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SLAPPA Velocity SPYDER PRO - Graphite

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    Water repellant & tear resistant 1680-D ballistic poly
    Shock padded laptop compartment fits up to 17" notebooks
    Protective and stylish molded rubber EXO-skeleton
    Special compartments for storing laptop accessories
    Stay cool lined pocket for snacks and drinks
    Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty
    Product Specifications:
    Outer Bag Dimensions 15"(w) x 22"(h)
    Laptop Compartment Dimensions 14"(w) x 16"(h) x 2.5"(d)
    Main Compartment Dimensions 14"(w) x 20"(h) x 5"(d)
    Weight (empty) 4.5 lbs
  • Still going strong

    3 years in and still use this backpack most every day for school. It's taken a beating and even with everything I've thrown at this bag it still does the job....and is the best looking bag. It's a road warrior.

    Angelo R.



    I really like this backpack

    I've had 2 of these backpacks. I originally chose the bag for its look and still like that there is nothing like it out there - even after using it for about 7 years. It fits my laptop, has lots of space but is not at all bulky. what I like most about it is the build quality. Yes my first one, after 3 years had a couple of the zippers break, but Slappa replaced the bag with a new one at half cost and this second one is still going strong after 4 years. I essentially now have 2 of these (I just put black sting on the first one to use the 3 broken zippers) and I do use them all the time. I can say these backpacks do take a beating - this material they use is heavy duty and is MUCH nicer than what I see from the bags I check out at Best Buy.

    Steve B

    Chicago, Il


    my every day backpack

    The Spyder backpack is my go to for everyday use. I can pack a laptop, my camera, phone, headphones, and kindle for a trip and absolutely know everything will survive travel. It's durable, it's versatile and worth every penny for anyone that has electronic gear to protect on the go.

    Cliff F.

    Pasadena MD


    IT's not perfect but I do really like it

    There are a few things about this bag I'd like to see changed - first, the water bottle storage needs to be better addressed. It is a bit heavy, but the fact that I like all the materials - from the soft inner lining to the outer rubber bracing. This is my 2nd Slappa bag and one thing I do like about when I receive my orders, when I take the products out of the box they look like they do on the website. So many other backpacks I order, when I get them, look nothing like the pic on the website because they stuff them up real good for the pictures - then when I get it in person it looks deflated. Slappa products have a structure and I really like that. A few more internal pockets and a dedicated spot for a tablet would make this a perfect bag. about 8 months of almost daily use and not an issue. I give it 4 to 4.5 stars. All these suggested fixes and I'd likely give it a 5 star.

    Danny G.

    Kansas City


    5 Year Update - Zipper Failures

    This is an update to my original review titled "Beautiful, Monstrous Bag" in June 2009. The bag worked exceptionally for 4+ years, however, over the last year all four zippers on the two main compartments have failed. This can be especially tragic when biking with a full pack. This failure leaves the zipper pull tab floating on just one side of the zipper teeth. I have been able to repair the zippers by cutting the zipper teeth & tape just above the bottom stop in each corner, removing the zipper tab and re-zipping it back from the cut I created, and adding a new bottom stop in the form of a small zip tie run through holes punched in the zipper tape. A very annoying fix, but one that has seemed to work so far. Other than the zippers, the bag itself has held up quite well. My only other complaint is that the top, rubber handle has a weak spot in the middle. So rather than remaining as a flat, rather rigid handle that fits the hand, it bends in half creating an ergonomic point in the hand.


    San Francisco


    4 years and going strong

    My son just graduated from college - just moving him out and he threw his backpack at me and said - "here it served me well". I bought this backpack for him when we sent him off to school 4 years ago - except for all the scratches on the black zipper handles, it looks like it is brand new. He's moving up in the world and now wants a Kiken bag.

    Mike L.

    Edgewater, NJ


    Great pack

    It's is a great backpack had it almost a year held up way better than my Alienware one I have an MSI GT70 in it and it fits great. 2 things I wish that was different- the amount of padding between the sections and second a hip belt like a backpacking pack most of the buyers of this bag are using it for gaming laptops and there is no doubt that when you have the laptop, power supply, books and other stuff in the bag it gets heavy so a way to support that weight would be awesome just a thought.




    After 3 years

    I have 2 zips that lost its zip handles, and I have always taken care of this bag. I decided to check the rest of the zips, and it seems after these 3 years, I had to tighten the gap of the zip ring with extreme force so that the handle won't fall out. I expected a better quality from the price I payed and the reviews I read when I purchased this bag 3 years ago. This current bag is the replacement I got from Slappa since the one I had at first place was defective and Slappa handled the replacement process professionally.




