to 17", but they don't.Well Slappa does.I ordered their Ballistix PTAC Matrix Laptop Sleeve online.Three days later,at my door, it arrives.Slip my laptop in and it fits perfect.It is well made,good padding,strong zipper,super tough material and great styling .I would highly recommend this sleeve to anyone who wants a durable,lightweight and stylish protection for their laptop.Thanks Slappa!

    Paul P.



    Bought the 18inch version for Asus G74 and it fits snugly and perfectly

    I ordered the 18" version of this laptop sleeve for my Asus G74. When it arrived, i immediately tested it to see if it fits! It doesn't with the thick side of the laptop in first BUT!!!!!! if u flip it around so that the thin side of the laptop is inserted first, IT FITS PERFECTLY SNUG! Initially it will be tight to zip it up and feels as if your laptop is gonna be crushed, however, like all bags and shoes, u have to break it in. It now zips up easily and protects this expensive investment perfectly. I will recommend this laptop sleeve ( THE 18 INCH ONE for any gamers seeking a good laptop sleeve for their Asus G-74. SO PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW CAREFULLY BEFORE BUYING IT FOR YOUR G74. The 18" version works perfect NOT this 17" one. Might I also add that Slappa has done a splendid job of making the laptop sleeve! Its water resistant, very very well padded, shock resistent, and comes with 2 "D" carrying strap attachments as well. U have to get the strap separately or just use a spare you already have. All in all, i give this product a perfect 10! :)

    Mike L.

    Broomfield CO


    Great Product

    I have this in the iPad size, the 15", and the 17". The 17" will fit over the ASUS G73 or G74 model. Unfortunately, the 15" sleeve I ordered will not fit over a Dell XPS 15z. The length is about an inch too short. No problem though. There's so many alternate uses for these sleeves and they're so well built. The 15" model can easily double as protection for spiral notebooks for consumers still in school.

    Dennis Fyfe

    Fort Campbell KY / Seoul, Korea


    Extremely happs camper!!!

    A BIG 18" sleeve with lots of ROOM! A COOL design that makes a bold statement. Construction looks very sturdy, is well padded and fits my HP 17.3" HP dv7 Quad with extended battery to the tee!. Quality at it's BEST with SLAPPA!


    Flagstaff, AZ


    Great for Asus G53

    I needed a sleeve that fit an ASUS G53. A quick internet search revaled that the SLAPPA 18" sleeve is a popular solution for this laptop. There are few other choices out there, and customers just seemed more enthusiastic aboout SLAPPA products than the alternatives.

    Cameron N.

    Flossmoor IL


    Very happy with this sleeve for my G73

    I chose Slappa because I needed a laptop case for my deployment to Afghanistan. I have an ASUS G73 laptop which is freaking huge. I could not get one off the shelf since they are not made that big for the average computer. I searched for cases for this laptop and Slappa was repeatedly mentioned by G73 owners. I looked you up and found what I needed and I could not be happier with it. Thank you.

    Sean H.

    Fort Hood Tx.


    love most everything about this sleeve!

    I had been searching the web looking for a laptop sleeve that would accommodate my notebook with a 17.5" screen, but that would also be very cool and make a statement. I ran across the SLAPPA website by chance and absolutely loved most everything! Once I received the laptop sleeve it was all that I expected and more! Very pleased with my purchase!

    Chet L

    Reynoldsburg Ohio


    Durable and classy

    18" laptop sleeve is perfect for the 17" G73. Got it with the shoulder strap and love it. Durable and classy.

    Dean C.

    San Antonio


    I love this sleeve

    I bought a 13' sleeve and love it. It is a little big for my computer but the next size down is too small. I chose it b/c the design was unique. It was ANOTHER neoprene sleeve with a lousy graphic. The raised design and textural mix made for a real eye catching design. The quality upon arrival was an unexpected bonus!! Kudos to you.

    Patricia C

    Arlington VA


    Asus G73 Owners

    I purchased the 18in version of this sleeve and it fits perfectly. The sleeve is very well crafted, padded and looks great. If you need a bag to fit the G73 I suggest the M.A.S.K. or velocity depending on how much other stuff you need to carry with it. Thanks Slappa!!!


    Ft. Myers, Florida


    If SLAPPA doesn't have a case for it, I don't need a case for it!

    My laptop is bigger than your usual 17" and it fits snug in the case/sleeve and even the bag I just ordered and recieved. The only items I could find the will hold the best properly and their made so well. Will not look any where else first if SLAPPA doesn't have a case for it, I don't need a case for it!

