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    1680D water repellent and tear resistant polyl
    17" shock padded laptop storage compartment
    Protective and stylish molded rubber EXO-skeleton
    Special compartments for storing laptop accessories
    Stay cool lined pocket for snacks and drinks
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    17" Outer Bag Dimensions 15"(w) x 22"(h)
    - Laptop Compartment Dimensions 14"(w) x 16"(h) x 2.5"(d)
    - Main Compartment Dimensions 14"(w) x 20"(h) x 5"(d)
    - Weight (empty) 4.5 lbs
  • comfortable and well thought out

    I have been using the Velocity Matrix backpack for over 2 years now. 6 months after I purchased the backpack I had an issue with a couple of the zipper pulls and contacted SLAPPA's customer service which promptly replaced the backpack with brand new one! I'm STILL using this backpack today. It is an integral part of my day to day life. The thought and care that went into the design of this backpack surpassed my high standards when it comes to protecting things such as my laptop and sunglasses while also provided uber cool features like a waterproof pocket for food/drinks as well as many other storage areas for all the electronics I like to carry with me. And to top it all off, the comfort and ergonomics are top-notch! No complaints here! :)


    Portland, Or


    Needs some improvement

    This bag held up great for the first few months. After that, zipper pulls kept coming off. Definently some of the worst zippers on anything that I have seen. That being said, the rest of the bag has held up fine and protects my laptop very well. So if they could do a better job with the zippers then this bag will have improved immensely!




    Fits my 17" beast

    With very few choices in oversize laptop bags for my 17" beast, Slappa is the clear winner. My 17" lappy fits very will and there is ample storage for my related gear. I also get many compliments on the styling!

    Christopher J.




    Bought my velocity backpack little over year ago. Sent first one back after loosing couple of zipper pulls. Now with the latest almost all pulls have fallen off and are lost. Zipper quality is very poor. Rest of bag was wonderful wish they change the huge pulls that get snagged then separate from the zipper body.

    E. Law....

    Cincinnati, Oh


    7 year old Velocity Backpack

    I bought an all-black Velocity back in 2006 and it's still going strong! One pull broke off, but I use the pack nearly daily and traveled extensively with it. The super cool outside padding design works really well and the multiple chambers padding keeps everything nice and secure. To sum it up: rugged and unusually cool looking. An excellent investment.


    Houston TX


    extremely satisfied

    I've been looking for a decent backpack for college for a while but the cheap ones I bought were horrible and would fall apart very easily. I finally decided to spend the money of a good backpack and I was blown away. I had no idea the deal I would be getting would be so tremendous! The backpack not only looks incredible but fits everything I need! It's durable and I got several complements on it on the first day I used it. Its a very good backpack and I am extremely satisfied.

    Bill R.

    Gillette NJ


    Fits Asus G75VW laptop

    I recently purchased the Velocity Matrix Pro 17 backpack, and I simply love it. I purchased it because I have an Asus G75VW laptop, which has a 17.3" screen plus an extra inch or two in the back for powerful vents. No other backpack would hold the laptop so comfortably (tried two others and had to return them), and I have to admit I am astounded by the quality, I didn't expect the backpack to feel this perfect.

    Jean K

    Trujillo Alto PR


    Awesome Bag

    I've been abusing one of the 17" ones for a few years now. I'm pretty sure they used to make them out of the BuckBlast which is a totally awesome fabric. The laptop pocket has tons of padding and fit a 17" laptop with a crazy extended battery sticking out of the back no problem. My only complaint is that rubber on the outside as I've managed to scuff it up pretty bad. But since the laptop survived it all I can't complain too much!


    Buffalo, NY


    Fits (barely) my Alienware M17xR4

    It barely fits my Alienware M17x R4, but it is working great. So far, it has outlasted 2 of the backpacks that Dell sells, which is outstanding.

    Kellam M.