    Great Bag, holds my Alienware M17xR2

    Great Bag, holds my Alienware M17xR2 fine plus my daily gear and my Tablet. Close to perfect I would have put a small amount of foam sheet between dividers, it's a small thing but the details are the difference between good and great.

    Dennis M.

    Spring Valley CA


    fits the Asus G74

    I got the 17' graphite spyder and I love the product cause I could not find another bag to fit my Asus G74 and had to send another bag back to some other seller. I chose the spider cause of the price though I really would have liked to get the one that I choose my own design for but was too far out of my price range. I like most things out the Spyder but I do that there could be some improvements. I would have like to see one or two small zippered pockets I could use for change or other miscellaneous items. I think an over the chest strap would have been useful with as big as the bag is. I'm a tall thin person and I noticed that when I am walking and I have the bag pulled tight to my back the shoulder straps are slightly too wide and dig into my skin so I have to loosen the bag and let it sit real low on my back till the narrower part of the straps go over my shoulders but after a while it hurts my back cause of how low it sits. That is something I think the over the chest strap might help but am not sure about. I have seen a feature on another bag where there is bottle holders on the side but when carrying nothing to drink they zip up and can be used to carry small items in and I think that would make a great feature. I also think that side straps that help to compress a bag flatter when nothing much is being carried would have been awesome too cause it would eliminate the shell look so much. When I made my order I was expecting to get a bag that the front part of the bag came off completely and I was grateful to have gotten an updated model that that was not one of the features. I did just find the so call drink/cooler carrying pouch right up against my back and I NEVER see myself using that. What on earth would I ever be able to put in there, while my g74 is pack, and carry the bag comfortably on my back. Anything I could want to take with me in that would just dig into my back or get destroyed. I think that is my whole opinion on this wonderful bag. It's simple enough to not loose things I put in it but big enough to carry the monstrous computer I have and it has adequate enough padding for everything. Thank you very much and I hope that my opinion here of your bag gets read helps make a bag even better then the one I already love.

    David C.

    Toledo OH


    I love this backpack

    Thank you SO MUCH for your help. I have fallen in absolute love with this backpack and hate to think of carrying my laptop around in anything else. I think Best Buy and other major electronics retailers should stock your laptop bags, they are attractive and highly practical.

    Pennygail C

    Gulf Breeze FL


    Love my new Slappa backpack

    I chose the velocity spyder pro over a few other products because it was either cheaper, or just seemed more appealing than the others. It looks great, it hold us well with a bunch of books (and hopefully a laptop soon), and it pretty comfortable, the shoulder straps are a little scratchy but im sure that'll get better with use.

    Sammy D

    Albany GA


    The Best

    This is the best backpack in the business. Big, durable, elegant and useful, this bag has it all. I seriously recommend this backpack.


    New York


    Quality is the best

    I love the fact that it comes with a dust bag and in a box. Quality was the best. No defect and it fits my laptop, tablet, phone, cables and even my files perfectly.

    M. Aminurashid




    I'm an ASUS G73 user, and before, I was using an O'Neill Gooru backpack to tote it around...ok, first of all, the other backpack's laptop backpack was not able to hold it, contrary to the website's predictions, and the strap sewing to the backpack on the top started to come undone after just a few weeks. This awesome backpack, on the other hand, is doing quite well. It protects my laptop quite well, has tons of padding all around, and carries quite a bit of stuff. I have my laptop, notebooks, power brick, game pad, mouse, hard drive, full size headphones, and countless miscellaneous items. I've had two one-liter bottles in this pack at once as well, and the bag did not seem to bulge and was still easy to close. The Spyder has a smaller profile than my previous backpack, but somehow holds more stuff.....I'm still trying to figure that out. I'm not exactly a fan of the bottle holder on the inside, but the fabric in the pockets is fantastic and protective. I also enjoy how comfy it is to wear, even when I'm on my longboard or bike for extended periods of time, and I'm no longer worried about crashing as much. I love it and I'm glad I got it, and I know you will too.


    Spokane, WA


    Great for school

    I use my Velocity Spyder everyday for school. The Spyder holds alot and is very durable, and, most importantly for where I live, rainproof. It holds my gear well and I really like the futuristic, alien appearance of the bag. The one thing that is wrong with the Spyder is the drink holder pocket on the back of the bag. The way the shoulder straps are positioned blocks access to this pocket making it incredibly difficult to put items in there or even get at the zipper. This needs to be addressed. Also, the straps could be better designed. They seem to thin and flimsy.