    Brian Simmonds

    Wichita, KS



    This is my first laptop sleeve for my first laptop. And well, there is absolutely nothing bad to say about this sleeve. The 17" fits perfectly on my 17.3" screen laptop. Looks fancy with very detailed stitching. Really solid sturdy case. So glad i went with this instead of the cheap quality cases on ebay like my sister has. This case is totally worth every penny. I dont understand why anyone with a laptop wouldnt have one of these. 100% SLAPPA supporter.


    Monroe, NJ


    Rock Solid!

    Just purchased a Slappa notebook cover and matching backpack. Both are wonderful! Even with the cover on, the notebook still fits in the backpack, and there's still plenty of room for other items. Construction looks rock solid =).

    Brad J.

    New Oxford PA


    Nice SLeeve

    Received this along with my new Aura Pro Tour Pack and this sleeve is really nice. I love the look and feel. Fits my Mac Book Pro like a glove and feels nice and sturdy..

    Tony Mitchell

    Colfax, CA


    Love It - Love It - Love It!!!

    Dominick, Thank You so much! I think I am more excited about this sleeve than the new HP 17.3 laptop I bought to put in it! I bought the matching bag and the 17" sleeve which fits my 17.3 perfectly. Not that it's needed but for double protection, I store the laptop in this sleeve and then the loaded sleeve fits nicely in the front laptop compartment of the bag. I don't understand why the laptop manufacturers never thought of providing us with superior protection for our investment but I am sure glad Slappa did! Way to go!

    How about some cases for cell phones - sunglasses - flash drives - IPods - I'd be happy with an XXL Slappa t-shirt for now so I can help advertise these golden finds! For now I guess my Facebook posting will have to do.


    Bucks County, PA


    solid sleeve

    I bought the 18" version of this sleeve and it fits the G73jh and is quite snug. feels like it offers superior protection and the added strap gives it great portability. only problem is the huge power brick doesn't fit anywhere.

    Robert C

    Potomac MD


    great 17'' sleeve

    I Love It. Your product Are The BEST Keep Up The Good Work

    Artur AKA Dj Aurora

    Jesrey City NJ


    Great gear

    I bought a 160cd case and a matrix laptop sleeve and i brag more about the slappa cases than whats in them!

    Tanner S.

    Vinton IA


    Thanks Slappa!!

    Great quility , I'm using my 17 slappa matrix sleeve to protect my alienware M17 laptop. My laptop has 0 scrachs, dents, and it has never got wet thanks to sleeve. ( I live in a place where it rains a lot).

    John A.

    Doral FL



    Hi Slappa personnel: Just a quick note to thank you so much for sending all the ''goodies'' along with my order. No wonder I love Slappa....the best company in the world for quality products, and kind and generous too!

    Constance A

    Millington NJ


    Wonderful Construction

    Great sleeve, excellent constructions. Fits my laptop snugly with a pocket for extras. My only complaint is that it doesn't come with a shoulder strap, which is apparently a rather expensive item, half the cost of the sleeve..


    Lehighton, PA


    compared to other sleeves, this is a 10

    could they make it even better--sure. I'm such a fan of Slappa that I expect they will add more features to this sleeve and make it even better. But I believe it's already better then what is on the market. Before using this sleeve I had one of those suba material sleeves and it stunk. no real protection for my laptop. This sleeve, on the other hand, feels very solid and sturdy. The fact that I can add a shoulder strap is clutch for the days when I don't need my shoulder bag (which yes, it's the Matrix shoulder bag--which is a beast and a great quality bag too. Perhaps a little too large if you don't carry alot of things with you or if you are of a smaller body type). Anyway I don't expect you can find a better sleeve out there for under $50-60.

    Craig N.

    New York


    great 17'' sleeve

    I am extremely happy with your products and service; I will be a loyal customer over the years to come.



    Is exactly as presented on the website

    I have the 17'' sleeve and I love it. It is a perfect fit and i had searched dozens of places to find it. I would like the shoulder strap to be included for free.



  • The Matrix sleeves provide ultimate protection for your devices and when purchased directly from SLAPPA offer a lifetime warranty. The P-Tac Matrix sleeves come in 5 sizes; 10" for tablet, 13" for MacBooks, 15.4" for laptops, and 17" and 18" for large/ gaming laptops. Featuring 1680D Ballistix Puncture Proof nylon and super-cush padding your device is safe from the daily rigors of being ported around.

    Additional features include a rear compartment for papers and/or cords, stylish rubberized PU Matrix accents and molded alloy zipper pullers. An optional shoulder strap add-on is also available.

    SLAPPA has won multiple product of the year awards, has been awarded 4 patents and has been named "Best Laptop Bag Brand" at

    SLAPPA products come with a 180-day warranty that provides customers with repair or replacement of defective products..

    With high quality portable device protection like this, its easy to see why SLAPPA was voted the "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards. We thank our many loyal customers for their support in making SLAPPA number one!

  • Shoulder Strap Accessory - Black
    $15.99 |