    College Station Tx


    Very spacious

    I am a sound engineer,just bought mine.I am so impressed with the space because i carry lots of gadgets including my 17 inch laptop,ipad and they fit very well and still more space for other things,i travel a lot.I just love it

    Thami Mgcina

    South Africa


    Super awesome backback

    This bag has everything you could look for in a backpack. It's durable, comfortable, lightweight, fashionable, unique, yet proffesional. I've had mine for at least 3 years now and I've been pretty rough on it. The stitching is still holding strong, the color hasn't faded. My backpack essentially still looks exactly like when I got it. The padding is very thick and protective and surprisingly insulative too. It actually even keeps my lunch pretty cold throughout the day. My only recommendation, as I see on other reviews, is that it needs a few more pockets. But it's a small inconvenience and I would highly reccomend this backpack without hesitation. It's more than worth the money.


    Ithaca, NY


    ok, but.....

    It's a very good backpack but my only complaint is that it can hold the Asus G73 laptop for the 17" mode and while it does, it's not a perfect fit. The top flap of the laptop section can't stay closed because the velcro can't reach.

    Victor L

    Johnston RI


    Excellent Bag

    Bought 2 years ago and has served very purpose bags do - laptop protector, cabin luggage, picnic backpack and temporary home storage! Waterproof, strong and stylish, my recommendation is a strong buy.

    Deji King

    Tours, France


    Great laptop backpack

    The slappa bag is great for my laptop, feels like a solid and secure bag that has a lot of space, only negative point is the lack of space for a water bottle. But besides that great product!




    excellent backpack

    I'm an electical controls engineer. I use this backpack in place of the factory laptop bag. I chose it over other products because of the style and ratings it recieved from other customers. Keep up the good work. I'll be back again.

    Eric A.

    Lawrenceburg IN


    Not worth it.

    The back pack seemed great at first until it started to fall apart. This thing is a ticking time bomb. In the first week, the decals fell off. Within a month, I began to see fraying of the outer fabrics. Just 2 days after my warrantee expired, both of the zippers on my 17 inch backpack broke off. I've had many other backpacks that have lasted much longer, and have lifetime warrantees. I'm never buying another slappa bag. Wait until you own yours for a year. See how it hold up. It doesn't last. I'm very dissatified in spending 100 bucks for something like this.


    North Carolina


    My favorite and longest lasting backpack to date!

    I got my 17" Matrix when i started college and as a backpack to carry around my m17x Laptop. Its heavy as hell but the matrix as stood up to much abuse. Soft on the inside and tough on the outside. Great detail on this backpack. The only thing that ever bothered my about it was the lack of a water bottle compartment on the side. I knew this going into the purchase. However, my Nalgene Bottles are too large for most of those side compartments. My Nalgene bottles fit well inside the second largest compartment and never leak. Drink nets would make this backpack look less streamlined anyway =] Anyway, great backpack for a student. (books and electronic devices) a+


    West Covina, CA


    great company, great product

    I am extremely impressed with how this company does Business . I purchased My bag on a Sunday night on a holiday weekend and did regular shipping . Not Only did I receive the tracking number Monday morning , but my bag had been picked up by 12 noon. It took 2 days from When You received my order till I had my bag! Wow! Very easy web site as well, took me 10 min and I was done:) the over all quality Of the bag is also fantastic, although it is larger than I expected, which is not a problem. I found this company for a deal you posted on " Woot" and am glad I did . I will be purchasing more from you in the future :) also please excuse typos as this is all from my phone . You guys are great !

    Alex R

    Roswell Ga


    Great backpack but wish the main section was larger

    This is a great backpack I am pleased with my purchase I use this bag for work to have everything I need with me at all times I am in the military and meet with people everyday at their place of business. The only thing I would improve and that I was a bit unhappy with was with the main compartment needs to be a little bit bigger I can only put one three ring binder in it also a simple cable bag would be a plus but the overall product is great I give it a 8 out of 10 thanks.


    Deridder LA


    ALmost Perfect

    The bag is almost perfect did alot of travelling with it very good for protecting laptop. Some more can be done to strengthen the straps to make it a perfect bag


    Kingston Jamaica


    Great for the college life!!

    I am a college student useing it for school and I am I'm absolutely thrilled with my new SLAPPA gear.

    Christopher P.