    Damien D



    good but some issues

    I like it, but I ordered Spider Pro, color is little different. on your website, it looked like Dark Gray, but after i got it, it is light Gray with little bit bronze tone. and inside pouch or divider whatever material cheapy. I used 3 days, inside divider cloth thing tear it off, so i need to sew up. I like design, but i don't like quality. It costs almost $100. If you buy $100 backpack from Tumi, or Oakley, quality is a lot better. unfortunately, they don't make 17 inch laptop backpack..anyway, besides quality, i like it. thanks..

    neio y.

    moreno valley ca.


    A big Bag with a lot of Room - Awesome!!!!

    Just got my Bag a few hours ago and tried fitting it with a lot of things =D First of all, I managed to put in my M17X, Asus N61, Acer 5740 and a Macbook Air (13inch) all within the bag --And, Yes =O The Power Supplies too. Though, all the lappies have their own Condoms (Cushed covers). The Mac isn't necessary I guess. But the thing is.... That they all fit =D If not that, I could just put in my M17X and the N61 and my PS3 =D and a few games etc~ All in all, i'm quite Happy with it Though...... I was hoping for another colour other than Graphite (Greyish) It'll be Nive-er if it's slightly Darker. Though I would love to have it Blue. Since it's my Favourtie Color. All in all, even though I had to pay 100USD for the Shipping =.='' I'm Really happy with it. Made me think.... What in God's name am I gonna fill it up with? =.='' About the Soft Cushed interior. It's nice I guess. But i'm not sure of how long it'll last @____@ Hope it's long lasting. But other than that and the color choices. It's Awesome =D Hence why i'll still give it a Full Rating My friends are still wow-ing over the thing since a few hours ago. If only we have a shop that distributes your products =.='' That shows how Awesome it is. Thanks Slappa =D and "Fedex" for bringing it to my doorstep. (Went home just to pick it up)

    Baharshatri Rashid

    Brunei Darussalam, South East Asia


    great backpack-very solid build

    Velocity Spyder Pro 17". The backpack is great, very solidly built. I like the cushy interior, the easy sliding of the zippers, and the protective pouch for a laptop. Also the large space of the 2 main pouches. One thing is that I wish the front pouches were a little easier to access. For example, I have to open the zipper and then open another pouch in order to get a pen. Also, an external water bottle holder would be nice. These are minor things, the backpack is great in all other areas.

    Matthew M

    Raliegh NC


    Very Sturdy

    cool designed computer bag, looks very sturdy and don't have worry about my booklet being damaged, no overkill with the pockets




    Fits it all!!

    I now own a velocity Spyder. So far its Great! I am packing a Asus G73 as well as a ebook, mouse, headphones etc. Still have room for more.

    Tom Pearce

    Burton, MI


    I love my new Velocity SPYDER PRO

    I love my new Velocity SPYDER PRO 17" Laptop Backpack. It fits nicely my Lenovo W700DS, which is pretty big ass at: 16.1(w) x 2.1(h) x 12.2(d)" (41 x 5.2 x 31cm), in the laptop compartment. My only regret is that the first compartment only has 1 zipper, so it could be difficult to open, and the inner material seems to be really soft, so I'm not sure if it's going to live the daily use without breaking... we'll see.

    Carlos S.

    Miami FL


    Great backpack

    well made and nicely padded. Plenty of room for books and other items too

    Anthony S

    Hope RI


    Kept my laptop dry in a flash flood

    Just had a flash flood yesterday and in running from my car to the door, it was raining hard enough that in my previous bag, it would have soaked through to my equipment, but this backpack kept any rain from my expensive laptop and gaming mouse, keeping them nice and dry. I got it because it would fit my 17" laptop (that has a full size keyboard, with an actual numpad on the side) and I could easily see the dimensions on the products, so I KNEW if my laptop would fit, not wonder if it says 17" but wouldn't fit mine. You seemed to have good reviews and high quality, which are very important to me. I agree with people that netting on the outside for a drink would be nice, and not sure how I like the front pocket being able to remove, but if it is able to be removed, the zipper should start/stop at the top - as it is, my stuff wants to fall out when opening and closing it.

    Shawn F

    Cambridge MN


    Great Backpack

    The 17" backpack fits my massive Gateway FX laptop with ease, as well as all of my accessories. There are plenty of places for me to put all of my cables, magazines, headphones, etc. I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone looking for a durable and fashionable laptop backpack.


    Lafayette, LA


    almost perfect but...

    I use it as an everyday laptop backpack. The quality is excellent. The bag has a lot of space, but it feels tight trying to get things in and out of it. Also, the front zipper on the Velocity Spyder should start/end at the top of the bag, not the bottom. As it is it is difficult to get to the small pockets on the inside. I like to be able to reach behind my driver's seat, and with one hand get my iPod out of my bag. With your design I cannot do this.


    Lafayette CO


    Great fit, great padding

    Needed a backpack to carry a 17'' laptop plus a 19'' samsung lapfit monitor. They fit great and the amount of padding gives me a secure feeling. Thx.



    Combat Tested.

    I bought this bag quite a while ago, before my first deployment to iraq in 2007. I used it all through the deployment (Iraq), and for approx. 1 year afterwords. I have dropped the backpack with the laptop still inside it off of helicopters, tanks, trucks, hum-v's, deuce and a half trucks and a lot more, guess what...never any damage to my laptop. And, never any significant damage to the backpack either. Very tough outer skin, and the inside soft material is far more resistant to wear and tear then you would think, mine hasnt torn even slightly yet and ive had it for 2 years. Definately buy this one.Its worth the money.


    Katterbach, Germany


    The Inner Lining Is Too Thin

    So got this bag, and was excited until i opened the bag and examined. Let the say this first the outershell is solid and have no complaints with it. However The inner layers (the compartment when you open up the zippers) are lined with a soft material but the material is way too thin. I think this bag wont last me a whole school year because i am afraid that i will tear the inner lining. Slappa if you are listening please take a time to review the Eddy Bauer bags and see their inner lining, its much more durable then this material you are currently using in this back pack. Granted it's not soft but still it lasted me for 4 years and thats with spills and everything in the bag. Good luck cleaning this bag if you bottle starts leaking. You could have a solid product that's if you fix this flaw.


    Toronto, Canada


    Great product

    The quality is outstanding. The lining inside the backpack is unique for backpacks, I never have had anything like it. I have a 17'' laptop and found it easy to take in and out, even when fully packed for airport security screening. The only improvement I would make to the backpack is the outside single zippered pocket be given more space so bulky items do not infringe on the space of the other sections of the backpack. Material quality is excellent and I really like the shoulder straps since I have problems carrying things on my shoulders. I am happy I chose Slappa and will purchase again. The laptop sleeve is superior to many costing more. Great product!

    James E

    Glendale Arizona


    I like this back pack

    i bough the SLAPPA Spyder backpack, i use it for my laptop, accessories, and some books. I like the shape, materials, and everything else :D


    Afton MI


    Beautiful, Monstrous Bag

    This 17'' laptop backpack is huge, and I love it. It seems very well made and is holding up well to many, many walks / bikes along the streets of San Francisco. It engulfs my laptop, accessories and tons of other items. It also makes a great carry-on for short trips. Stuffed properly, it can hold nearly a half cart of groceries!Note that, as in the photo, the front cover can be completely removed. Unfortunately this is done with a single zipper (odd since all other compartments are double zippered). This makes it difficult to put small items in there because you pretty much have to turn the bag on it's side to retrieve them without them falling out. I did a little hacking and added a zipper from another bag to that compartment so it is now double zippered like the others. A big improvement. Also, a mesh side-pocket for a Sigg or similar 1L water bottle would be great.Overall an excellent bag and I highly recommend it if you need a rugged, great looking backpack with exceptional space.


    San Francisco, CA


  • The SPYDER Graphite is a checkpoint friendly laptop bag that has a bit more flair than the average backpack and also has a lot more protection than most backpacks. Featuring 1680D ballistix nylon, and our CORE3 exoskeleton, the SPYDER offers ultimate protection for your 17 inch laptop. The inside of the bag is lined with plush tricot material and the dedicated checkpoint friendly laptop pocket has .25" of padding in every wall. For most, that would be enough protection, but we then take it one step further by adding a 2 hard molded underbelly runners to protect the bottom of the bag. The SPYDER backpack is designed to fit the Asus G73, the Alienware m17x and the MacBook Pro 17". Also featured are custom molded alloy zipper pullers with locking heads and a rear outer 'stay-cool" pocket - a cooler lined pocket for drinks-and because of the outer super-cush SLAPPA back pad you will NOT fell the drinks when you have the backpack on.

    When you purchase directly from SLAPPA you are protected for life with a lifetime warranty. In the first year you have the product, any manufacturers defect is protected by a free "repair or fix" - where we either fix the product or replace it at no cost. Anytime after 1 year, FOR ANY REASON, if you have a problem with the product, we will replace it at 50% off MSRP (but please note you must have purchased directly from SLAPPA and it must be a replacement of a product).

    During the 14 years we've been in business we have won countless awards and accolades, including "Best Laptop Bag Brand" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards, but what really matters most to us is that we provide you with the best products and experience possible. If we can ever help or if you ever have feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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