    Bokeelia, FL


    Good Backpack

    It lasted me about 2 years of heavy travelling. I've maxxed this puppy out holding a 17" and a 15" lappy. Recently the Left hand Side lower sholder strap is fraying and about to rip off. Wish it was nearly indestructable, then I wouldn't have to buy it again.


    Norfolk, VA


    Great product and great service

    I love the Velocity Matrix backpack. It fits my Alienware m15x which most 15 inch backpacks don't fit. (I purchased the 17 inch version backpack) Its extremely durable, plenty of room for all my books for school, and it looks awesome while doing it. Thanks for the great product SLAPPA!

    Nick H

    Tualatin OR


    Best Backpack on the market

    Needed backpack to carry two laptops and extra laptop batteries and tools I use on jobsite. Little cumbersome with all this gear but best on market thus far.

    Kerry W

    San Antonio TX


    Good for Asus G73

    I purchased the Velocity Matrix backpack for an Asus G73. It's snug, but fits and it's secure. It is exactly as advertised. Shipping was fast also.

    Samuel M



    Excellent for college

    The Matrix backpack I bought was excellent! Awesome appearance and superb quality, all for a good price. The 3-layer laptop protection is quite sturdy, and there's alot of room for other items. There was alot of thought put into this product and it shows. Excellent for college.

    Keith T

    Haddam CT



    I replaced my old laptop bag that was falling apart with this new SLAPPA and I've been toting around my valuable laptop with ample space for wires, my camera, cds, and much more. I'm a DJ and this really helps ease my mind with safety of my things. Great Product!! Thanks SLAPPA!!!

    Jack K

    West Orange NJ


    highly recommended

    I am using a 17'' Slappa, and it fits my Asus G73JH perfectly. The bag is spacious, provides great support and protection for my laptop, and provides extra room so I can carry all of my other gear on the go. I would gladly buy another Slappa in the future and I would recommend them to all of my friends.

    Steven C

    Overland Park KS


    great style, durable materials

    I am using the backpack I purchased to travel with a new Asus G73JH-A1 laptop. I had difficulty finding any laptop bag that fit this laptop, but the Slappa bag fit. Unfortuantely the laptop sleeve I purchased did not fit, partially my faul to for not accounting for the depth of my laptop, but the customer service was fantastic, my restocking fee was waved (I had asked about this prior to making the order) and my return has already been processed. I like the backpack because A: It fits my oddly sized laptop. B: It has style without being flashy. C: It is made of durable materials and should protect my laptop well.

    Jonathan Z

    Atlanta GA


    Don't Waste Your Time Looking For Another...

    especially if you have the new Asus G73JH as I do. This backpack fits it like a glove, the quality is world class and it's just the right size for whatever else you want to carry in it. Mine arrived today and I am extremely impressed with this product, its design and appearance. It's half as bulky as others I've looked at with twice the functionality.




    nothing at Best Buy compares!!

    This is my first product bought from SLAPPA, and I can tell you rt off the bat it is D O P E!! I went to Best Buy to see if there was anything better and there was nothing there that could compare in quality and dopemanship, keep on rockin it SLAPPA!! - Ed


    Cranston RI


    Thank you Slappa

    Purchased Velocity MATRIX Pro backpack to carry my Asus G73 around. I had a hard time finding a bag for that beast. Wish I would have come to Slappa sooner! Thank you! :)




    Great for XL laptops!!

    Fits my huge laptop very well....lots of room and I love the design and comfort of wearing. Keep up the great this backpack.

    Jonathan B

    Robbinsville NJ


    Great construction

    The matrix backpack really fits the alienware m17x The bag has great construction. I am happy I found a bag that seems worthy of my expensive alienware to protect it.




    best backpack

    strong, stylish, and even during the rain protects any gear you carry. I chose your product b/c it looks smaller then what I am actually carrying and there are so many compartments no matter what you have to pack, you have a place to put it. *just a thought, but I have had Jansport so long that I miss the little strap at the bottom of the bag, would be nice it you had it on the matrix. But hey the bag is the best ''hot butter on breakfast toast!''




    certainly the best laptop bag I've ever seen

    I purchased the Velocity Matrix 17'' for my new Alienware M17x and I'm very happy with the overall product. Beyond the fact that it fits the huge laptop easily and safely, it has plenty of space for all of the typical peripherals you'd carry around with a laptop. The build quality is excellent, and you can tell a lot of thought went into the layout of the bag. The only small issue I have is that the bag is a bit ''floppy'' when you don't have anything in it, making it difficult to insert a very heavy 17'' laptop with one-hand, and trying to hold the sleeve portion of the bag open with the other - perhaps an internal rigid structure would help keep its shape when it's empty? Beyond that, a fantastic product, and certainly the best laptop bag I've ever seen.

    Peter B.

    Blacktown NSW, Australia


    This thing is luxury!

    This thing is luxury! Softly lined all throughout the inside and fits my M17x. I would've liked some more organizer pockets in the second big space, but I'll manage. Great backpack!

    David B.

    Woodbridge VA


    Well-Designed Backpack

    The Matrix looks distinctive and is designed well. The internal pockets are useful for all of the different kinds of equipment that I carry. For example, the plastic-lined pocket is a protected, secure place for travel documents like plane tickets and a passport.Sure, you can get a backpack for less money, but why settle for a boring backpack if you use it every day?

    David Chaiken

    Menlo Park, CA



    I purchased the Slappa Matrix Velocity Pro backpack 17'' version. This backpack is awesome it looks better then every other laptop backpack I have seen while having plenty of storage. A big plus is the fact that every single pocket is lined with a very soft cloth, ensuring that nothing will be scratched. This was the first Slappa product I have bought but it will definantly not be my last.

    Hunter C.

    albuquerque NM


    excellent backpack

    I've bought the Matrix Velocity Pro for my M17x. Fits it nice and snug with plenty of room for my power brick, mouse, and other accessories. The padding is excellent, makes my massive notebook feel very light. It was also one of the only bags that would fit it without looking hideous. The bag is not too bulky, and has a great feel to it. Would recommend to others.

    Stanley L.

    Sacramento CA


    Highly recommended

    I travel a lot to different countries and play guitar. I always take my laptop and various fragile and expensive equipment. My Velocity bag is great for protecting all my gear and is very comfortable to wear. I would recommend them to anyone. Bryan

    Bryan B.



    I love this bag!!

    I love my new bag, the velocity matrix for 17'' notebooks, I went with Slappa over other comparable bags because I have heard of their solid construction, and excellent customer service. I love the design and feel of the bag, it makes even my giant laptop easy to carry. Thank you Slappa!

    Hutch J

    Augusta GA


    I like it but needs more pockets

    I like the product a lot, it looks great. As many people online stated I wish it had a few more compartments in the individual compartments. Also I carry a 32oz bottle of water with me everywhere and this doesnt really fit anywhere in the backpack so a compartment for that would be great. Besides that I love the product and would reccommend it.


    Gainesville FL



    The backpack I purchased has been phenomenal. I've been looking for a bag that could accommodate all of my gear when I'm out and about: laptop (15'' MacBook Pro), digital camera, DV Camcorder, as well as all of the chords and cables that it takes to connect everything. I've been more than pleasantly surprised by all that I can fit inside of my SLAPPA pack. In addition to how great this backpack is, SLAPPA also sent me several free items - two carrying cases with carabiners, and an enormous cloth bag. I've already gotten several complements on this pack, and I'll be back to SLAPPA when I need a new one.

    Matthew R.

    Keene NH


    amazing backpack

    Bought a MATRIX to transport my laptop. Its amazing; in this florida weather which is always unpredictable, its great to have a backpack that you know will withstand a sudden rainfall while you're walking outside. I chose this over other laptop backpacks because of its ability to hold so much, while keeping a slender, compact look. Absoluetly worth the 80 dollars!





    This laptop case is the coolest case I have ever owned!!! I don't mind spending tons of cash on cool stuff and I can assure you SLAPPA is the best you can buy at any cost!!!


    Hartland, MI


    Excellent backpack

    I am writing concerning a recent purchase from, I ordered the Velocity Pro Matrix back Pack intended for 17 Inc notebooks. Before my order arrived I had a very positive experience with Dominick. I just sent a simple email notifying my name was spelled incorrect (my error) and I was having a little difficulty locating the package tracker on your site. Dominick was highly professional and polite, the level of costumer service that I was given made my feel highly valued, so much I am encouraged to buy from again. Offering a superior product at a reasonable price and excellent customer service Slappa is truly ahead of its competitors offering a rarity in retail in this day and age. I am a full time student who just can't afford to waste 100 dollars on a backpack so I invested 10's of hours in to researching the best back pack to protect my Dell M1730 again, I can't afford to damage my notebook as a newly wed, I could not afford to replace it.Now that I have the back pack I am high impressed with amount of space, and the fact that the back pack is water resistant, well padded, plenty of room for my school books and even a snack. If I only had one recommendation it would be drink nets on the side. Over all I would give this back pack a 9.8 out of 10. I am secure in the belief my system is safe in that bag. I am excited to get the money and order one for my wife. She is a digital artist who has a nice notebook and other art supplies she needs to lug around.




    Very nice looking backpack

    Very nice looking backpack... i had limited choices for my laptop since it is a 17 inch and most bags couldnt handle its size... had 3 i was considering but feel in love with the look of the slappa backpack.. Only complaint is that it could use a few more pockets and a drink sleeve/holder when traveling...



    This backpack rocks

    I love the messenger matrix bag so much! It rocks so hard! Along with the messenger I got the matrix sleeve, and no offense, but boo. Rocks hard for my wife's hp, but wont fit ''the beast'' my Toshiba Qosmio, oh well.



    Good bag

    Some features are nicer than on the website and others are as expected. Overall I am more pleased that I originally thought I would be. There are things that can be done to improve the backpacks such as more places external for things like water bottles, small gadgets, etc. Make it easier to attach thing to the backpack and the shoulder straps. Have some pockets made with ''netting'' to hold and store things. It is nice an roomy but just needs the ability to do better with ''putting and tucking'' things away...



    Great laptop bag

    I love this backpack and the Matrix sleeve. I would love it if there was a store in Australia, but can't complain as the delivery was fast so I'm happy either way.



    Love my Matrix bag

    Lots of room for not only my 17 inch apple macpro, but also all my other goodies!



    Best of the best

    My backpack is high quality, and reasonably priced. I looked at just about every alternative before I found Slappa. I bought this bag because it was stylish, functional, comfortable, and inexpensive. Nobody else met all of those criteria.



    Very good

    Travel alot with my job, using it to travel thru the airports is easier then a rolling back and easier to keep up with than just a back that hangs off one shoulder.



  • The MATRIX is a checkpoint friendly laptop bag that has a bit more flair than the average backpack and also has a lot more protection than most backpacks. Featuring 1680D ballistix nylon, and our CORE3 exoskeleton, the MATRIX offers ultimate protection for your 17 inch laptop. The inside of the bag is lined with plush tricot material and the dedicated checkpoint friendly laptop pocket has .25" of padding in every wall. For most, that would be enough protection, but we then take it one step further by adding a 2 hard molded underbelly runners to protect the bottom of the bag. The MATRIX backpack is designed to fit the Asus G73, the Alienware m17x and the MacBook Pro 17". Also featured are custom molded alloy zipper pullers with locking heads and a rear outer 'stay-cool" pocket - a cooler lined pocket for drinks-and because of the outer super-cush SLAPPA back pad you will NOT fell the drinks when you have the backpack on.

    When you purchase directly from SLAPPA you are protected for life with a lifetime warranty. In the first year you have the product, any manufacturers defect is protected by a free "repair or fix" - where we either fix the product or replace it at no cost. Anytime after 1 year, FOR ANY REASON, if you have a problem with the product, we will replace it at 50% off MSRP (but please note you must have purchased directly from SLAPPA and it must be a replacement of a product).

    During the 14 years we've been in business we have won countless awards and accolades, including "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards, but what really matters most to us is that we provide you with the best products and experience possible. If we can ever help or if you ever have feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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